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  1. Hozq


    spheremap, simple lighting was also created in mi to save time.
  2. Hozq


    10/10 ign would watch again
  3. Hozq


    Yes you do
  4. Hozq


    I know, i know. This doesn't look like mine imator at all. But i can promise you that it is with a lot of heavy editing. Made with Mine imator & Paint.Net
  5. Hozq

    About more languages

    I would love to translate for mine imator, buuut ive been having some bugs when trying to translate so i doubt i'll be doing that anytime soon lol.
  6. Hozq

    I hate it when..

    Ah damn, yeah i heard hes a real trouble maker.
  7. Happens every single time.
  8. Hozq

    Scythe Combo Test

    Very click noice
  9. Hozq

    Just a random Test animation

    looks okay i would tune down on the effects though
  10. These are only just tests but i wanted to share them anyway. Here we have v1, without any effects. Just blocks falling. Here we have v2, with effects and extra projectiles. This is eventually going to be a full animation by the way.
  11. Hozq

    Advanced Character Model Version 1

    Look at the showcase animation, there you can see how it looks.
  12. Hozq

    Inverse Kinematics In Mine-Imator

    i have no idea what you are talking about but i hope this goes well
  13. I actually like yours more, but SFR is more known so i thought i would include it.
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