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  1. I hate to break it to you kid, but most of your ideas are just not as worth it as you think they are. Yes, there are a few that are actually good, but most of them (and this one) just don’t have the potential. The thing is that most people currently don’t need most of these features as Mine-Imator is already great as it is. It’s a simple software designed for helping people making simple, yet amazing animations, add all of these complex features, the simplicity vanishes away. There would be an extra few layers of complexity that would turn the software into something like Cinema4D, but free, which is not the point of Mine-Imator. I am not a developer, or a moderator, I am just sharing my opinion. You have the right to ignore me completely, but I just want you to consider it.
  2. Look, if such barriers were added, some of my animations would be impossible to animate from the amount of stuff I import being denied of access because it would “surpass the data limit” that Mine-Imator would have programmed in it! It may look useful for you, but it would put a-lot of limits to animators since Game Maker wasn’t built for this kind of thing.
  3. Because there is a component (or two) within that medkit that is consuming all of the data. This causes Mine-Imator to act slow and then crash. There is literally nothing wrong with the software.
  4. It came from the software because it was being overdone by the rig!
  5. One: you would need to still name everything beforehand with this interface, regardless to it being a parent object or a child object. Two: I still don’t see this being of much use as it would just take up more space. Once again I animate without trouble in the software’s current status. This would make no use as far as I’m aware.
  6. If it’s a rig causing it then I wouldn’t entirely say the software itself is the problem.
  7. Naming every object individually like that would make animating take longer than needed. We do not need a search bar for this (unlike things such as the objects present in the animation).
  8. Wouldn't be of much use since almost everything has the same name.
  9. It has one, but it’s a little complicated. The backup projects are based on the project you work on and updates itself every 10 minutes. If you quit without saving, a backup file will contain the same project file with the details it had anywhere within the past 10 minutes.
  10. I was scanning my computer earlier, and I got a notification saying a virus was contained. I checked out what it was, and to my surprise, it was Mine-Imator 1.2.7 (there goes my animation tools). According to one of my friends, it was due to Mine-Imator lacking an "internal certification". How do I use Mine-Imator without needing to reinstall it every time I scan my PC?
  11. After the rerelease of episode one and the release of episode two, I have been teasing the idea of an episode 3. Now the day has come where there is now an episode 3 to the Minecraft-Star Trek spoof. I spent months working on it (despite my animation not being the best, nor the worst) and now it’s here. Enjoy!
  12. We don't need seeds for particles. Heck, no one will even notice the difference between seeds and randomized start times in the final product.
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