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  1. For android

    Hello, Sorry, but Mine-imator is exclusively available on Windows PCs, with no plans to create an Android version. This is just not the kind of program that would be suitable for an Android device.
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    Yup! I actually used Modelbench to recreate the Monster of the Ocean Depths in my latest wallpaper.
  3. Modelbench Q&A

    No, you'll only be able to create models similar in style to the Minecraft ones, which means made out of cubes and flat surfaces. Yup! Just like Mine-imator, Modelbench will use language files that you can easily edit to create your own translations.
  4. Modelbench Q&A

    You'll be able to export keyframes just like with any other instance inside your timeline!
  5. Hi! This feature is planned for the next major release of Mine-imator.
  6. Mine-imator 1.1.2

    Really happy to have been part of this update, and I'm really excited to see how Mine-imator will grow in the future!
  7. It's strange, I have that odd feeling that something changed around here, but... I can't put my finger on what it is exactly...

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    2. CaptainCat017


      I'm not sure either...


    3. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I just logged on and I have no clue what it could be.


    4. SkythecreeperCS


      i know... its weird 

  8. How Do I Add Frames?

    Hello! Animation keyframes (They look like diamonds: ♦ ) are automatically created when you change any setting inside the Frame panel, which looks like this: If you want to create more keyframes to make an animation, just drag the time marker further down the timeline and a new keyframe will be created when you change the settings in the Frame panel. Clicking the marker will also create a keyframe at its current position in time. Hope that helps!
  9. He's too busy retweeting Yoshi buttocks.
  10. Corrupted Audio

    Hi! If this is only an issue when using the Community Build, then you're out of luck. This mod is obsolete and isn't supported anymore, so the issue won't be fixed in this version. In the meantime, you can either use 1.1.0 pre-3 (which contains some of the features from CB as well as new ones), or you can try converting your song into another file format using something like Audacity. Hope that helps!
  11. Remove background color

    Hey there! If you want to export your animation without a background, make sure to select "PNG sequence" as the format, and check the "Remove background" option, like so: This will export each frame as its own file, with a transparent background. Then, you can use the editing program of your choice to import that sequence and make a video file or a GIF out of it. Hope that helps!
  12. It lets you create the same kind of models used for characters and special blocks, as in, models with different body parts you can move around and animate in time. While you could make it a rig, I decided to use Modelbench for it. The texture wasn't based on the squid. Instead, I made it from scratch based on the drawing on the Minecraft website. This is what the model looks like, if you're curious: If it ends up being the most voted for mob and thus the one that gets added in Minecraft, we will!
  13. Hey folks! You might've heard about a fun event during this year's Minecon, where viewers will be able to choose the next Minecraft mob by voting from a selection of four creatures. One of them, the Monster of the Ocean Depths, was particularly interesting to me because of the pretty morbid way it attacks: Using its tentacle, it tries to drown you by latching around you and pulling you underwater. How fun! So fun, in fact, that it got me inspired to make a wallpaper, I hope you'll enjoy it! Rendered with Mine-imator 1.1.0 pre-3, textured and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  14. Mac Version?

    Hello! Unfortunately, a Mac (or Linux, for that matter) port is not in the works currently. I suggest you use something like Wine in the meantime.
  15. @Beast4000gamer's reaction upon logging on the forums today:

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    2. ShadowGMC



      @Voxy he also cant handle a joke

    3. SkythecreeperCS


      why hasnt the moderation team here banned his account yet?

      that i know of 4 reports have been filed on him

      Shadow had 3 different reasons to report

      and i reported for "abuse of rep system" and "threats to abuse downvotes"

    4. tditdatdwt


      That's not how bans work, comrade

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