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  1. I think a better way to approach it would be to make the front face a part you can rotate, with the normal texture on the front and the Creeper face texture on the back. This way you don't need to rotate the top and bottom faces.
  2. That is very impressive, and very handy as well! May I suggest a Minecraft Five Bold variant for subtitles, as it seems to be the weight that's used the most in Minecraft logos? And regarding your username issue, you can always DM a moderator who can change your username for you. I believe tditdatdwt is in charge of that.
  3. how can i download,what you made ? (im new btw)

    1. Voxy


      What exactly are you trying to download?

  4. *looks at the actual roadmap for 1.3* lol
  5. Some people dislike the smoothness, some dislike the added lighting effects, others just dislike change in general.
  6. when you destroy liberal jappa epic style
  7. Hey animators! It appears that some of you weren't happy to discover that Mine-imator would use the new Village & Pillage textures from now on. So to fix this, here's a link to a downloadable version of the "Programmer Art" resource pack included in the game! Enjoy!
  8. Voxy

    Local Movement

    Coordinates are relative to any parent objects in Mine-imator, thus an easy workaround is to place your character inside of a folder, then apply your rotation to that folder. That way, the axes on the character's keyframes will change their orientation as well.
  9. When you want to report a bug but you end up dumping your "collection" on forums full of children with clear rules against this type of content
  10. I've loaded a large schematic (25mil blocks) and 20 instances of Steve to render and my FPS fluctuated between 90 and 100.
  11. i5 4670 @3.40GHz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, Radeon R9 270X with 2GB of VRAM. I'll admit that it does get inconsistent at times for unknown reasons, with framerates changing between sessions despite having the same project open, but I don't think it'd happen with what you describe as "not so big schematics". Unless your hardware can't keep up.
  12. I'm able to load schematics with a dozen million blocks and it still runs buttery smooth with my mid-range rig from 2014. Maybe the joke hides in your hardware.
  13. I made a tutorial on how to do exactly this, maybe give it a read:
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