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  1. Shayzis

    PC Set-up

    It was an Apple joke!
  2. You.. made an app... that works with MI..? Dude, this is awesome. I cannot wait to see what you'll come up with next!
  3. What about... Double Chest Creepers?
  4. And you did it pretty well! Good job!
  5. Wow this is worst than I though.

    1. Bronze


      gotta go ew

    2. Ghatos


      I'll be right back I'm gonna wash my eyes

  6. -Texture missing, please send help-
  7. Shayzis

    Car rig

    Personal taste but, either you go minecrafty (like the tires) or you go smooth like everything else. But it looks nice!
  8. "Louvre de musee" ??? Should be "Musée du Louvre" if you were going for the french version.
  9. Alright let's do this! (Plz put Shayzis, I hate that old username)
  10. Please don't tag Nimi right away, I'm not even sure to understand the problem myself. + Mine-Imator isn't a sprite animation software, so it isn't a priority.
  11. May I be able to join? I'll make my part quickly.
  12. Should have added a reflection, nice tho ! (and I love your profile pic)
  13. I have no idea what you tried to say.
  14. I just finished the secret Undertale sequel, I didn't need this in bonus ? Farewell David, I'm wishing you the best for the future!
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