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  1. To those who uses 1.2.7, mineimator had a really bad unfixable problem, the trees somewhat becomes bright when you make the map dark with 1 light source, you cannot fix them, it’s so annoying and it’s making me lose hope on mineimator reply if you have been getting this bug too!
  2. "Mine-imator 1.2.9" I wish this actually existed for the rest of us ;-;
  3. been doing mine-imator stuff over a year bud, I begun Mine-imator in April 25th 2020 and I don't actually have a Child rig/facial rig so except the eyelashs to look like that
  4. did this so you guys can enjoy some entertainment Image:
  5. I'm not asking for it to be changed, its just a weird reason why they changed it, it's so hard to use now and I have no clue how to make texts bigger
  6. no, its for the heading for the topic and 48 and 36 is for other things using the new headings is kinda bad, and some people may hate it and me, but it's too small like this Test
  7. this is exactly true, I'm not a fan of these features, but the theme is really nice and golden. I always copy and paste my old paragraphs that are size 72, maybe that can help you.
  8. this scares me in Dark Mode, but this is actually decent to come back to this topic :3
  9. the sad thing is that my topics won't be able to have big texts anymore.. I might have to change things without it rip bigger/smaller texts feature
  10. yeah, you're right but he's one of the best devolopers for mine-imator
  11. your indeed the best minecraft/mine-imator developer in the world, Nimi is the true reason of how we obtained mine-imator, without nimi then mine-imator wouldn't be possible
  12. So sorry lol, I will delete this now, and the new update turned my topic green, gotta fix that soon
  13. Hey LacaMenDRY One of my mods in modding discussion is getting view botted! help me, its the Light Mode & Dark Mode topic!! contact any mine-imator admin!

    1. Zyn


      LacaMenDRY is not a mod send a PM to a mod or Nimi, David

    2. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      I know, I just needed more help to contact the mods/admins

    3. LacaMenDRY


      I am not the Admin to be able to Contact them easily,You can send a Messages trought PM/Personal Messages.
      I'm still a Member,not yet a UI Designer.

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