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  1. I thought I joined on the 11th of November so once again I missed my forum birthday... by two days!

  2. Happy Halloween?????

    1. Swift


      I noticed a typo in your cover art. Also happy Halloween.

    2. BloxTheRigger


      @Swift I noticed too late and it's not like I go on here enough to change it ):

  3. I 'm alive !

    1. BloxTheRigger


      Aye, unfortunately the man whom you speak to is not.

  4. Hello there comrade.
    On this day we shall enjoy a fine dinner in the name of your day of birth!
    Chug a beer will ya?
    happy birthday doe.

  5. Hapy birday you glorious rigger.

    1. BloxTheRigger


      Thanks you glorious Fox

  6. Happy birthday.

  7. Only one year late

    1. Shane


      better late then never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  8. I suggest you rig a medium sized house with 3D shelves, Closet doors, bookshelves, tables, chairs, and more! Take as long as you need i'm just suggesting a cool rig... maybe add some plushies too :3 also i LUV your rigs

    1. BloxTheRigger


      I've got a ton of house props that I've never actually put into making a house, I might take you up on this! C:

  9. I vote for @Mike and @Allemn because I love love looooove their rigging styles! (I would have nominated @Skjold but he personally told me not to :L) Mike: Allemn: (He's shown me some more but I'm not sure if he wants the pictures public) This is my favourite rigging style and I think each individual captures the look amazingly, I hope they both make it into the top 15!
  10. 80 Followers! :D
    I want to thank

    my followers

    1. Malaki_Animations
    2. -StickyMations-


      And we want to thank you for making incredible content. I'd like to hear any MI haters what they think about your AT-AT rig.

    3. Kapslock
  11. It's that time of the year!


    1. Awesome Emerald

      Awesome Emerald

      yes I was looking at your rigs xD

  12. ffs I missed my 3 year anniversary 

  13. I love you.

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    2. [GMK]animations


      Chicken, Family, You Know It

    3. BloxTheRigger


      Alrighty that's neato

    4. Jovan0896


      I was bored when I did this. Well that was weird.

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