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  1. The solution would be to use the Item objects, using a custom item sheet that contains your facial expressions and mouth shapes. That way, you could easily animate those using the "custom item slot" setting on the Item's keyframe properties.
  2. Hi everyone, the Minecraft Sound Pack has been updated to Minecraft 1.17! Check it out here: 


    1. Heavenira



    2. ItsBluefindude


      Just a heads up, you can remove that LGBTQ frame from your profile now, also, thanks!

    3. Voxy


      @ItsBluefindudeNah, I think I'll keep it

  3. Hi everybody! I've updated the back to the latest available release of Minecraft, version 1.17 aka Caves & Cliffs Part One! Starting with this update, I'm splitting the download link into two parts, one containing the sound effects, and one containing the soundtrack. The music files are pretty heavy (they make up two-thirds of the total file size of the entire pack!) and probably aren't going to be used as often as the actual sound effects, so hopefully this should considerably reduce download times and used storage space for most people. Enjoy!
  4. @CRAZYKOKEBROZ, you're really going to provoke them every time they post a suggestion? Don't you have anything more productive to do? I think they're just saying that their suggestions aren't as useless as CRAZYKOKEBROZ claims they are, since we're looking into adding them. And I agree. Moniker's suggestions are, for the most part, pretty sensible, especially with UX being a big focus point of 1.3.0. Plus, there's no denying that they've greatly improved their attitude, maybe you guys should try doing that too. Anyway, to bring the discussion back to the initial suggestion, I can
  5. Hey folks, I was made aware of an issue affecting Firefox users where icons in the text editor didn't load.

    For some reason, when trying to update the editor's skin, any changes just refuse to load despite many attempts, so in the meantime I'll just switch back to the one from before, with a quick fix to invert the colors when dark mode is enabled.

    Sorry for any inconvenience!

    1. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      that is a bumer for Firefox users!

    2. FredMCGamer


      *me who uses opera* (slightly heavy breathing)

      As always thank you for your commitment to improve and fix the forums! 

  6. Well, Nimi's added volumetric fog and global illumination all by himself, so I'm pretty sure he'd more than capable of adding reflections if he wanted. Not to mention, there's already been a few experiments and even entire tutorials on how to make reflections and specular highlights in current MI versions.
  7. That's strange, they appear for me. Try doing a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl+F5 to force the page to load all the resources again, maybe it'll help?
  8. It's not implemented yet, I need to see what everyone thinks of the options I'm suggesting!
  9. Hey folks! I've made a few changes to the theme, I'd also like to get your input about how I should re-implement a text size feature in the text editor. More details here! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/85213-welcome-to-the-new-mine-imator-forums/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-847790

    1. Emerald_SWAGGER


      When did Voxy become so official

  10. Hey everyone, thank you again for your enthusiasm about the new theme, everyone's reaction was overwhelmingly positive and it fills me with joy to see it! I just wanted to let you know that I've made a few small changes to the theme: I've improved the Dark Mode implementation. Previously, the color scheme would only change after the page had fully loaded, which caused an issue where the light theme flashed for a short moment. This should now be solved! The Love reaction animation has been modified slightly. It's now a lovely shade of purple to avoid any confusion with the Dow
  11. I'd like to avoid people abusing formatting options, which is partly why I removed the feature. There's no need to make your text this large. If you have issues reading it yourself, you can just zoom in.
  12. Have you considered the fact that it maybe people wouldn't enjoy scrolling through entire paragraphs of 72pt text?
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