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  1. YOUR SANITY -------------------------- IS GONE
  2. Chirp

    Vegeta Rig

    If you're going to post in this section, add a download link, if you don't want to, post in Work in progress
  3. As Yoshifan stated, this topic is actually from 2013 (6 years old), I don't think he will take any request rn.
  4. I would recomend you changing the colour of the text, or add a text bubble. it's really annoying with a red text on a red curtain, anyway, I love the story, keep going
  5. I would be pleased if you remove the watermark using the golden star (Which can be found on top right), click upgrade, scroll down, check "I would rather not donate", click on the button, get the code and paste . Also need work on camera position/transitioning.
  6. May I get a link? I usually find these kind of comic interesting
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