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  1. Anthony's Rigs

    Springtrap fad Wallpaper

    1: Lens flare is to strong. 2: Lens flare is only one eye when it would probably look more appealing on both.
  2. Anthony's Rigs

    [Don't judge me] Simple fad 1 Characters Rig

    I think Rollo explains the whole "Disclaimer" thing pretty good. I don't think that you should put (don't judge me) in the title. It only makes it worse. Also, why are you so protective? These aren't even bad! Have you ever seen some of the stuff that goes down here? Some of the rigs that are just re-sized and poorly textured cubes inside of folder that call themselves RIGS? The thing that matters here is the fact that you actually put work into this. It's good too, like, really good. That's all that matters. Good job! also, sorry for yelling at you
  3. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    I am so sorry for not crediting you! I totally forgot! Is it okay if I put a disclaimer at the top of the post telling everybody that these texture are yours, our should I delete the post? I'll also see if my discord can start up again after not using it for a year, and I'll try and contact you there, if it's something serious. Sorry!!!!
  4. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    Thank you!
  5. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    What if I told you... the textures and models were based off of the fad universe mod just by chance
  6. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    Oh, alright.
  7. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    Thanks for understanding and not hitting me with the power of 1,000 downvotes. But yes, sometimes the dark side is easier. Especially when you're the darth vader of all fnāf rigs. Can I call myself that?
  8. Anthony's Rigs

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    Disclaimer: All of the textures that these models use are made by the glorious Fnāf universe mod team. (sorry for not crediting before) Check out some other stuff that the people on that team have participated in. (it's pretty cool!!!) Sorry to @XxxTheRedrocker95xxX and everybody else on the team for not crediting before. Hey everybody! So a day or two ago I uploaded a golden frēddy model. Now that I've made that I've kinda gotten into a mood and can't stop making Fnāf models, so... Here you go. This pack includes: Frēddy, Golden frēddy(standing up), Ignited frēddy, Spring bōnnie, and Springtrap. Images: Note: In the image of springtrap, the holes in his suit are outlined in white. This goes away when he is put into video/when put into an image, and is replaced with a black fade, which is more appeasing to the eye and does not at all look out of place. My guess is that this is a problem with inserting images into the forum. Here is what it actually looks like: Downloads: Frēddy: Here! Golden Frēddy (standing up): Here! Ignited Frēddy: Here! Spring Bōnnie: Here! Springtrap: Here! And as always, have a nice day!
  9. Anthony's Rigs

    Alien Vs Predator rig pack

    Thank you!
  10. Anthony's Rigs

    Fantastic Fish creature pack

  11. Anthony's Rigs

    Golden Mike rig

    Thanks, man! Also, small side note, forgot about the sensor thing with F.N.a.F. and now the title is Golden mike oops
  12. Anthony's Rigs

    Golden Mike rig

    Okay, so this is one of the first rigs that I've made in a while. I made this in two days. Images: Here's a download for you: Download Have a nice day!
  13. Anthony's Rigs

    Bird pack

    Use them as much as you want! Thanks! Thank you!
  14. Anthony's Rigs

    Failed rocket launch

  15. Anthony's Rigs

    Kemono Beam!

    We've caught ourselves a weeb right here
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