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  1. Cbr 2011

    Tails rig :D

    Download Here
  2. help mah download is not working
  3. WOW! if this come out I will test this OUT!!!
  4. this is from my gamejolt post:

    want to post a animation or pictures from Mine-imator? well I have something for you! is The unoffical Mine-imator Community! link: https://gamejolt.com/c/mine-imator-ebsgud

    so what are you waiting for? Post some stuff!

  5. this is why I hate trolls.


  6. erm. I updated the download link
  7. my name is Cbr 2011. I am a gamer, animator and game programer (only on scratch) I am on rank 2. and I am little new.
  8. slap me with a fish and this happens. and the song that Youtube thinks I have copyrighted song. WELL I DO NOT HAVE IT IS MINE AND MADE IN CHROME MUSIC LAB.


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you think I am sus

  9. I am done making a animation! is going to be done soon.

  10. pUrPlE sHeP iS iN mBaNdErS vOcIe
  11. like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDnZ1u-LBGQ note this is not my video. is for an expiable. and now embed:
  12. the tongue is the harder part!

  13. Lisa Gaming NEEDS to be banned

    if you do not know who is lisa gaming. Lura "Lisa" Garcia (born: December 16, 2005 (2005-12-16) [age 15]), better known online as Lisa Gaming ROBLOX (or simply Lisa Gaming; formerly known as HanakoPlayz) is an American satire troll YouTuber known for her controversies with Roblox YouTubers. well.... her haters (like me) said THESE:



    Lisa Gaming is geting ALOT of hate so WHAT. did she do.

    the time was 2020 when she upload this BULLCRAP:

    and... again:

    and later then.... she got banned:


    she clamed it she got banned for no reason. I will edit this when I get 100& proof

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    2. Zyn


      bruhh i hate that girl

    3. LacaMenDRY


      You know him?

    4. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      replying to Zyn.

      the downside of her that she is SMART.

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