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  1. Enchanted Mob Baby Rig (Beta 1)

    Bro that's super identical to EnchantedMobs version. Nicely done bro. I was gonna make something like this. But it got scraped up. It's a Model based from the animator Enchanted Mob who animates Minecraft styled animations from horror games to others. (Currently on F.N.A.F) and The Animatronic is based from "F.N.A.F: SL" By Scott Cawthon (The creator of F.N.A.F) There i hope that gave info.
  2. Garry's Mod Tool Gun Rig

    OMG....That's really awesome. *Thumbs up* Good job Bro.
  3. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    When we might expect The full release? This weekend or the next Weekend or somewhere in November?
  4. Modelbench Q&A

    I can imagine what people will make of this. Srsly I can predict the future of this program, but I have some few concepts to models to make from this. *Waits Super Patently*
  5. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    At least The Lag ratio is fixed (lags less that's fine for know). Edit: I found Lag issue with the items apparently the more I add items like 50 or 20 items It causes for a frame by frame. (I think)
  6. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    I'm hoping if the full version will improve the FPS cuz I'm getting tired of it lagging (i have really good Laptop with good graphics). I know that a lot you all will say that there's a fix for it. Sadly i does not work (For the rigged models that i made *coughs* *3dhair* *coughs*).
  7. Introduce yourself!

    Hello Internet (Some guy's may know ME as the idiot who left this website for a year), I'm am Galaxy - I'm a 3d artist\animator. Age:15 (2016:14 *Facepalms*) Favorite Games: Minecraft (Duh), BendyAndTheInkMachine (Old School styled game love it), Garry's Mod (Where's my crowbar),fad (Not the fanbase). Favorite Anime (Yes I watch anime *Not in a creepy way*): RWBY (Some say it's not an anime, but I don't care), Bakugan (Google it), and others.... (i don't think i did saw every anime but I'm watching still). Favorite TV series: Rick and Morty (I know it's a adult show, but i don't care)....... Softwares for animating or rendering I use :Source Filmaker, Cinema4D, Mine Imator. Editing Programs(For rendering):Paint.net, Photoshop. I think that's all (for know).
  8. Hello Internet so....... as you all read the title, that i'm ofically closing the project. Why? beacuse here the reasons: The skin's that i made are based of of something (but not my original skin). But they are not they really mine, i just made them as hardly as i could to test them out. And the other thing is, that i'm overfocused on other stuff like: F.N.A.F; Gmod; SFM; Other's. Last thing is: Exotic Butter's (I hope someone got the reference). If you want to get them really badly then go to my Minecraft Forums acount :http://www.minecraftforum.net/members/Lock103Down You all may have to wait beacuse i did not upload them. There are going uploaded separated way -Galaxy- Write some questions For more info.
  9. Tesser (My upcoming skin pack)

    To put it simply. I'm really Tired and, i have no time for the rush. (I never wroted "rush")
  10. Tesser (My upcoming skin pack)

    I know but, i'm lazy to use this skin model on console and pe win10 it and blablabla,I have to shut up. I worked so hard on others before him and MineCon 2016 Started and Ended. I don't usaly Make vids that much and, i'm really upset like Right now. I'm seriously tired. I had a school rush and i had to develop the complete skins, and i have to wait until Mr. Scott Cawthon realeses fad SL this night.
  11. Tesser (My upcoming skin pack)

    1rst I did made them and 2nd they were never relesed anywere and 3rd that's my dising with edit or paint them duh..
  12. Tesser (My upcoming skin pack)

    Hello Forum again this is a little tesser for my Upcoming skin Pack with me and other's charecters that i made them take a look at this : Its still in the work in progress More Stuff will be out in the main pack (Warning these skins are made by me with edits or simply.) They will come out soon (well if i have time)
  13. Testing Wallpaper (RWBY Vol 4 Style)

    WELLL CRap ILL try to fix that crap later for now im working on the skin pack to rellese
  14. Testing Wallpaper (RWBY Vol 4 Style)

    Well IDK if she really had arm accident. The last time i've saw the design for Yang i was soo curious what hapend with her right arm. and i've tried to find the episode where it all happend with arm accident and,Idk.
  15. Hello Internet My name is Galaxy..........(Disclaimer im not Lockdown anymore but my profile name says it but seriosly call me Galaxy for know on) soo i've been away for the Mine-imator Forums soo long i haven't up date it. soo i've made wallpaper referencing Rooster Teeth's series from 2013-Present (RWBY Duh.) but in vol 4 These skins are made by me not some one. Link to it: http://imgur.com/4FdIiMW for some reason i cant upload imgur pictures idk why. but click on it EDIT:(It still dosen't work) I've edited the poster again and dont say some thing bad and bla bla bla P.S i'm working on a skin pack that will have these characters
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