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  1. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    This should be a thing that would remind people who don't like Furies and confuses them with Not a Furries.
  2. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    Sorry. My anger with this "Community" Is going to the limit of "I GIVE UP POSTING STUFF HERE" Not a joke but sorry tho.
  3. Lock_downmc213

    2 Casual Servant Girls (From Fate Extra/Extella Series)

    And i though that F.N.A.F hate in this community was worse. WHY THE **** NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm back i have been working my A** Off doing some modeling/Rigging the models before know. (I Dont Give sh*t on what i say) Here is 2 pictures of the work i did: (ALSO THIS WILL GIVE YOU SPOILERS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE FATE SERIES) (And Yes it's ANIME/Game) Also for those who don't give a sh*t about spoilers and wanna know about these characters or at least their names ( i would recommend you to check out the series blindly or watch it) Fox Girl - Tamano No Mae Blondie - Nero Claudius (Her name is longer) 2 Casuals: 2 Servents: Criticism is appreciated so lemme know how good is this. WARNING: The Hate comments on this are not allowed so Dont go hay wire on me.
  5. Lock_downmc213

    New Bendy! CB

    As a BATIM Fan i love this rig.
  6. Lock_downmc213

    The Nomad Render (From Nomad Of Nowhere)

    I figured you would say this yes it doesn't make me an expert. But the sentence was stupid cause i suck at every thing.(INSULT TO MY SELF) You wish.
  7. Lock_downmc213

    The Nomad Render (From Nomad Of Nowhere)

    Thanks Mr Colonel. AND i should mention this that i don't reply every time cause of the timezone. You have no idea.
  8. Hello "FORUM" (i say "FORUM" cause i don't trust anyone on this site) I never post anything on this site cause i focus on my DA. But i wanna show you this and NO it's not F-ing F.N.A.F ART!!! (I won't post them here cause of this "TOXIC FORUM") It's some thing From Rooster Teeth Specifically "Nomad Of Nowhere". Which in my opinion is the most second interesting/Favorite series ever (FIRST is Obviously RWBY) Here it is: I legit made this art AND THE MODEL. (IF IT WORKS *FINGERS CROSSED*) If some will complain about the fact that i did not made this here are the Textures and sheets i made: The Sheet: And The Body Texture: This is probably the first ART POST i ever did (I hope)
  9. Lock_downmc213

    Complaints with the new bending feature - Mine-Imator 1.1.3

    I can't say no to this one the Item sheets go broken when bending in different directions (I have a shit ton of tweaking to do with my Own Private rigs)
  10. Lock_downmc213

    Purple Guy

    If i have to risk it I will do it.
  11. Lock_downmc213

    Mine-imator 1.1.4

    So far the new bending is good i tested on my own private rigs it's not really breaking the Structure but fantastic I'll do renders tomorrow cause in my time it's f**kin' Night.
  12. Lock_downmc213

    Purple Guy

    I get that but read this "Fantastic Rig" Soo i'm not judging the game, but the quality. Look you get the point. Also "Judge By The Quality Not The Game The Community Needs To Accept This Quote" should be a thing. As of KNOW.
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