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  1. Okay okay I'm sorry, I'll never ask again
  2. I'm having a problem saving PNG images, when I try to save one it just shows up as an icon of the program that opens it, even if I save it as a PNG sequence movie I still get the same results, is Mine-imator having an issue saving images or is there something wrong with my computer?
  3. I have the Intel (R) UHD Graphics 630 graphics card, is that supported or not?
  4. Unfortunately I can't, but I can explain what I was trying to do, when I try to save an image that I downloaded from the Internet it shows up as the Windows 10 Photos App Icon instead of a thumbnail
  5. is low tempo speed faster or slower than high tempo speed when saving projects?
  6. When I try to save an image in Mine-imator, it just shows an icon of the program that opens it instead of the Image itself, is this a bug or is something wrong with my computer?
  7. I tried to find the repeat option under the library tab and it wasn't there, I'm running version 1.2.5
  8. When I try to save a file in Mine-imator, File Explorer just shows them as an icon instead of a thumbnail, is this an issue with Mine-imator or File Explorer?
  9. How do I reduce the resolution of the image?
  10. Whenever I try to open a file in Mine-imator they all have two blue arrows, the top one points to the right and the bottom one points to the left, I did some research online and found out those arrows mean the files are in sync mode, is there a way to stop this or is syncing files part of the program?
  11. Is there a way to change the direction of the shadow so it appears in front of the character instead of behind it?
  12. Okay I'll try exporting an animation right now
  13. Oh so it's the animation I have to render, does that have to do with render depth?
  14. Is there a setting for resolution in Mine-imator or do I have to change the resolution in my computer?
  15. Whenever I try to save a PNG file, it always saves as a large file, is there a way I can reduce the file size without any complicated programs?
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