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  1. Lock_downmc213

    Hazardous Environment (HEV) Suit Rig

    Hah! XD
  2. Lock_downmc213

    d e s p a c i t o

    I hate to be "that" guy who doesn't even like that song but i'll give you an upvote for the joke that you did and that thing.
  3. Cause Nimi did not release the Update 1.2 yet 1.2 will have the new 1.3 stuff but Nimi is probably taking some time on that.
  4. Lock_downmc213

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    I'm pretty sure that Nimi is taking time to release the 1.2 Update. If it is take your time with it. Cause did he say that it's still in active development maybe he didn't fully finish it IDK. I don't really know cause i'm not Nimi. (Duh)
  5. For context why i made this: i WAS playing replaying MCSM season 1 on the PS4 (Yes i have PS4) and i only finished ep 1-4. After that i wanted to do something on MI and the i decided to rig Jesse but i scraped it and do it on ModelBench. So this is the first time using Model Bench Except The New Facial Template is made by me as a prototype Heavily Inspired by Tempus version. It's gonna be private cause i hate to be "that" guy. Criticism is appreciated.
  6. Jesus Crist this is the sickest Rig Ever!!!! Awesome work there.
  7. Lock_downmc213

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    Literately f*** 1.5.0 update here's a piece of 1.2.0 for you. XD I'm super Exited for this.
  8. Lock_downmc213

    The Smart Ender Man (A stupid Original MC render)

    I made using custom 64x64 Texture sheet were the Items were rigged and the edited Body texture where i use as template for the rigging.
  9. Dialogue: Steve: Aw sh*t! It's the Enderman....I better put this pumpkin mask on quick!*suddenly Enderman teleports in front of him.*Enderman: Do you really think that stupid disguise will work against me!!!! No i'm not an idiot like the others and know you should run know.......Steve: Oh f***. *Runs*-The Smart Enderman. This is f**king dumb. XD
  10. Lock_downmc213

    SFR V.5 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.4)

    They're optional.
  11. Lock_downmc213

    Toon Boris and Toon Bendy

    Aww that's super cute. Love it!
  12. I had some hard time to make this mainly i wasn't gonna do it at all...... But here is Ruby Rose in time-skip outfit *FOR REAL* (I think i did something like this last 2 years or 3,4...idk and it was shit cause i wasn't good at working with MI and i had no clue about RWBY back then...) Also "Skeletons Were Here" was random to add in but i think it was just funny. (Even tho i have dark humor and weird humor) Anyway Tell me what you think..... And i might be more positive. EDIT: I forgot to mention that i put a signature. (for obvious reasons)
  13. Holly Bananas ModelBench is to complex for me (I'm joking)

    But actually it was my first time to make a model and ohhhh the bend on some parts f**ked me up while doing it.

    I'm fine with Rigging In MI but Modeling in MB .......BOI!!!!

    But i'm done.......


  14. Lock_downmc213

    Bendy Minecraft Rig (My Version)

    Do you're self a favor and blindly play the game......It's something that will change on how you look at the old school cartoons and it's in 5 chapters *no Spoilers*
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