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  1. This is from the Alien Vs. Predator mod, Look it up and I'm sure you'll find it
  2. I've been away for a while and I thought that I would come back with something special. I just played smash ultimate with a friend and thought I'd make a rig of my favorite character. Images: Features: Has bendable arms / legs Has bendable fingers / toes Has bendable cape Very easy to animate The crown, jaw, cape, eyes, and even the stomach are separate objects Eyes and gem glow in the dark Download: Here And as always, have fun!
  3. Ok, so normally when a glass pane/ fence is created, It only has one option, to be in a state where it is not connected to anything. What I propose is that we should be able to change this, like how stairs can be changed from up to down, glass panes and fence posts should be able to be changed from thin to wide. Ex: There is no way to make a fence post connect besides external programs, like schematics, world files, or rigging. With this new feature, it would eliminate all of the hassle and be as simple as changing the value of stairs. This argument also works with glass panes and other blocks/items (IE: iron fences). IDK if somebody's already wrote about this but this is just my opinion.
  4. I haven't said anything in a while, so hi! So, here's a predator model, with a showcase and a download. Download: Here Have fun!
  5. As the people in Russia would say: Прощай, мой дорогой друг.
  6. Off topic: I use Piskel On topic: I really like the skin for 1st prize
  7. 1: Lens flare is to strong. 2: Lens flare is only one eye when it would probably look more appealing on both.
  8. I think Rollo explains the whole "Disclaimer" thing pretty good. I don't think that you should put (don't judge me) in the title. It only makes it worse. Also, why are you so protective? These aren't even bad! Have you ever seen some of the stuff that goes down here? Some of the rigs that are just re-sized and poorly textured cubes inside of folder that call themselves RIGS? The thing that matters here is the fact that you actually put work into this. It's good too, like, really good. That's all that matters. Good job! also, sorry for yelling at you
  9. I am so sorry for not crediting you! I totally forgot! Is it okay if I put a disclaimer at the top of the post telling everybody that these texture are yours, our should I delete the post? I'll also see if my discord can start up again after not using it for a year, and I'll try and contact you there, if it's something serious. Sorry!!!!
  10. What if I told you... the textures and models were based off of the fad universe mod just by chance
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