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  1. she


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    2. Ethaniel


      I thought you were gay

    3. LacaMenDRY


      @Mercury Last yeah I was making a UI Design for MI,And David reacted to it,same as other users.
      And David says, If you can do coding stuff,maybe you can be a UI Designer.
      so. I have a skill for that,but who knows..

    4. Fox Miner
  2. My bad, it sounded like you were saying the idea didn't make sense because it would only be useful for huge projects like theirs.
  3. I don't think it's fair. Yes Mine-imator is first and foremost a program for beginners, but that doesn't mean you should "punish" people who create bigger projects by denying them basic QOL features. Besides, with one of the big focuses for 1.3.0 being the user interface, suggestions from seasoned MI users with all kinds of crazy workflows is exactly what I need.
  4. Yeah, as SoundsDotZip said, there are expanding/collapsing buttons in MB which will be ported over, there is a behavior from Figma (my design tool) that I want to try and convince Nimi to bring to MI so we'll see about that as well.
  5. God I couldn't agree more. In a lot of apps I use, shift-clicking to select a whole set of items is standard behavior, and not having this in MI really slows things down. There are a lot of things I want to improve about navigating and using the timeline, this is definitely going to be one of those things.
  6. Imagine beta-testing MI 1.3.0 only to make renders with hard shadows and baked lighting lmao couldn't be me, anyways:


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    2. Mercury


      Interesting, me at far right
      same eye colors, same jacket and pants...

    3. Kyle Freeze

      Kyle Freeze

      the edge lighting is pure scam

    4. ChristofuPH


      Beautiful Artwork

  7. ofml7u2.png


    I have the funny number

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      I feel like eventually voxy is just going to yell at us for downvoting for no reason XD

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      Again,Someone Was Ruined This Numbers,So Need To Be FIXED!


    4. AJFM AnimateMC

      AJFM AnimateMC

      one day these is going to be a mineimator meme

  8. Hi, The Mine-imator and Modelbench logos use the official Minecraft font, specifically the "Minecraft Ten" variant. The staff signatures use the "Minecraft Five Bold" variant.
  9. I'll only speak on things that are already implemented in 1.3 or things that are related to the UI/UX. Emissive lighting: This is already implemented in 1.3 with indirect lighting. When it's enabled, objects with the Brightness setting turned up will be treated as light sources. Auto-scrolling in the timeline & having more anchoring options for the viewports could be interesting, we'll think about it! Camera numbers/Camera tabs: You'll be able to switch between cameras in either viewport in 1.3. Blurring/Acrylic effects: I don't think it's really that useful, and it might make text harder to read, especially in your example. It might also reduce performance. Vertical tabs: I don't really see the point to make tabs vertical. In your example you had to turn the project properties, library and background menus into their own tabs to make it look useful... Scrolling the panel the mouse is over: This is already how it behaves in Modelbench so I believe it'll be ported over to Mine-imator as well. Changing timeline zooming shortcut: We'll look into it as well! Optimizing large schematics: I believe the plan is to cut schematics into chunks that can be unloaded if they're not visible by the camera to maximize performance. Full-screen mode: We'll see about that one, if we implement an easier way to scroll/zoom into the timeline you might run into less issues with that.
  10. Saving the render settings for individual projects is planned for 1.3, along with the ability to export/Import them as files.
  11. You can't export .miobject files as .obj models. However, if you're trying to export a .mimodel file, you can open it in Modelbench and export it into an .obj file there.
  12. There's no way to switch between different cameras inside the viewports (at least, not yet...). What you can do in the meantime is hiding all the cameras you don't want from your timeline by clicking on the icon that looks like an eye.
  13. Try selecting your portal (or the scenery that has your portal in it). A new panel should open, called "properties". Under the "Graphics" section, you'll find a setting called "Render depth". Try changing the number to anything above 0 and see if that solves the issue!
  14. Hey all!

    Yesterday, I wrote an announcement regarding the surprise reveal of what was then going to be the new icon for Mine-imator going forward, and how the negative reception of it made me reconsider this design choice.

