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  1. I may have misspoke before, I meant to say that I want to change the appearance of the image in the library and the resource tab, but I can't do that, I'm working on finding a screenshot right now and I'll send it to you as soon as I'm done this is a picture of Female Jesse from Minecraft Story Mode, and I'm trying to make her with the PNG file that I add to the scenery in Mine-imator and a few blocks for her hair, but nothing works.
  2. whenever I try to add one image over another, the library or resource tab doesn't recognize the changes I've made, is this a bug or something?
  3. Me too, I don't know what happened for it to stop working, maybe there's a setting somewhere that enables this, just a guess
  4. I'm having a problem trying to save my character to the disk image under the resource tab after I make changes to it, is there something I'm doing wrong?
  5. I can try that too, do I have to save the texture before reloading it?
  6. oh so it has to be done with an object, I'll give that a shot and see if it works
  7. I've tried to reload the resource I've been working on and nothing happens except for a black and purple character, is there something I'm doing wrong?
  8. In the resource tab there is a icon that looks like one arrow pointing down and another one pointing up, it's the one in between the trashcan and folder with three dots on the bottom, does anyone know what that does?
  9. Someone posted a question about 3D selection and I didn't know what that meant
  10. What is 3D selection and how do I activate it? I saw this question as part of help topics on the previous screen
  11. What is 3D selection and how do I activate it?
  12. I have tried many different websites that converts the image to png, but I still have the issue of it being blocked by a program icon, so maybe it is my computer.
  13. I have a problem saving images when I make changes to them in Mine-imator, instead of showing the image with the changes I made, it displays an icon of the program that opens it, I've tried to open the image with programs like the Photos app, but I get a message saying "it looks like we don't support this file format", is there a problem with the program or is there a problem with my computer?
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