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  1. UnderTale- Asriel Rig (Made by MobKiller)

    Very Well made in my Opinion. This Asriel fits the Minecraft Ingame style. Upvote from me!
  2. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Nah i think It's fine. In the fred files book seems close enough to the eyes I've used
  3. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    it is pinkish red. not pure red. After all I might get the Fred..dy files (the book) and look for better references but THis is most likely the last update I do to all the game models.
  4. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Too Lazy. I am busy animating Something else right now
  5. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Thank you for informing me. I already have a TJOC Pack done I was just being lazy to release it the same day
  6. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    RandomJeremy SaDFredbear and Shayzis worked with me to complete this pack so i don't know if i really need to ask them and as for skibbz if he has a problem with this i can always make a patch update making my own springlocked head
  7. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Darl allowed me on the previous version of the pack and he was looking forward on seeing me finishing this. I do talk with darl by time to time
  8. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Well No need to inform me, I am just doing what people been asking me to do over a month now. Release this So Yeah... Thank you people for rushing me
  9. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    And Most Importantly. Happy Halloween
  10. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    And... Fixed!
  11. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    I know I am trying to fix that.. :/
  12. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Hello Everyone And Welcome to the Full Saga Pack. This is the Main Page of the Edit Pack of mine Including Every Animatronic of the Games and several Extras. As for now I will release the Game Character Pack But more Packs are yet to come too So without any further Ado I present to you! So here is what most of you are here for Game Character Packs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmwadm5nbujybgm/fad Saga Edit Pack.rar?dl=0 The Twisted Ones: ~Coming Soon~ Improved Sis. Location Pack: ~Coming Soon~ Fangame Pack: ~Coming Soon~ TJOC Pack: ~Coming Soon~ Credits: MrDarl for making the original Animatronic pack KashYT for Starting this Project RandomJeremy for the withered animatronics and Ignited Mike and Ignited Clyde for the TJOC pack SaDFredbear for making Mangle and Phantom Mangle Shayzis For making the Nightmare Animatronics and the Presentation render Skibbz for His Facial rig which I used on springtrap Scott Cawthon for Making the game and Lastly mephilis12 (me) for putting everything together and making every other animatronic Yeah Yeah. I know Many people will already start Typing "EW FAD" But That's not going to change The future of this Project so. feel free to hate if that is what makes you happy
  13. 44 models for an apartment

    really nice I like it. great Job!
  14. F.N.A.F child soul rig

    oh. a good fad rig. huh.. that's rare
  15. Portal 2 Elevator Rig

    I would update my Not to be used portal styled TARDIS interior with this but 2 things: one too lazy to do it, two if I use it on a video It's most likely I will forget To credit and if you find it out I will be kinda disapointed on myself for forgetting
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