    I took this opportunity to show you a different take on the icon, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions, I think it's fair to say that we've got a winner on our hands! After a few minor tweaks and touch ups, I believe it's ready, waiting to be used once Mine-imator 1.3 launches.

    But wait, what about Modelbench? Well, obviously I couldn't leave its icon untouched! After all, the goal of the rebrand is to unify both apps into one identity, so it's only natural to give it a fancy new icon as well! There was one challenge to overcome. What could we put in that colorful hexagon? Putting a bunch of cubes seemed like an obvious answer, but it just didn't look quite right... The Mine-imator icon had a 3D, Minecraft styled item inside that hexagon, so... Modelbench would have to follow that template, or else it just wouldn't work. But what kind of item should it be? What object is best suited to illustrate the modeling process?

    What about a hammer? This was an idea from Nimi, that he had while we brainstormed. It could work, you can build stuff with one of those. The question was now, "what should it look like?". His proposal was a blacksmith's hammer, but I felt like it didn't fit the program's name too well. After all, it's called Modelbench, not Modelforge... (that would've been a neat name, though!) So, in the end, we settled on the good old claw hammer. And after a bit of quick rigging and tracing...


    Here they are! The Mine-imator family now has its own set of icons! I hope you'll like it just as much as the one I've shown yesterday, and once again, please share any feedback you might have!

    See you around!

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    2. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      petition to rebrand Modelbench to ModelForge (jk jk. The new logos look awesome tho! That edge lighting looks so reminiscent to MI lighting...I wonder if it was intentional or a happy lil accident Vox 😄)

    3. Voxy


      @JB Animations It's a style I had already experimented with for the mascot renders. It wasn't meant to be a reference to the edge lighting trick in Mine-imator, but I guess it does work!

    4. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      @Voxy It sure does mate!

  15. Alright, I think it's best to just put all my thoughts in one place to make things clearer.

    I didn't really expect that revealing the new icon in a joke post would cause such a reaction. I initially dismissed it because, to be honest, the icon is a low priority for me, as there's a lot of stuff that still needs to be worked on to get the upcoming update ready, which is also why I wasn't very open to feedback, as I would much prefer to focus on getting feedback about the UI. I realize that was the wrong approach to the issue, hence why I'm writing this.

    Another reason is that the branding is a little different to how I planned it going forward. While currently, the icon and logo are sort of stuck together, I decided to separate it all out into three distinct bits: logo, icon, and mascots. I don't plan on changing that, they will remain separate.

    What is going to change is the icon itself. A recurring bit of criticism about the logo is that it doesn't feel related to Minecraft anymore. When I designed it, I just focused on making it readable. I tried to make it belong with the rest of the branding using evocative colors and shapes, but in the end, it appears that it lost too much character and ended up less appealing. As we speak, I'm currently working on a first iteration for a new design, which will hopefully tie-in with the program and the game it's based on:


    This new design is rather popular with the Mine-imator staff, and I hope it will be for the rest of you too. If there are any ideas or improvements you'd like to share, feel free to.

    Lastly, I'd like to apologize for my unprofessional and rude attitude. The rocky launch of Modelbench made it clear that transparency was important when it came to wanting to change how people use your program, but I hadn't realized that the icon would've been part of that too. I'll be sure to learn from that mistake and I hope we can move forward and work together in this next big step in the history of Mine-imator.

    Take care, y'all. ✌️

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    2. Voxy


      @Annie-Mienai That's a bit more complicated. The world importer is written in a different language than MI and MB (it's written in C#, MI/MB use GML), which Nimi isn't very familiar with. So I can't make any promises, though I'd very much like to update it as well.

    3. Annie-Mienai


      @Voxy I understand, I was going to make a post about the WorldImport interface. But if you say that it is probably not possible then, I will only publish the image of the concept. https://imgur.com/JHTQtuL
      anyway, thanks for clarifying my doubts about the new designs.

    4. Voxy



      @Annie-Mienai Wow, that's a very impressive mockup! :D A 3D view might be a bit ambitious though, haha!

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