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  1. With the recent release of the Revenge Reanimated collab, I started thinking, How would I organize a collab like this? 


    Pretty much, I would have different parts as normal and have people fill them up. Once those would be filled up, though, I'd have a list of people who would have wanted to do it but didn't get in. Also, I would then set not one, but two deadlines. The first one would be for the original people who signed up for a part, while the second one would be for people filling in if someone drops out. If everyone who originally joined gets their part in before their deadline, then I go ahead and put the collab together and forget about the second deadline. However, if someone drops or doesn't turn their part in, I would handle the replacements in a kind of line, meaning I fill in a part with first in line, then the second, then so on. Then, they can start their parts and turn it in by the second deadline. If there is for some reason still not parts turned in, I would probably just ask someone who already made a part to make it up.


    Of course, this is just what I would try to do. I'm not saying that I'm actually hosting a collab, but I have thought about it a little bit. Maybe, but most likely not.

    1. Frost*
    2. crustyjpeg


      That sounds like a really good way to handle a collab of that type, I like it.

  2. So when are we gonna do Fallen Kingdom Reanimated
  3. ml91mal34nhxpig6g.jpg

    He was thrown out of glass 😑

  4. It seems like you're definitely just posting for the heck of it, since this is an animation over two years old. I'd recommend that you stop.
  5. Of late, we hereby recall the date of thy nativity.
  6. Well that cleared up your name a bit.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TwoToRule


      I've had someone read as "Twataroll" in a video before. It was then that I knew something had to change, so I changed my youtube name a few months later.

    3. Frost*
    4. 9redwoods


      “Two turtle”

  7. I think my brain is fried. 


    What even was today.

    1. Frost*


      I have no idea.

  8. TwoToRule

    good good

    Upload the image to Mediafire. Then, copy the direct link and paste it into the "Insert Image from Url" which should be at the bottom and to the right of when you're trying to post something. Then click "Insert into post."
  9. TwoToRule

    good good

    This is just a link to a photo printing company. Use something like imgur. We can't see what you're trying to post.
  10. y8kxh4enn7xdzw36g.jpg

    1. Frost*


      Nice stock image lmao

    2. TwoToRule


      I actually photoshoped it to make the popcorn bigger lol

    3. Frost*
  11. I just bought a broken Gameboy Pocket on eBay and I'm going to try and fix it and sell it for a higher price.


    This is either a really good idea or a really bad idea.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Gameboy Bedrock Edition

    3. MojangYang


      Minecraft: 2D Edition 0.14.4

    4. TwoToRule


      The picture in the listing showed that it has a burned polarizer film. I'm hoping that that's the extent of its problems. If it is, then all I have to do is replace the film. If it also doesn't turn on, then it may just need to have the power switch cleaned. If that doesn't get it to turn on, then it's most likely a problem with corrosion. Either way, I'm most likely going to sell it fixed or sell it in parts. 

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