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  1. Some small doodles and what-not I've drawn lately I guess


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    2. FredBear17_YT
    3. Warlust


      i love the princess mononoke one and the two near it

    4. IronDefender25


      it's very good i guess 

      i rate 10/10

  2. * When it's already starting to get views and likes on it *
  3. Put some sunglasses on for this one! It's supposed to have that heavenly glow you know... uh, yeah. I made a little wallpaper from a scene from CaZaKoJa's REALITY series. This scene in particular. Thanks to @The Tan James for letting me have his Ametiel rig for the wallpaper! Unedited (4k)
  4. "KILL BONK" (KILL BILL Poster Remake)

    After watching it again it was almost comedic in some aspects, but overall I love Quentin Tarantino films and this one was just nostalgic for me. Also thanks, it was pretty fun to make!
  5. Hey, so I watched this movie the other day after some years and wanted to remake the movie poster for it. That's about it, really. That's about it, thanks for viewing! Unedited 4k
  6. Hi SKIBBZ i like your animations and you working this animations for all!


    I Sub.



    U The Best Animator I Like Your Animations!!!!!!!

  7. SFR V.4 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.2)

    Basically an update to my previous SFR face rig. Enjoy? !! Requires Mine-imator 1.1.2 to work !! >>> Download 1.1.2 of Mine-imator here <<< >>> Download Here (357.99 KB) <<<
  8. Blood Sprites Pack

    So I made a new particle pack. This particle pack comes with 14 different effects. >> Download Here (38.05 KB) <<
  9. I animated this as a little practice to warm up with animating in Mine-imator again.


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    2. Emaniplex


      @JB Animations Oh God, please don't punctuate your sentences like that.  >_>

    3. mbanders


      Good to have you back.

    4. RoboCreep11
  10. These kind of wallpapers aren't my usual, but it was kinda fun to do. Anyways, I just wanted to make something with my fox rig/model I made a while back. I'm not entirely happy with the outcome of the editing, but it was a little too late so I hope you still like it regardless, heh. Edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 That's about it, thanks for viewing! Un-edited (4k)
  11. Hello It's been a while since I've touched anything with Minecraft animation so I decided to make a little contribution to CaZaKoJa's REALITY: Concept 5 animation. Edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 That's about it, thanks for viewing! Un-edited (4k)
  12. So I haven't touched Mine-Imator in a long time... Anyways, I was thinking last night about all the good times I've had with my friends that I've known for years and that made me want to make a wallpaper with my boys. I figured I'd make a topic for the heck of it. Feel free to jot down your thoughts about it or whatever, I just felt like sharing this as the last wallpaper I'll probably be making with Mine-imator. That's about it, thanks for viewing! Edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 From left to right: @vash0110 @Cryotivity @SKIBBZ @Fosni @Upgraded Moon @The Tan James Edit: Others that I didn't add cuz I didn't have their rig(s) or feel like it - @ÜberKiller @JemFire101 @Varen @RedcapCreations @Ironwave Studios Un-edited (4k)
  13. ( Warning: Contains Blood )

    Currently working on a digital painting with my boy Fosni using a new painting method to help me get out of line-art. Thoughts?



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    2. Artamiel Crescent

      Artamiel Crescent


      I saw someone upload that on discord but I didn't know it was you.

    3. Lapis Productions
    4. Shadow 982

      Shadow 982

      That's soo amazing!


      How long you make this pic?


  14. Figured I'd show you some drawings and doodles of mine I do on my free time

    The photo collage you see below is a mass of drawings and doodles on sticky notes I find at my workplace.


    This one's animated

    This one was just finished today 07/27/17vljDlDJ.png

    And you guys probably have already seen this one, but I'll drop it in here to fit with the rest.VX7DA0h.png


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