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  1. I have improved the requirements the 1.0.0-1.2.8 has been separated from 1.3.0 this explained why y’all thought it was all wrong but hope y’all are happy now because this makes more sense then the previous ones I did
  2. Mine-imator 1.0.0-1.2.8 Requirements [32 Bit] OS - Minimum Windows 7/Vista - Recommended (Windows 10/11) RAM - Minimum (4GB) Recommended (8GB+) Display - Minimum (1024x768) Recommended (1600x900+) Disk Space - Minimum (20MB) Recommended (40MB) Graphics Card - Minimum/Recommended (Intel HD Graphics 3000) Mine-imator 1.3.X Requirements [64 Bit] OS - Minimum Windows 8/8.1 - Recommended (Windows 10/11) RAM - Minimum (4GB) Recommended (12GB+) Display - Minimum (1600x900) Recommended (1920x1080+) Disk Space - Minimum (20MB) Recommended (40MB) Graphi
  3. Aric Horn

    Bag rig

    I can’t believe that the download is broken ;( I hope he brings the downloads back because I was looking forward to using this for my animation, and sadly I’m not a ModelBench maker, I’m useless, don’t worry.. Batman4014 hope you got this message ;-; (don’t take it seriously xd)
  4. 5 Years Later.. I miss these Rigs, too bad these are invalid now ;(
  5. Hey I have an Idea on what Nimi can do if any of your GPU have problems Redesign System Requirements (Like edit the font and make add some text for what GPU you need to run Mine-imator) I use GeForce GT 1030 and Mine-imator is running good this should help a lot of people to see if mine-imator can run on people's pcs
  6. 1.2.8 WOOOOOO! thanks nimi!
  7. Hey Voxy I have a small little problem with the new theme, when I was signed out of the forums, like I was scrolling as a guest, I tried to enable the dark mode feature but suddenly, you need to sign in to use that, so voxy I hope you add the feature for people who aren’t signed in, just a small bug that needs fixing in the forums, thx
  8. About Mine-imator Hey I’m telling you about the design before we start with the feature, but when the new 1.3.0 design releases, there would be some complaints about it and I don’t want that to happen so here’s what should happen. Mine-imator’s New Suggested Feature the new feature is about using the 1.2.0-1.2.8 Mine-imator’s design, this will be in Mine-imator’s Interface settings in 1.3.0, once you press the new feature, it will make mine-imator look old and easy but except, all of the new features are still gonna be there The Problem There is gonna be a problem with thi
  9. Hey Nimi since 1.3.0 is delayed will there be a mine-imator 1.2.8 for those 1.17 assets and I understand there won't be a 1.2.8 so I'm stuck with these terrible bugs, will this be a good idea?
  10. Dream SMP Themed, I added the dream smp map and all of these youtubers and Blender friends
  11. Mine-imator Community Render (4K UHD) (this render almost broke my pc, I’m surprised it ran 4K)
  12. Hey nimi, when ever mine-imator 1.3 releases, will you add a mod for Mine-imator 1.2.8? because some people might want to use that version of mine-imator, here’s what I want the mod to be, 1.17 World Importer Mod, I might either use 1.3 or stick with 1.2.8 but This one is on you if you want to do it 1.17 World Importer Mod, this won’t have the new 1.3 design, it will have the 1.2.8 Importer design with different coding for chunk loading and world height limit
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