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  1. i just watched a self-driving lawn mower for 40 seconds
  2. If double as in the pixel dimensions, the model will remain the same size. Modifying the skin with smaller details works too (one big pixel = 2px/2px)
  3. Incredibly well made, good usage of camera angles and sound to tell the story. I love the transition at 0:28 especially.
  4. go into the options under render and disable the watermark (it sometimes doesn't do it automatically.) If it is still there try re-installing and getting another code
  5. I thought this was going to be a parody but it is actually a real movie. Отличная работа!
  6. That's actually a great idea - I've wanted some of the default animations before and had to recreate them. I'll think about remaking all of them.
  7. For forum, forum discussion, for mine-imator or modelbench, discussion. If it's unrelated to mine-imator, then in Random talk.
  8. Alternative title: me on the toilet when taco bell (Cinematic Test)
  9. Use imgur for screenshots; as we do not have access to your drive and therefore cannot view the images. P.S. If you get errors from it, take the url (for example, https://i.imgur.com/RCkbo5h.jpeg) and remove the "i." before imgur.com so it looks like https://imgur.com/RCkbo5h.jpeg
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