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  1. That must've been some very baggy pants for you not to notice that you had both of your legs in the same hole.
  2. i have a discord 




    1. Rawami


      *9redwoods make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *BaconSandwich make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *Swift make a discord server!*

      *server is ded*

      *Hozq make a discord server*

      I let you guess the end

  3. i remember seeing me in a wip screenshot but i got replaced : (
  4. unknown.png*pic*

    I beated you >:)

    1. Rawami


      Go, go, go win this fight!

    2. Hozq


      well yes but actually no, same amount of rep

    3. Rawami


      Are you sure about that?


      Yes this is totally the original

  5. Acm with a face rig for me dips the fps down to around 30 - 20 in unrendered mode. In rendered mode it goes down to around 1 - 2. But if i'm just using regular steves i always get 60 fps or above. I have a gtx 1060 with a severely outdated i3 processor
  6. unknown.png*pic*

    I'm on my way to kick your butt >:D

  7. MI folder > data > 1.14.1 > models find the model you want to replace and replace it with whatever you'd like
  8. you literally just change the model from the files... it's not hard at all
  9. so close to 1k rep 😩

  10. Here's the first version of my improved mobs pack! I'm going to add more mobs in the future. If you have any mob suggestions leave them in the comments. Mobs in the pack: A skeleton with toggleable teeth, a jaw, smooth body bend and reworked arm and leg bends. A villager with toggleable human arms and villager arms. I've also fixed the coat so it sticks to the legs. DOESN'T SUPPORT DIFFERENT TEXTURES Showcase gif VVV https://streamable.com/0rotl Known issues: - The skeletons legs don't have the correct rotation point. Fixed in the next version - The top of the villagers second layer on the legs don't have a texture. Fixed in the next version
  11. Alright but thats just what i did okay? Can we not argue over a logo when i have a whole model that you could check out
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