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  1. This is honestly the definitive Mine-imator style for me. It goes beyond the blocky style and limitations of the original game, but not too much so that it does still feel like Minecraft, something that I think can be an issue with some of the forums content. I really like this wallpaper.
  2. I think if you combined the lighting of the first version of the wallpaper with the setpieces/background of this version, I think you would get something very decent out of it.
  3. So is there a way to disable "pinch bending," or is that the only bending I'm currently stuck with?

    1. mbanders


      Settings > Graphics, change Realistic bending to Blocky.

    2. Nedia
  4. (Image) What's this, a secret late night sneak peek? njKMiKd.png

    1. Jake_28


      No, it’s an absurdly round bathtub.



    2. Davi12345
  5. I usually don't prefer to edit in effects to my wallpapers, as I like them to be.... "pure," so to say. It's hard to explain, but I want my wallpapers to showcase what can be done in MI, and I feel like edited-in effects defeat the purpose.
  6. In cased you missed my latest wallpaper: 



  7. It’s like Cool Beans, but more epic... I guess..?
  8. I think it might have to do with how bright the red appears compared to the more subdued colors of the surrounding scenery. Personally, I still think it's currently fine, however.
  9. I think the reason why you aren't seeing shadows is because of the camera position. As for depth of field, well, I already mentioned it again, but I didn't want it to be too noticeable in the background. I will try to see what I can do with DOF, though. EDIT: I adjusted the DOF a bit, see how that looks for you.
  10. It's my own personal rig, but I can send it to you, if you want.
  11. What do you mean, the scarecrow or the buildings?
  12. Thanks! I did mess with some camera effects; they were actually a big component when making this wallpaper! I did use a bloom in a wallpaper, but I didn't want to make it too intense, so it's rather small. By DOV, I assume you mean depth of field? If so, there is a depth of field in the background, but it's very slight (as you mentioned) as I want people to pay attention to the background as well. And saturation/contrast, I unfortunately don't know how to access. (EDIT: I just found out about it right now...) Like I mentioned above, there is a depth of field, but it's very subtle so not to draw attention away from the background. And I don't own or use After Effects. I'll try messing with more of the camera to see what more I can do, thanks everyone! EDIT: An update has been done based on the above suggestions!
  13. Hello, this will be my last wallpaper of 2018, showcasing a farm on a bright day! For this wallpaper, I tried using... unorthodox methods involving the blocks when creating the structures. It's hard to explain, but you'll understand what I mean when you see the actual wallpaper. I'd like some feedback on how I did with that. As always, feedback in the comments is appreciated, and maybe the wallpaper might actually be modified based on the feedback I receive. Oh, and Happy New Year! UPDATE #1 - Adjusted bloom and color correction settings. The wallpaper should appear a bit more bright and colorful now. - Added a secret... UPDATE #2 - Adjusted DOF.
  14. What do you think of this scarecrow? IoII2UF.png

    1. BaconSandwich


      prety gud but i can't give an upvote atm

  15. For my next wallpaper, I tried creating a windmill while using as few custom content as possible. Thoughts? 7EibbFe.png

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