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  1. Ah yes, getting pissy and arguing because a pie model looks like the in-game sprite. Never change, MIF!
  2. Try setting your resolution to 1920×1080, it should give you plenty of space to work with, but it might make your screen look a bit blurry.
  3. Hi! If the glow effect isn't showing, try making sure these settings are correct: • Open the program settings (by clicking the cog in the top bar), open the "Render" settings, and make sure that "Glow" is enabled. • In your object's property, under "Graphics", make sure that "Glow" is also enabled there. • Finally, glow will only display in high-quality mode, so be sure to enable that by clicking the big icon in the corner of the viewport.
  4. Voxy

    Zoomed Out!

    Looks like your laptop has a high-resolution display. While Windows and some apps can scale up their user interface, Mine-imator isn't capable of doing that, making the interface look tiny in comparison The only solution, though not ideal, is to lower your resolution in the Windows settings app, by following those steps.
  5. MAGA!

    1. Voxy


      Make America Sweaty Again!

    2. Ethaniel


      That's not how you spell MAGA Voxy

  6. The Q&A will only cover the UI changes, there's no Q&A session about the new rendering features planned.
  7. What's Inventory? Is it a coding log for MI and MB? Would it change MI's name into Inventory? please tell me Inventory isn't MI's name replacement

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShotU


      It's literally just a MC advancement reference

    3. Voxy


      I'll explain the name choice in a dedicated post, but as said above, "Inventory" is the name I've given to the design system I've built for Mine-imator and Modelbench. The apps aren't getting a name change, it's just the internal name for all the bits and pieces that make up the new user experience. :) 

    4. ShotU


      Ah, thought it was just a reference.

  8. What a time to be alive


    1. 9redwoods


      Dear fellow scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Dr Károly Zsolnai-Fehér.

    2. Voxy


      *holds on to my papers*

  9. 🧔👧🏾

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    2. MojangYang


      second mascot ok

    3. Ian_The_One


      he looks a lot like jens for some reason.

    4. Draco63


      Wow! That's amazing! I don't actually have the faintest idea of what this is!!!

  10. This year's Mob Vote is going to be disappointing... Recycled roster, and the only interesting mob that isn't just a Minecraft Earth reskin will probably lose because people were disappointed by the phantom.

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    2. __Mine__


      What I really don't understand is why Mojang are so against adding the other three mobs from the previous Mob Vote, especially given that 99% of the people who voted Phantoms massively regret it. Those mobs were completely unique.

      Not to mention given how lazy the concepts for these three mobs are, Mojang could definitely add all three of them very easily, especially since they already have the models and the textures for all of them due to them already existing in their other games.
      This whole vote is completely unnecessary and is causing avoidable arguments between players for no reason whatsoever.

      Honestly, given the 1.9 combat update, 1.14 texture overhaul, Biome Votes, upcoming combat tests and now this, it's like Mojang are deliberately trying to divide the community as much as possible under the facade of "We're listening to the community" while blatantly ignoring cries for a cave update, or fixing Survival mode's massive Power Creep problem.

    3. Draco63


      What I'm wondering now is...

      So who's going to tell Mojang this? I kinda feel like we should just send our complaints instead of repeating them here, where it won't really change anything.

    4. __Mine__


      The thing is, a few dozen people in a sea of millions is far too small of a minority to change anything.
      For example, the amount of people like me who want Survival mode to not be a complete cakewalk 10-15 minutes after starting a new world is vastly outnumbered by the amount of people who want the game to be even easier, going by the fact Mojang seems to enjoy trivialising Survival mode more and more with every update.

  11. So you're saying every other render is "subpar at best" while showing off something that you admit is subpar too?
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