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How to add an image in a topic

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Since many People don't know how to do this, I'm gonna show you how it's done.

This is the Imgur Version, since there are other ways, but they're not always free or easy to work with!

This is a remastered version of my old topic How to Post an Image on the Forums


Firstly the PC/Laptop version!

  1. Open Imgur!
    Link: https://imgur.com/upload

  2. Move Image onto the browser while the website is open

  3. Wait for the "Upload Complete" Sign and then click the button "Copy link"

  4. Go to the forums and then start a new topic and then press the "Insert Image from URL" Button

  5. Paste the Link that you just copied and then add the file type ".png/.jpg/etc..."

  6. You're good to go!

Phone version:

  1. Install Imgur

    Link: Phone App

    This link is safe and I installed it many times per this link, you can also just go to the website and wait for the prompt "Get App"

  2. Open the App and then press the "Camera" Icon Button

  3. The App will prompt you a notification that you should Sign-up, but you can skip

  4. Select your Image that you want to Upload!

  5. Now just press the "Upload" button. If that wont work, just name the Picture in the section "Post title (optional)"

  6. Now that its uploaded press the button "View"

  7. Now just press the directly onto the picture!

  8. Now press the "Share" Icon Button

  9. Now, If you have the Button "Copy URL" Then press it!
    If you don't, then press "Message App" Icon Button and copy the text your phone was about to send to someone!

  10. Now go to the forums and then start a new topic, press the "Insert image from URL" and paste your URL you copied before!

  11. You're good to go!
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