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  1. 7cg1gjD.gif

    Spin around of my new oc rig, you can download it in my discord if you'd like to do anything with it

  2. They're here, fixed bugs and a new feature. An extra bend has been added that's inside of the hand to allow for a bigger variety of poses. Two different versions, 1 for alex skins, 1 for steve. Just apply your skin to them after you've parented them to the arms and you'r ready to go. Please be sure to credit me if you use them, thanks!
  3. Just another character render of @RandomJeremy because he's the only actual character rig i have that i like lmao



  4. I also have street lights on my street and they're brighter than this so i wouldn't worry about it.
  5. mm yes perhaps, wasn't really worrying about that when i had 3 fps lmao
  6. i mean you can have it if you'd like, if your computer can handle it that is
  7. Originally hosted by @Nimi It's been completed, it does have some missing clips because people wouldn't finish their parts but here it is nonetheless: Thanks to everyone who participated: @BeanDream @Nimi @HeYoNia @NotChris @OzFalcon @Slime @TwoToRule @SharpWind @Gabe @DarkDragonPro @mbanders @Keep on Chucking PIXEL and me.
  8. EXCEPT THE BED IS WHITE SO THEY COULDN'T HAVE BEEN GONE FOR THAT LONG HAHA it does but it's inside of the dog, it's positioned wrong
  9. OH LAWD HE COMIN' You can put skins on it but there's no guarantee it's going to work very well. I'm actually working on getting it to be 100% skin friendly, so if you want to know when i get that out you should follow the post. Credit me if you use it, thanks!
  10. yup I animated this wayyy out of my comfort zone.
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