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  1. I wonder if this will get remastered for the 2021/2022 style of Batworld, I would love to see the redesigned & new Batworld characters
  2. I have made it to the finish of making this mod hope y’all are excited and I bet you aren’t
  3. I putted a preview up top, the difference is the icons so far at the top left, very small update I did
  4. Hello and I'm coding Mine-imator 1.2.8 and making the version 1.2.8X of mine-imator to stop small bug fixes and some small icon improvements and make it more better then the default 1.2.8 and I hope y'all like this thing I'm trying to do on this mod Things I done so far for this mod Mine-imator 1.2.8X Features/Improvements/Bugs Easier Icons (Finished) Blur Effects Issue (Solved) fixed an issue in the coding (Shader Blur file) Fixed an issue with keyframe grouping while opening a MI project (Solved) Trial Background Preview Changed to Alex & Steve Leaving (Finish
  5. Hello Guys! I have completely changed all of the download names due to the 2.0.0 update, these new names may sound better then the original but still the same download links plus I'm seperating Light Theme from this forum to a special forum :3 see you there
  6. Hello everyone I like to represent the new requirements once again, I messed up a few times but this time it may be right, I added requirement details to give a reason why I putted it like that so hope y’all are excited for mine-imator 2.0.0
  7. All of this looks quite nice, I hope nimi supports the feature of adding mods to mine-imator, I use 1.0.6 for some of those, but the thing is, this will improve animations and I’m excited for this
  8. Hello Guys! There’s some big changes to this forum and changes to the Light Mode 1.0.1-1.1.2! And btw new name for the this, and I suggest you read the patch notes aka announcement tab to see what I’m doing with this new name I picked out! and I Mine-imator 1.3.0 doesn’t exist anymore! It’s now called 2.0.0! Thank me later guys! Until this goes out of support
  9. Mine-imator 1.0.0-1.2.8 Requirements [32 Bit] OS - Minimum Windows 7/Vista - Recommended (Windows 8/10) RAM - Minimum (4GB) Recommended (8GB+) Display - Minimum (1024x768) Recommended (1600x900+) Disk Space - Minimum/Recommended (20MB) Graphics Card - Minimum/Recommended (Intel HD Graphics 4600) Mine-imator 2.0.0: Anniversary Update Requirements [32/64 Bit] OS - Minimum Windows 7/8/8.1 - Recommended (Windows 10/11) OS detail: I removed Vista, but you could still run it on those operating systems, but I highly recommend Windows 7 or 8 for better performanc
  10. Aric Horn

    Bag rig

    I can’t believe that the download is broken ;( I hope he brings the downloads back because I was looking forward to using this for my animation, and sadly I’m not a ModelBench maker, I’m useless, don’t worry.. Batman4014 hope you got this message ;-; (don’t take it seriously xd)
  11. 5 Years Later.. I miss these Rigs, too bad these are invalid now ;(
  12. Hey I have an Idea on what Nimi can do if any of your GPU have problems Redesign System Requirements (Like edit the font and make add some text for what GPU you need to run Mine-imator) I use GeForce GT 1030 and Mine-imator is running good this should help a lot of people to see if mine-imator can run on people's pcs
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