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  1. I've loaded a large schematic (25mil blocks) and 20 instances of Steve to render and my FPS fluctuated between 90 and 100.
  2. i5 4670 @3.40GHz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, Radeon R9 270X with 2GB of VRAM. I'll admit that it does get inconsistent at times for unknown reasons, with framerates changing between sessions despite having the same project open, but I don't think it'd happen with what you describe as "not so big schematics". Unless your hardware can't keep up.
  3. I'm able to load schematics with a dozen million blocks and it still runs buttery smooth with my mid-range rig from 2014. Maybe the joke hides in your hardware.
  4. I made a tutorial on how to do exactly this, maybe give it a read:
  5. It's impossible to replicate the shading on terrain because it works very differently from how Minecraft handles lighting. Your safest bet would be to disable shadow casting on everything. Nothing will cast shadows but the shaded edges will remain. Make sure to enable SSAO with a large radius but only on terrain. Use a neutral gray for the ambient color to keep the colors the same. This is the best you can get, and even then terrain will look especially bad, with non-existent shading because of the lack of shadows.
  6. You can find tons of great photos of night scenes, this can help you get inspired and figure out how to light things up in your scene.
  7. Yeesh, the replies to this post... Anyways. Here's some feedback. The first image would benefit from brighter sunlight and less intense ambient occlusion, as the artifacts alongside edges become very obvious and it tends to look bad, especially on the roof. As for the depth of field, it doesn't look too bad, but I would've increased the blur radius. (Though this might worsen the issue of foreground blur not affecting edges.) As for the second image, it's just too bright considering it's supposed to be a night ambiance. You should find references to figure out a good way of picking colors.
  8. This pack was mostly intended for use with Mine-imator, which does support OGG files. If I happen to find a tool that'll let me do a batch conversion to MP3, I'll consider it when I'll update the pack when Minecraft 1.14 is released. Not exactly my priority, though.
  9. In the main toolbar, click the icon on the left of the settings button, the one that looks like a rectangle in the corner of a bigger rectangle. This will enable the secondary camera view. ?
  10. Nimi handled an impressive amount of features in the latest M-I release and created Modelbench from scratch. Trust me, he'll do great. There's a reason David picked him as a successor. ?
  11. No, don't worry. Development on Mine-imator is going to continue, but this time, Nimi's in charge.
  12. Voxy

    Paid rigs

    The forum rules and the Mine-imator EULA don't say anything about being unable of profiting from your work. ? However, do keep in mind that our community is fairly young and not always able to make online purchases, and given that there's already very high quality assets out there available for free, you might not get the results you'd have hoped for.
  13. My plans for the future includes, if everything goes to plan, an actual branding for Mine-imator that could extend to the forums through a custom theme, so let's hope we'll get to move away from the default Invision theme to something a little more Mine-imator-ey!
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