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  1. Hozq

    Advanced Character Model Version 2.0

    Unfortunately you have to do a lil bit of skin changing, if youre having troubles just look at the tutorial!
  2. Hozq

    Advanced Character Model Version 2.0

    Absolutely amazing!
  3. Hozq


    I wont release it because of people stealing and stuff is the gif causing it?
  4. Hozq


    I actually didn't. And thanks!
  5. Hozq


    Yeah the only problem is that the movements started looking wonky if i sped it up anymore in mine imator and i really dont want to redo this entire thing just because it needs to be sped up a lil bit
  6. Hozq


    I actually sped it up because it was too slow at first lol
  7. Hozq


    I created a little backflip anim and would just like to hear your thoughts on it!
  8. Every armorstand with bends looks like bluemonkeys one
  9. Hozq

    Sneaky armourstand

    Thats right
  10. Hozq

    Sneaky armourstand

    This was supposed to be a animation but the scene got way to laggy so i just made it into a wallpaper instead. What could steve be doing? Armour rig by @AnxiousCynic Heavily inspired by bluemonkey lol
  11. Getting straight to it!
  12. I thought that the regular armor stand was a bit boring so i remade it! If you find any bugs, please post them in the comments so that i can get to fixing them! Thanks! PicturesVVV :Features: -Arm and leg bends -Removable base plate -3 different body bends -Scale friendly -It's very cool DownloadVVV https://www.dropbox.com/s/rebpq3t6c6nlhri/Hozq's Enhanced Armorstand model.zip?dl=0
  13. Hozq

    Cinematic short

    lmao, Thanks!
  14. when i mean short i mean 21 seconds
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