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  1. Time to say this but time to move to the new version and uninstall the old version that I am using

  2. Why am i asking this: I thought it will be cool to animate using an controller
  3. ngl but mr @david's Mine-imator 2.0 update makes Mine-imator drippy today Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

  4. I'm mr. British now. (I am talking about my new profile picture

  5. Ah! I see your new. start off making animations or viewing peoples content

    1. Zyn


      "Joined December 2, 2020"

    2. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      I got to read

  6. No I dont

    1. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      what are you taking about? and your a winner for being the first person posting on my profile

  7. just to ask a question. do you like my animations (watch em if you did not before)

  8. just to ask a question. what do you think of my animations

    1. mbanders
    2. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      did not see my animations? what about my G A M E S

    3. mbanders
  9. Hello! so I want animators to make an animation for the collab Here is the rules: - The video must be public or unlisted - Send me the link to the video - use #TTTC - it must have your skin or someone else skin (or in one) and have Tails the Fox Skin (it can be a model!) - it must be 1 minute or 30 seconds - it must be clean (no swears, no naked people, no blood and no +18 stuff) not following one or ALL of the rules you not gonna be at the collab. Even when you do follow the rules. you may not make it (do not blame me please)
  10. I just want to ask a question. what do you feel about my animation style

    1. Rollo


      It's alright! My only advice would be to keep making what you want to make, you're doing great :)

    2. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      pogr and real moment

  11. @LacaMenDRYwhy are you not replying to my stuff. anyways.

    I started to do animation in 2019 and changed though the years.

    but now. M U S I C. THATS RIGHT! because I am downloading FL Studio! see ya in the next video or post!

    Cbr 2011 out.

    - Cbr 2011

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Because he does not use the Forums so often anymore. He goes out and lives his live! He's having fun, instead of just hanging here on the forums and losing his life time...

    2. Cbr 2011
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