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  1. mfw the preview wallpaper gets more rep than the actual rig 


    1. Ethanial


      It be like that

  2. Hello everyone! I am proud to present to you my armor pack. Thank you for the positive feedback on my previous 2 showcase wallpapers! Why V1? Well I plan to release more armor packs centered around different themes or designs. That's probably not going to come for a very long time though as school starts and I have 4 APs coming up which is going to be so fun ;n; Also the weapons featured in my last wallpaper will be released soon hopefully really big hopefully along with maybe 1 or 2 additional weapons. This pack includes: - full-body armor: helmet, breastplate, fauld, pauldron, vambrace, tasset, poleyn, sabatoon (these are terms I googled >.<) - compatible for steve and alex models - includes a "gold-trim" version 4-pixel arms 4-pixel arms gold-trim 3-pixel arms 3-pixel arms gold-trim To add the model, import the .miobject labeled with [IMPORT]. You can also add armor pieces individually by importing their respective .mimodel. If there are any issues with the rig, just let me know. Please be sure to credit me if you use this in your projects DOWNLOAD *Fancy download text coming soon*
  3. Gracias Well now that I Google it, it is similar lol I drew inspiration from Hypixel's Warlords as well as some concept art from around the internet.
  4. Help please!

    How in the fresh hecc do you get the white outline around characters that's usually made by a backlight? It's used to make the subject pop from the background but I can't figure out how ;n;

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Ian_The_One


      they would have to be in constant movement

    3. Ian_The_One


      and you would have to find a way to hide some imperfections and long surfaces



      also he uses a custom texture wich you would have to ask him to get it

    4. __Mine__


      You could've condensed those five messages into one to prevent all those notifications lol

  5. Appreciate it! Thanks! That's what I tried to maintain, so I ended up sticking with the default 16x16 resolution. Glad it fits
  6. Wait so like the only day I don't check modelbench creations I miss this!? ;n; Very nice aesthetics, shading, and no conflicting resolutions!
  7. Oh boy it's another lightroom test! Tried experimenting with lighting angles by making the key light shine from above to give it that epicness epicless This also showcases: - an armor version modified for the alex model (which really was pretty simple since only the arms had to be changed) - a new axe and dual armblade weapon (if you know what the proper name of the armblade is please let me know) - and a "gold-trim" version for all armor and weapons. Hope to release the rigs soon, I mainly have to clean up some of the naming to make it more user-friendly. Feedback is appreciated!
  8. Well animated, appropriate sound effects/music, and funny! Only thing might be to try experimenting with lighting, as a lot of the scene looks flat. Great job!
  9. Wow I'm alive shut up you're irrelevant no one knows you Decided to test out my lightroom showcasing voxel-style armor, cape, and sword. CC regarding lighting or the model itself is appreciated. Might release them, who knows.
  10. wow someone used my rig Looks good, I like the angle And nice spoiler
  11. Is this inspired by Warframe's Saryn Prime by any chance?
  12. Very cool, great job keeping the minecraft feel. And the different textures is a nice touch, I imagine that was a pain to make.
  13. Haha unfortunately no MCEdit. I build the model, then use in game command /clone to separate it into layers. Then I copy each layer pixel by pixel into an item sheet which I then use in Modelbench to rebuild the car layer by layer. It's tedious but reduces lag a lot. And yes it will have side mirrors!
  14. Chocapic Shaders (I also use Kuda Shaders a lot) Thanks! It's based loosely on the Audi TT. I say loosely because it would be difficult to replicate it while staying with my "style" and also because I probably wouldn't be able to replicate it well anyway.
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