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  1. Looks good, but i noticed that the bending circle or what ever i cant find at all (where you can bend the parts to see who it looks like) If someone finds it please point me out one cause i can't seem to find it.
  2. Doing some research on Sharp/Blender or any fuckin' software at this point mouths and how to do it in MI. It got popular in the MI Community like several months ago. (sort of)

    So i wanna ask the experts, how did you guys managed to crack the technique in the first place? (I know i'm late at this point. I wasn't intrested back then. And know I'm starting get interested in this old trend. lol)

  3. Some one needs to make a Mad Libs Forum game over in the forums. (Seriously)

    1. Frost*


      I made one about 4 years ago and it didn't work at all 😎

    2. Lock_downmc213
  4. I'm gonna be honest. Losing files after a god damn crash is f-ing painful and hell to recreate. I feel you're hell/ loss. Also try posting a log (You know the log you get after the software crash)
  5. Looks good, I honestly like the Cel-Shading concept in 3d animation. (I actually known about it since) But this still Needs a bit work since the lines are not consistent. I would experiment with Cel-shading on a stable MB version once it releases.
  6. Basically, Nimi had some technical problems during December, based on the response via Discord i got from him. He delayed it for a week or so.
  7. Answers: I don't see that happening at all. If you're talking about IK Rig, Don't see that happening yet. (If someone codes in as a new dev) Not possible for reflections in coding, but in technical (I.E Making them manually in software) then you can. And other Engine features nope cause Limits of GMS. That's possibly changing in Last December or next year. (IDK at this point) *Cough* Mine-Imator Forums *Cough*
  8. Me after watching the newest @SharpWind SYSTM:

    Watch it he's gonna release this week just to troll you XD

  9. Finally the forums are back.

  10. Nice model, it looks accurate. Sure it looks creepy, but you did best. Here's a up-vote,
  11. As a Sony/Playstation user. I'm glad there doing this:



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    2. jakubg1


      I think that's because there was an exclusive PS4 Edition. Now it will be replaced there with Bedrock Edition.

    3. Lock_downmc213


      @Ghatos Sony rejected the crossplay back when Better Together update rolled out. Mostly because of rival reasons and stuff. 

      EDIT: Yes there is a PS4 Edition it's called the legacy console edition. Because alot of PS4 users have complained about no crossplay untill finally sony did it.

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      You'll have a lot of differences to get used to, but always remember: the Xbox One Bedrock version is way worse. PS4 won't have half the bugs that version does. They'll fix it eventually. But just remember that it could be worse.

  12. Spoilers for Sonic Movie New Trailer:


    They Actually listen, and i liked that.


  13. I'm gonna sleep until December hits. (As i keep eyes on MI Forums)
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