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  1. after 2 years of waiting, the first pre release finally came out! THANKS NIMI, DAVID & VOXY!! REPLIES TO USERS: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iznbvbt5lwl6d4i/vcomp140.zip/file here, I don't have the error but try extracting this and putting the vcomp140.dll in the mine-imator folder also if it doesn't work then its the operating system or the computer itself.
  2. Minecraft Bedrock uses C++ if Mine-imator Mobile were a thing, but if it did existed there would've been consequences against the whole mine-imator community complaining about how slow it would be due to their devices hardware. which probably makes sense on why it's never on mobile, Mostly feel bad for all the android users tho.
  3. he could've not announced them publicly yet or he most likely didn't do these we may not expect these but we'll see if it would happen or not.
  4. you might be confused but its a MI Mod, I'm adding features that lets you export .gif animations and the ablity to import .aac audio to the software but there is more Niam
  5. I’m implementing .aac to the software, you will have the ability to import those files as your songs now, I went on forums and saw random people begging for this so why not I include it to the Mine-imator Extra Mod
  6. i have discovered issues but I have no images right now Aric Horn’s Fog Problem: when I went to the fog settings, all of the names (from your mod) had problems with all of the names It showed numbers and other stuff, it was hard to find the setting for the fog (Temporary) Resolved Problem: You can fix this problem by restarting Mine-imator Violet and it should be normal but it can come back whenever you switch projects or create new projects.
  7. Check Out Mine-imator Violet, I gave you their themes so you don’t have to make it manually! and also try out their Modded version of Mine-imator!
  8. This is absolutely insane! GOOD JOB! and also look below Issue: But here’s one thing that might be an issue, does the World Importer have the 1.18 stuff, I been trying to work on a mountains render on mi and failed to mod my own importer, I end up breaking it because I’m an idiot and terrible coder
  9. I been having trouble using different resource packs in renders, everytime I use any other resource pack, it just goes to the Barebones Resource Pack, I tried to fix it but wasn’t fixable, even deleting the barebones pack doesn’t fix it, if anyone has this issue like me, I’ll feel bad for you
  10. Oh, I’m stupid then, but can you at least make it easier and more visible in the 2.0.0 Im just stupid for not knowing or seeing it.
  11. This feature gives you the ability to change the order in library, this feature should improve the software and everyone else in the community, here’s an example there is a button next to the search button that has three lines, it should show these alphabetical order alphabetical order (reverse) use count (highest) use count (lowest) you can pick any of these and also the use count ones are the most important ones, this should help people find the lowest and unused objects in the library which helps them delete it faster. What do you think?
  12. There’s also one thing with PCs, doesn’t let you use different resource packs, Mine-imator only wants barebones as a resource pack (either a bug or some sort of code where we can’t use high definition resource packs on a potato pc)
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