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  1. Robert Assassinations

    FNEF SL - I Can't Fix You

  2. Robert Assassinations

    SFR V.4 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.2)

  3. Robert Assassinations

    Observer Golem Rigs

    what the hell it looks good
  4. Robert Assassinations

    Is this good enough for a character?

    It's okay not the best, but it's okay, if you're aiming for a decent character then you should make him look less generic but it's ok
  5. Robert Assassinations

    Post Apocalyptic Jadturentale Render

    looks okay, just need to work on some stuff a bit like the rig you applied to it, add some scenery aswell it's eh, but not the worst, dunno what's the big deal with the drama everyone else is doing, so edgy
  6. Robert Assassinations

    Lefty Rig

  7. Robert Assassinations

    Gas_Mask RIG [ RaRI RIG ]

    Welcome to the forums, the first contents you bring is decent. Looking forward to more of your work.
  8. Robert Assassinations

    [4k] Nostalgia

  9. Robert Assassinations

    Steampunk Skeleton's emporium terraformium! (Reborn)

  10. Robert Assassinations

    "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    kek @people complaining it's just a render dudes, don't really get bashing into it (there are worse lol), it's just a neat little fan render, I think it's pretty cool.
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