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  1. Anthony's Rigs

    Baldi's Basics Rig Pack

    That first prize rig is really detailed.
  2. Anthony's Rigs

    Principal of the Thing Rig

    No stabbing people with pencils in the hall
  3. Anthony's Rigs

    Spider-Man Rig Pack! (More characters coming soon!)

    It's been 4 years. Unless you're on a planet where time moves alot faster, I don't think the other rigs are coming soon.
  4. Anthony's Rigs

    Advanced Character Model Version 1

  5. Anthony's Rigs

    Hozq's Improved Character Model

    ooh I gotta use this, man I gotta
  6. Anthony's Rigs

    StickyMations' character rig [+Sticky Template Update + Alex and Steve rigs]

    It it's TOO sticky, then just wipe it off.
  7. Anthony's Rigs

    The Freefall Collab! (COMPLETED)

    *sniff* good job every *sniff* body.
  8. Anthony's Rigs

    Hit Cycle

    Oh my god, I just realized that.
  9. Anthony's Rigs

    My First WallPaper

    1. That's a video. A wallpaper is an image. 2. How did you mess up so badly that you have two Mine-Imator watermarks? 3. The image button is literally a tiny mouse movement away from the video button, how did you mess up THIS BADLY? I get it, this is your first post, and everybody is bad once they first start Mine-Imator, so I'll give you that. So maybe take some time away from the forums and just figure out how the program works. Maybe watch some tutorials. Also, lighting. You could do a bit better on it.
  10. Anthony's Rigs

    Just click on it, I'll explain

    hmm sounds cool and good
  11. Anthony's Rigs

    Baldi Rig

    once again, lego hands why
  12. In: Anything else you'd like to say? Check the last picture, second to last answer I made it in boys
  13. Anthony's Rigs

    Childish gambino rig- this is america guy

    This is mine-imator
  14. Anthony's Rigs

    Playtime Rig

    lego hands why
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