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  1. My guess is that there are a few stray pixels that aren't fully transparent for some reason. EDIT: Yup, looking at the texture's alpha channel, there are some pixels set to be at 1% opacity, so it threw off M-I. (I made them brighter in the picture)
  2. Just import it as a model and you're good to go. It comes with textures for the angry/pollinating variants, and the stinger is a separate part so that you can hide it if needed. Enjoy! Note: You'll need to adjust the render depth of the model after importing it. The texture has a few pixels that aren't fully transparent, which causes glitches.
  3. There is, Nimi tried implementing that but it doesn't work. I guess a low FOV could work but that's up to Nimmers.
  4. This would require an orthographic view to be useful, and that's not possible to do.
  5. Now that SEUS PTGI runs on AMD graphics cards, I've been able to get some pretty good shots from it.






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  6. I've actually been compiling those sounds myself for a while now. Interestingly, the sound files are still there, but they're scattered inside the "assets" folder of the main directory. They also don't have any extensions, and they're given random names like "b68f15789dba02714352f90f2f3f2f966a4360bd". It's still an .ogg file, however! If you took that file and renamed it to add the .ogg extension yourself, it would work! Back when I started doing this, I actually did all that renaming manually. Thankfully, since then people started making tools to do all that work for you. This is the one I currently use.
  7. Problem is, I don't know if you can actually access the skin database from the Xbox Live servers. Also, since a lot of skins included in DLC packs actually change the player model, this would break things pretty quickly if you tried applying it to the default Steve/Alex models. Not to mention the potential legal issues of letting people freely download paid resources...
  8. Sounds good on paper, but it's way too impractical in practice. If you want a neat list like for mobs and special blocks, then you'll need to create an index file for it, that tells the program what categories there are in the UI, and where the files would be located. Since there are almost 1800 sound files, that represents a lot of work to create said list, and it would need to be updated each time a new Minecraft version releases. Not to mention you'd also need to give each file a proper, less cryptic name in the language files, which makes the challenging translation work even more time consuming. The other problem is that you'll need to load the sound files on startup, along with all the other assets (blocks, models, textures). Currently, said assets only make up 3 megabytes of data. However, throw in the sounds, and suddenly you have to load 160MB worth of files whenever you start Mine-imator, which would slow it down a ton. So really, the only reasonable solution would be to handle it like default schematics, meaning they're bundled with the program, but you'd still need to browse your files to grab the sound you need, which... isn't too different from how it works now.
  9. Voxy

    Render issue

    Glad I could help!
  10. Voxy

    Render issue

    Try disabling "Transparent block texture filtering" in the settings, under "Graphics" and see if it improves things. I believe this is a known issue with this particular setting.
  11. You're dismissing my whole point because of an irrelevant past incident, and your only response to being called out for your entitlement is to call people drones? Are you serious? You can't even accept the fact that your attitude is problematic. You think they're just mindlessly following me when in reality, we just think you're despicable. You have zero respect for the developers. You constantly boss them around for minor inconveniences, getting hostile towards other members suggesting workarounds. The devs' job isn't to give you that perfect blend of C4D and Mine-imator you keep fantasizing about because you can't be bothered learning to use the real deal. And waving your unprovable claim of being a donator doesn't justify shit, it only makes you look even more entitled. I wish we could find a trace of your alleged donation so that we could give you your money back and stop having to deal with you.
  12. After toying with Blender 2.8 for a while, I tried making a shader to add a shimmery enchanted gleam to a sword, and I made a quick render using Eevee!
  13. Guess what? It is a toy. It was never meant for large-scale projects, it's just a small tool to let kids make short animations based on the game they like. If you can't wrap your head around that fact and realize you're asking way too much of it, that's on you, bud. You want a proper, more competent animation program? Go get one. You're like "oh just improve it" or "oh just port it", but do you even realize that it's only one college student spending all his spare time maintaining the program? It's true that the program has a lot of problems, but they all stem from the engine, or the workflow david introduced all the way back in 2012 when he created it. Changing any of those would basically require having significant portions, if not the entirety of the program rewritten. And guess what? It is not worth the effort. In no way it is worth investing so much time just because someone asks too much of a toy. You're probably gonna say that Mine-imator is easy and that learning another program is hard. But of course a toy is easy to use. If you're not willing to put in the effort to move on to a serious tool, then it's your problem, and not the toymaker's.
  14. Set up the sunlight range to cover all the necessary area, positioning the schematic so that the sun's origin is halfway between X and Y to optimize it; Cut your schematic into smaller pieces, hiding and displaying them as needed rather than working with one large piece of terrain; Learn to manage your expectations and stop pestering the developers with your constant necroposting, ridiculous hyperboles, and endless pinging.
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