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  1. Duuuude, that's awesome! I've always loved WarioWare and I actually wanted to make this in the past, very cool! If you ever intend to make it into more than just a proof of concept, I'd love to help with assets and stuff
  2. Back at it again with another Blender piece, inspired by some concepts Mojang showed for a new Bedrock title screen that ended up never happening.
  3. Why make plastic renders when you can do this instead?


  4. Really nailing that Minecraft artwork style! Those blocky shadows are a bit distracting though...
  5. Hello! As of yet, there are a few things Mine-imator can't import from a world or a schematic, and that includes player heads. Your only option for now would be to place them manually inside of Mine-imator.
  6. "I enabled the setting to generate shapes slowly and now the shapes generate slowly pls fix"
  7. Might not be the exact technique, but this might help:
  8. Hey all! Modelbench 1.0.1 is now live! Thanks to your feedback, we've been able to improve some aspects of the user experience, and hopefully, make Modelbench much more pleasant to use! Here are some of the changes we've made: The contextual menus are now complete! Some actions, like duplication, were hidden behind shortcuts, other, like UV exporting, were missing entirely. This has now been fixed! The poorly received global snapping system is gone. In its place, it has been split into 4 snapping values. These will affect, in order: Position & Pivot offset; Rotation; Scale & inflate; Size & UV positioning (Which should make the modelers that relied on sub-pixel modeling happy!) The startup screen will now display a few handy tips, to help you grasp the program better! We hope you'll enjoy these changes! Please let us know what you think, and if there are still things to improve! Happy modeling!
  9. You're welcome! Can't wait to see what you'll create next! :3
  10. Oh, looks like it's not fully transparent. Try this one, it should be fixed! https://i.imgur.com/CMEqizl.png
  11. You don't even need a model, you can just import the Minecraft clouds texture as an item inside Mine-imator to get the same result. It might get laggy though, so beware!
  12. I spent most of the day on Blender, imagining what Steve and Alex could look like if they were turned into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters. This was a pretty fun exercise in lighting, shading, and posing. Hope you'll enjoy it! Full renders:
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