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  1. An unofficial video of the Demon King Sending Jesse to his Dimension that can mess with people Minds. Here The Demon King recreates Jesse's Treehouse and Endercon before almost killing her. This is more of a test animation for fighting and sound effects, but it has a bit of lore to it.
  2. A viewer named Hero Manager Pointed out that the last run cycle was very roboty and that the legs and body was going down which is a bad way of animating and not appealing to the viewer's eye. So, I decided to update it from the original. Made 3 new variants Normal Fast Fast (scared)
  3. Here is a video of it not spinning. I even created a new project and still no spin
  4. My very first WitherStorm animation. Credit for Witherstorm rig goes to "wither storm channel 3"
  5. A test animation for Nila's transformation (unofficial). Colors, lighting, and effects.
  6. Never really got to introduce myself. Hi I'm KenTracer, a Minecraft storymode enjoyer. I am continuing where telltale left of from on episode 5 with the story Mcsm worlds edge. As a beginner in rendering, lighting and animation, I am glad that I chose mine imator for a start. It has helped me so much.
  7. Jesse Meets her 4th gen grandchild AKA Jesse the 4th. New video comes out today pt1!
  8. Thank you! Thank you. I would love to work for telltale and revive Mcsm! Thank You!
  9. With the new mine imator update drawing near soon I'll will Begin working on episode 1 of Mcsm worlds edge. So while at it, I've made episode banners, banners as if Mcsm was a Telltale video game (Episode titles and Descriptions may change as time goes on.) Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Xbox buttons and other UI images goes to telltale games. Hope you guys like it! Can't wait to start on episode 1. Very excited!
  10. This is just a simple lighting image with simple lighting. Had to add a moon lighting and I love the red fire light on Natalie. Once the new Mine imator update get released I will be starting on the story for Minecraft Storymode World's Edge.
  11. Doing stair animations are the hardest thing I ever had to do. Not the best animation I've done but it's progress on what I've been doing as of late. This is a test animation, I will be seeing my flaws and perfecting it daily! What could be better? Criticism is highly appreciated! I don't mind it at all.
  12. Thank you. I appreciate the criticism! I will use this in the future!
  13. I personally like the bend because of realism and that I'm a mcsm stan but for a default Minecraft like the second one I like that.
  14. Color Correction and Bleed light with bright saturation colors Without bleed light and color correction with bright saturation colors Movie Colors. This is if I had exported the scene into a movie. Colors are Still saturated but on the darker side. You can see more color like Jesse's brown skin, her red barrette, the gauntlet and the gold on her armor. Just having fun with Bleed light and color correction while also learning lighting and shading. Hope you all like it. Criticism is very important for me so I would love to know what I could Improve.
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