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  1. Straight to it, perhaps a way to manipulate the shape of a texture, I believe this could help contribute to a lot of rigs that are more flexible PICS AS REFERENCE:
  2. put your .obj here https://drububu.com/miscellaneous/voxelizer/ then convert it to schematic
  3. I feel like the camera needs more work but the animation is top notch
  4. I.. could always make a new one
  5. lol i stopped working on this im off making better stuff, sorry for those disappointed
  6. I honestly thought this was going to be a pretty awful model with just big boobies and butt slapped on a character model and titling it milf just for the sake of clicks but you;ve surprised me good work!
  7. 1 year has passed, I doubt anyone remembers me. Hello to people who haven't met me! :) for those who have.. hello to you, too! <3 

  8. It's okay not the best, but it's okay, if you're aiming for a decent character then you should make him look less generic but it's ok
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