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  1. Yes it is indeed a flashlight fine sir i spent a long time on that flashlight it took me 643 years compared to the rest of the picture that only took me 3 seconds. I spent a long time on that flashlight, thank you for noticing it.
  2. That's very funny but also very sad.
  3. This is good. If the quality is bad then it's imgurs fault.
  4. Just gonna place this here while i'm at it 


    Shameless advertising lol

  5. renders i did for @RandomJeremy





    in mi

    1. Prismatic Spirit

      Prismatic Spirit

      Awesome as always.

  6. Old version had the wrists and all but the wrists were messing up how the texture was showing and stuff soooo, I've remade the model from scratch. The bodyparts are now labeled and you don't have those like 4 extra "movement" parts since you could just place the character in a folder instead. You do have the hip rotation though. - Removed wrists - Labeled bodyparts - Removed unnecessary parts - Removed access to second layers - Removed 3D hat feature It looks the same and works the same as the old version it's just a bit more refined. This is going to be the last version of this model.
  7. Hi there, I'm a wannabe animator and would like some tips for making animations, I sometimes feel like im doing good, Then I watch my created animation then I think "There is something wrong but what?", I really want to be a great animator so I came to you for help, Thanks

    1. Hozq


      I don't know too many tips but i'll try my best.




      Always overlap movements Even if it's just by one frame. poorly made visualization below. Keyframes are represented by *

      Without overlap:

      Body v       *                                   *              Body turns to the right
          Head      *                                   *             Head turns to the right


      With overlap:

      Body v       *                                   *              Body turns to the right
          Head              *                                   *      Head turns to the right

      This makes the movements feel more natural as if they're actually being affected by momentum. Don't overdo the overlapping though.


      Look at references. If you can't find any good references online, make your own. Record yourself walking or doing whatever to get a better sense of how it should look.

      Try to get a feeling of how heavy an object is based on looks. If you're looking at a character that's relatively thin, it's going to get affected if it for example get hit by a small pebble, like stumbling or even falling over (depends on how big the pebble is). A character that's a little bit bigger is going to have an easier time standing up after getting hit by that same pebble. (also depends on how big the pebble is). But for example if the character i falling from a meters height lets say, a thinner character is going to have an easier time landing because they have more control over their balance. A bigger character would fall over much easier.


      Watch tutorials Search them up here on the forums or on google. There's plenty of good beginner tutorials. (Links below)

      Pose to pose:

      Tips n tricks:


      Playlists (beginner tutorials):





  8. Although, i never said that you were allowed to, so i'll have to ask you to remove it.
  9. then why would they show the texture if it was day?
  10. you really need to make your posts more believable, they look really sketchy
  11. us the mix color instead of fog
  12. It's no code, you just click this button right here https://gyazo.com/73dbac661a46cb4edd8ad5a8595ba82d
  13. It's very self explanatory if you've ever created a post before
  14. It's now a face rig, not a playermodel that you put your skin on. So yes. It works with all skins since you can position and scale the eyes to your liking
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