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  1. Hi, try these steps and see if it solves the issue! Close Mine-imator Open the File Explorer and go to this folder: C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator Inside of it, delete the folder named "Minecraft_unzip" Open Mine-imator again, it should be able to unpack and import the assets again.
  2. Should've gotten a key after donating, but.. You can just... click "I'd rather not donate" on the Upgrade page and you'll get a key that'll work the same. The upgrade keys aren't tied to anything and there's no difference between paid and free keys.
  3. This issue will be addressed in the future 1.3.0 update: However, it'll be a while before it releases, so in the meantime, users have reported that disabling texture filtering in the program settings will provide a temporary fix. Although, textures will look more pixelated as a result.
  4. Try the following: Close Mine-imator Open up your file browser and go to C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator Delete the folder called Minecraft_unzip Launch Mine-imator again This usually fixes issues related to missing textures and models.
  5. Close Mine-imator, open up your file browser, and navigate to the C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator directory. Inside, you'll find a folder named Minecraft_unzip. Delete it, then open Mine-imator and see if it resolves the issue.
  6. Mine-imator cannot turn block objects into a schematic file, as they both work very differently. What you can do instead is putting all your blocks inside a folder, and saving that as a .miobject by clicking the icon in the timeline. This way, you can reuse that same file in any project. However, I'd argue it's not really the ideal way of doing it, as it will slow things down especially if you use more blocks. Might be better to just build it in Minecraft!
  7. Voxy

    The Cave

    They're glowing mushrooms, you can see them illuminating the ground below them.
  8. Voxy

    The Cave

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. The reason I did not use the default lava texture is because from a distance, the repeating pattern just doesn't look good on a flat plane: In hindsight, that wouldn't have looked too bad on the lava falls. Guess that's something to improve for the next one! I actually made them glow because it's a trope I like. The grading does hide the effect, I should've brightened the effect. Also, they're standing on obsidian, hence why it's so reflective, being a glassier kind of material.
  9. Voxy

    The Cave

    Been working on some Blender stuff for the past few days.
  10. Make sure particles are enabled in the viewport settings.
  11. Right, thought I'd step in to clear up a few things instead of posting dumb memes. First off, thanks for your suggestions, moniker. While I agree with the sentiment that you are notoriously... insistent and that it can come off as very disrespectful, whether you intend it or not, I also know that you're just trying to improve the program, and I think your proposals could be very beneficial to people's workflows, and not just your own. I kind of regret bringing the argument of "Mine-imator should be kept simple", which a lot of people are now using, and that's because the 1.3.0 roadmap essentially destroys it. More tools inevitably brings more complex projects, and that highlights a lot of flaws with Mine-imator's user interface. This is why 1.3.0 is supposed to bring in a new interface to correct those flaws and allow people to improve their workflows. Things like markers on the timeline were prototyped, and adding a feature to highlight specific objects (like the Shy layers in AE) could also be implemented. But... the development of Mine-imator is in a bit of a delicate situation at the moment, and the future of 1.3.0 is very uncertain. It's not to say that your suggestions are actively being ignored. They aren't. They're being considered and tested, unfortunately we can't afford to confirm anything until we have anything concrete. There are a lot of very exciting ideas that ultimately end up shelved because of various roadblocks and it would be unfair to hype everyone up about all these only to retract, saying that it's actually not going to happen. So yeah. We'd appreciate if you all stopped arguing about this. They're not bad ideas, they're being considered, however, we simply can't confirm anything. This didn't need to be a 2 page debate, let's not make it any longer, thank you.
  12. EaQs3tnXkAAc-jl?format=jpg&name=medium

    1. MojangYang


      when i first saw that pic i thought its a razor for some reason

    2. KrisFirebolt
    3. Emerald_SWAGGER


      the year???


  13. Voxy

    A .json ✋

    Hi there! Mine-imator supports .json models provided they use the same format as Minecraft resource pack models. Could you share the model you're trying to import?
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