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  1. Thanks for warning me! I think now you can download without problems.
  2. Sorry, I completely forgot. I update the model and now is correct! Thanks for warning me!
  3. Hi! Do you are making an amination and need the mob Warden? There is it! A model you can import to mine imator to use or to modelbench to edit. See the images bellow: Tutorial: Unzip the file(.zip). Open Mine-imator Click in the Modelbench option. Select the file named "Warden.mimodel" in the folder Import it! Warning: Don't remove or move any file in the folder. Download!
  4. Yes, Follow the steps below: 1st - Go to Library and found the particle creator. 2nd - Open the editor and click in Particle you want to scale. 3rd - Scroll down, found the scale number and change it. I hope I helped ?
  5. Hi! I gonna make an example to explain this. The pig has 4 legs and I can't put they in to a folder, delete or other action. I don't know if is possible do this or is just a "rule" of Mine-imator. Images: I can't delete the legs or other action. What happens if I try to put the legs in to a folder.
  6. I finish my Christmas wallpaper, Merry Christmas! ??
  7. The mine-imator is completly safe, you can test it in an anti-virus. After download, click in mine-imator to execute. If appear a blue window, click in more information and execute. Others windows that appear next, choose the option you need and click allow, yes or next. Finally, Mine-imator is working!
  8. It's simple. Install the new version from the official website (https://www.mineimator.com) and launch it. The update automatically substitute the old version of mine-imator to the new. Finally, launch the mine-imator. You don't need uninstall the old version, but you can made it in the settings tab called add/remove programs.
  9. But this affect the entire system. To not affect, I needed to change the resolution of my computer every time I launch Mine-imator (that what I doing and is very boring).
  10. Hello! ? My suggestion is add the possiblity of change the scale of interface. In computers with 4k resolution, the interface is very small. This option is very important for the whole community can use Mine-imator. Mine-imator 4k resolution:
  11. I solved the problem! The mine-imator didn't choose graphic card, you can see what graphic card mine-imator is using on task manager. I solved the problem! The mine-imator didn't choose graphic card, you can see what graphic card mine-imator is using on task manager.
  12. I've tried this and reinstalled the mine-imator, but it still has buggy shadows.
  13. Hello Fox Miner! I made a video changing the shadows settings, but the shadows keep showing. It seems that the light quality is at its minimum, but I don't know how to increase it either. Video (please, set the quality to maximum): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1spMufwEBVj2y7xUzGKtVn22ZPNDgDicF/view?usp=sharing
  14. Hello! When I render an animation with an object, shadows appear as stripes in front of that same object and I don't have any other object that create a shadow (PrintScreen and Video underneath). I've already reviewed the definitions and haven't found a solution, could someone help me? Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1spMufwEBVj2y7xUzGKtVn22ZPNDgDicF/view?usp=sharing Problem: the mine-imator didn't choose the coorect graphic card
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