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  1. +====================+ A Minecraft Series I have been planning on creating is Finally in Productions +====================+ +====================+
  2. Does this work with the worlds, if not, then we wait
  3. The Glasses are apart of the character rig, it has to do with the character, if that is it, then is the fingers good?
  4. Here's Two Versions with fingers on a Rooftop Let me know if I should Keep the Fingers or Get rid of them
  5. This is a render of a character design I made for an upcoming Original series. If you want to see more of this and other characters Let me know by giving me some Upvotes and Feedback on what type of characters you want me to add
  6. How do I ask for a commission based rig, do i just ask him in dms, cause i mean i would like the Face Rig style of his
  7. Well are these commission based, do you make models for others for free or commissions
  8. Are these for download?
  9. Now here's a Point I would like to make with My OC My OC has a reason for being POWERFUL and Traveling through different Dimensions. Zornians - (Gods Amongst Men) Now this is a Species of Godlike beings bestowed the powers of the Elements from generation to generation since the beginning of time. There's debuffs to the Powers with being in different elements, but there's two main OC's that Have an Incredible power, Nerfed in certain areas and their powers are weakened by Relics. I could add more to this fact in a Description of my OC's. Gods Transcend Time and Space That's a given for any Gods, but their physical nature makes them able to travel through Different Dimensions and their aging process doesn't matter when traveling between them. Alternate Dimensions work for Gods Not only because Timelines and Different Universes are a thing, but just imagine that these entities only exist because they are here to keep the balance between dimensions. Now this only is a fraction of the Zornians and their powers and placement among the lore of the Universe. but it makes more sense with the entire lore, Have anything you would like to question me, Ask on my page, and i'll be glad to answer them.
  10. That was not the intention, it was for Credit, Sorry How did you do that, i need help
  11. Been working on this for a few hours, thought i might post a bit of it Creators of Rig and Model Creeper 2545 Sans Rig IamCringe - Frisk/Chara Model
  12. I was hoping you could send a mediafire or dropbox link to these unless you are still taking requests, if so, i would like you to make a classic car model of a Toyota Camry 2007.
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