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  1. Good Work! Appreciate you making it easy for us to make quality minecraft animations
  2. Levi587

    3D Fireball Rig

    oh hello master. You're an OG mine-imator user
  3. wtf. That does NOT happen to me lol
  4. Levi587

    3D Fireball Rig

    (5 years later) Enough to make ur pc crash
  5. this ones his best one... ~~~~~~~ i really don't like the google translate anime wanna-be voice.
  6. bruh im tired of that cringy minecraft content in my feed. I'm always putting uninterested yet it always pops back up. Now MI is being corrupted too.
  7. oh i guess i don't know the story to ARK (If that's why the guy posted pics of it. (nice render though!)
  8. who she boutta kill..?
  9. looks just like the toy i used to play with
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