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    Believes himself to be good at posing characters in wallpapers

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    The dark depths of the scariest place on Earth, Youtube

    Playing the Trumpet

    Virtual Reality

    R E A L I T Y

    Reality (Oh wait. No one likes that.)

    Nerf guns apparently

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  1. Can you make me an Implacida?
  2. So I saw @Dr. Nexil make a render with a large schematic and thought "Hey, I can do that." I did it. Personally, I think it looks pretty good.
  3. I just watched Divided 4 and  R E A L I T Y  Concept 6 in VR and my eyes HURT.


    Oh, it's also Cryo's buddy picture's birthday. Cool.

    1. Skjold


      Been there, done that. Was fun

  4. In the last video in Sharpwind's reaction series, he only gave me one critique on my town wallpaper. So, I am now proud to present the most recent version of the wallpaper, which excludes the top of the nearest tree thanks to some alpha glitchery.



  5. I know it isn't that hard to find the music, but I decided to put all of it in a playlist since they're awesome songs. Anyways, if you want to listen to them all in one place, then here you go. Enjoy!
  6. Ok, but you'll probably end up getting my model at some point in the discord. IGN: Twotorule
  7. I would like to be a character, if that's alright. I can get you my model
  8. Technonaut is the name of the song...
  9. You and Ethan are giving me conflicting perceptions of what this wallpaper is, lol
  10. I wanted to make a more vibrant wallpaper, so I made this. Edited: Unedited: I usually don't edit my wallpapers much (or well) but I think it came out looking pretty good.
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