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  1. how can i download your chopper? is that one not free?
  2. i didn't know if it was one chunk lol. looks good! but when im on your website i cant download anything. it says all the links are private?
  3. your download links never work it says you have to select me for private links but very nice rig!!
  4. moving parts included?
  5. bruh dope i followed
  6. Made in Mine-Imator. Love to get feedback :) i worked really hard on this one.

    1. Zyn


      when you play minecraft for the first time:

  7. maybe if you're scrolling more than 5 seconds the speed increases 25% then to 50% and so on. That would be nice.
  8. Levi587

    Salem's vehicle rigs

    this is amazing thanks for sharing with other creators! your hard work is appreciated
  9. Levi587

    Shark Pack

    I wish i could help, but it's hard when i hate myself.. - NF
  10. haha idk fam my xbox fps be like 60-90 but my pc is garbage and like 29 fps in among us XDD
  11. bruh heres um some advice from me... um so 2-3 days per 8 minute video is not enough time in my opinion .. lol but good luck finding someone Edit: nvm the link of the type videos you want is really cringe and i could make in 5 minutes
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