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  1. Well, you said it. You can change all the key bindings in the program already. You only have to change three of them to make it work with AZERTY keyboards, so if people are really too lazy to bother doing it, it's really not our problem.
  2. Dear Voxy,

    I heard you are a professional wallpaper designer, so I could use some help with my wallpapers. First of all, how do you make the len flares? My updated version of Mine-Imator doesn't have len flares, just lens dirt. Also, what can you do to attract many people to your wallpapers? There were other users with wallpapers much better than mine, and I am not professional. Could you give me tips? I already looked at your tips/tricks about wallpapers, but it didn't solve the rest of my problem. Here's one. Is there anything wrong?30eb25c7-bb80-4a3a-a425-ec5795146571

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    2. Ian_The_One


      its "Proffesional designer" you dingus wingus

    3. Voxy


      I can't really say I'm a pro, nowadays I just work behind the scenes.Β xD

      I think the main issue with your wallpaper is that it looks kind of bland and flat. I'm sure you could do a lot of interesting things with lighting, but aside from that lantern, there doesn't seem to be any actual light sources in your scenes. However, lighting isn't really the thing I'm the best at, there are a lot of forumers who are much better at that than I am. ;)

      As for lens flares, that is not a feature of Mine-imator, but rather something I've added afterwards when editing the picture.

    4. MineWallpaper
  3. The Minecraft username field is only there to allow people to easily use your skin in Mine-imator by using the built-in skin fetching tool. It's not some kind of social thing like you implied. Considering this is a community dedicated to Mine-imator and not Minecraft itself, I don't see the point in further bloating profiles with game-specific info you could just put in your About Me section or your signature.
  4. I think he just fixed it so that you could calm down on the constant bumping and pinging since everyone else had a workaround in place.
  5. You need to dig into the mod's jar using WinRar. Unfortunately, it seems like Decocraft uses a completely different format, and thus is not supported by Mine-imator. Your best bet is recreating them or using rigs or models by the community.
  6. Only if they use the same .json format as vanilla models.
  7. My guess is that there are a few stray pixels that aren't fully transparent for some reason. EDIT: Yup, looking at the texture's alpha channel, there are some pixels set to be at 1% opacity, so it threw off M-I. (I made them brighter in the picture)
  8. Just import it as a model and you're good to go. It comes with textures for the angry/pollinating variants, and the stinger is a separate part so that you can hide it if needed. Enjoy! Note: You'll need to adjust the render depth of the model after importing it. The texture has a few pixels that aren't fully transparent, which causes glitches.
  9. There is, Nimi tried implementing that but it doesn't work. I guess a low FOV could work but that's up to Nimmers.
  10. This would require an orthographic view to be useful, and that's not possible to do.
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