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  1. I understand i'm 1 day late, but I made a video about my 7 year experience with Minecraft for its 10th birthday. I hope you enjoy the video.
  2. Actually, the picture has a low resolution. It originally said 51.7%, but thank you with the advice on how the assets and keyframe's work, it really helps! Try checking out the bugs page I made.
  3. Ever since I installed Mine-imator version 1.2.3, Mine-Imator has been taking up so much G.P.U. that my computer has been feeling like its the surface of the sun. I figured this out by opening up task manager and it says so right there. Here's the evidence on the problem! If you want a good laugh on the situation and see the picture at the same time, you can always look at the bugs page that I made for my YouTube channel. That's all, is there a way a developer can fix this in the next update, because this never happened on V-1.2.2 or earlier, and I swear that its not that my graphics card is out of date.
  4. As of Minecraft 1.14 / Mine-Imator 1.2.3, New textures have been added. But i know that not everyone likes them. So should there be an option to enable the old textures or is it already there and I just don't know. In other words, I think there should be an old texture pack with the program (Unless there already is).
  5. https://sites.google.com/view/crazykoke-broz/bugs-glitches
  6. I'm not looking for a texture, I am just looking for a way to make it not appear as a glitched green texture. <-- This glitched texture
  7. It doesn't work, it gives me these weird two circles with green outlines.
  8. In an animation im working on, i want to make the moon look realistic, but i don't know where to find the texture i need that is both a moon texture with different phases and compatible with M.I. 1.2.0. Can someone help me with this? It would help a-lot!
  9. Never mind, I managed to fix it! One of the files was too big.
  10. The bug was fixed. One of the files was too big in the animation.
  11. Is it me, or is the sun spinning so fast that it is widening out?
  12. Actually, I like to think of the end as a group of asteroids that were thrown out of its system long ago (Although I don't know how to explain how life evolved on it) Is it me, or does the end look a little too close to earth (or overworld)? because if i'm correct, the distance the end is from earth in this picture is a few thousand miles closer than the moon. But the picture is still VERY AWESOME!
  13. When you look back at the days when you were first playing Minecraft (Not to be copying Ghatos)
  14. 1000 buckets of slime on the wall 1000 buckets of slime Take on down And pass it around 999 buckets of slime on the wall
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