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  1. It's because i edited the poster that's why. And he wasn't lying it. I basically didn't noticed that. I used the power of Thanos with a snap of my finger to fix that. (I'll let my self out)
  2. Oh my bad, but this is just a concept. *Snap*
  3. Fixed it. This will be on my DA (Deviant Art) As a chapter and act story. I'm on production (I.E I'm currently building structures and working on new characters and writing a script)
  4. I'm way to scared of posting this here cause there could be some backlashes for this. But here goes nothing. I wanted to share this poster after posting this on DA (Deviant Art) Know my goal for this is to be intended for mature audiences cause it's gonna be bloody and gory and WTF. Lemme know in the comments if it looks good. Cause that's really what i was going for. I'm on production for this. (Wait's for the negative comments and backlashes)
  5. Lock_downmc213

    Revenge (Based on a old MC Parody Song)

    Thank you friend!
  6. Lock_downmc213

    Revenge (Based on a old MC Parody Song)

    Got our pickaxe swinging from, Side to side, Side side to side, Someone PLZ do it....
  7. Lock_downmc213

    Revenge (Based on a old MC Parody Song)

    Technically it's a model that i reworked on modelbench. And If i have time to give it too you i'll be on touch on that.
  8. Lock_downmc213

    Revenge (Based on a old MC Parody Song)

    Yeah pretty much me too. Holly bananas...
  9. I'm very surprised that Jordan Maron A.K.A CaptainSparklez brought back the Original Parody versions of the songs (TNT and Revenge) So because of the god damn nostalgia hearing this song again. I decided to make render out of one while listening to these songs. I started with Revenge. And i honestly had a lot of fun making this render.
  10. Lock_downmc213

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    So what's next then? Since David is not gonna be working on the MI. What's next for Nimi and Voxy? (Probably MB 1.0.0 but not sure) Only time will tell..... PS: Good Luck David on you new projects!
  11. I might regret posting this......But screw it let's do this. Hello MI community! I figured it would the time to do a AMA for the first time. So go ahead and give me Questions and i'll try to respond to them. (Not all cause i'm typing this at 9:03 PM on night time.) Or don't it doesn't matter. so go on type some stuff.
  12. Lock_downmc213

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    *Cough* Snapshots *Cough*
  13. Lock_downmc213

    A Lucky Block Render (Literally)

    Well thank you. sure lol.
  14. Lock_downmc213

    A Lucky Block Render (Literally)

    A render about a Lucky Block cause why not. (SRSLY)
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