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  1. put your .obj here https://drububu.com/miscellaneous/voxelizer/ then convert it to schematic
  2. I feel like the camera needs more work but the animation is top notch
  3. I.. could always make a new one
  4. lol i stopped working on this im off making better stuff, sorry for those disappointed
  5. I honestly thought this was going to be a pretty awful model with just big boobies and butt slapped on a character model and titling it milf just for the sake of clicks but you;ve surprised me good work!
  6. 1 year has passed, I doubt anyone remembers me. Hello to people who haven't met me! :) for those who have.. hello to you, too! <3 

  7. It's okay not the best, but it's okay, if you're aiming for a decent character then you should make him look less generic but it's ok
  8. looks okay, just need to work on some stuff a bit like the rig you applied to it, add some scenery aswell it's eh, but not the worst, dunno what's the big deal with the drama everyone else is doing, so edgy
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