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  1. They are all wearing either a collar, bandana, or scarf. Therefore, they are not naked.
  2. What are all of the chemical components of a strip of film?
  3. Screenshot_20201111-210544_1_1.jpg

    These new YouTube buttons are garbage. The like button doesn't even turn blue anymore.


    I am infuriated.

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    2. Ghatos


      so you're telling me that the like button not turning blue IS INTENTIONAL?

      what was google thinking??

    3. TwoToRule


      It turns from an outline to solid white/probably gray (I use dark mode so I don't know gray for sure).


      It's extra dumb because that's what it used to look like before liking a video. All of my senses are thrown off.

    4. Ghatos


      I'm using youtube vanced, and when I like something the button doesn't change color. So yeah, the official app looks terrible and vanced is a bit broken

  4. I've decided not to continue in this debate, because I don't want it to be weighing down on mind. However, I would like to say a few final things.


    Topics like this can bring out the worst in everyone. This includes me. While I thought I was being reasonable, I may not have been. If this is the case, then I am truly sorry. And for those who I personally have felt have been acting inappropriately, this also applies to you. I'd like to clarify that this isn't an attempt to be passive aggressive. I say this because, once again, topics like this can bring out the worst in everyone, so I would like to try to see past what seems like possibly immature responses from my view and not hold it against any of you. Again, this is in no way an attempt to be passive aggressive, but rather how I would like to see past my own personal view of other's actions. (I sincerely hope my message gets across clearly. If any of you are taking this as a blaming statement, please don't. None of this is meant to be a personal attack on anyone.)


    Moving past all of that, I believe that we, as a forum, should actively try to avoid any serious drama like this in the future. This is a forum website for a free Minecraft animation program. This was never meant to host drama train wrecks like this, especially on such a serious topic. It should rather be a place to share creations and have lighthearted conversations. I think this whole argument has deviated way too far from this original purpose. I hope we can all put in a reasonable effort to keep this from happening again, including me. I don't think any of us joined the forums to partake in any of this.


    Whew, glad I got THAT out of the way. Guess I'm going to revert back to internet-speak now and not write essay-grade status updates.

    1. __Mine__


      Honestly, if people could just stop talking about politics so much on here that'd be great.
      That is not, and never has been, what this place is for.

  5. So let me get this straight: being sarcastic about "violent protesters" is acceptable, but one sarcastic statement about "bootlickers" isn't? Honestly, think. 


    Personally, I think it would be nice if we could have a civil discussion here, but that can't happen with so many immature responses and a torrent of downvotes. I swear, a lot of you devolve into "out of this house" mode when you see something you disagree with. And yet, these are the response that get upvoted, while the mature replies are apparently the root of all evil. 


    To tell the truth, I'm disappointed in all of you. I used to hold some of you in high regard, but I sadly can't say I do anymore.

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    2. Voxy


      But he even said it himself that it was a sarcastic comment, so clearly it wasn't one of those "mature replies"? 🤔

    3. TwoToRule


      I think we might be miscommunicating and not talking about the comment I'm referring to. I won't go much further into that for reasons I'm going to explain soon in another status.

    4. Ethaniel


      My last status update was the sarcastic comment, not the one replied to you.

  6. Made an updated version of the Heaven meme template


    Had to put Alex Trebek right next to my boy Avicii. Rest in peace.

  7. Funny how there was all of this "Russia" stuff with the election when Trump won in 2016, which I guess was acceptable apparently. But now that Biden "won," election fraud is completely inconceivable, entirely impossible, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.


    That's kinda weird. Huh.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. __Mine__


      I fail to see what's unfair about this election. It just seems to me like you can't accept the fact Trump lost.

    3. TwoToRule


      I never said it didn't. It's not impossible for both sides be wrong to a certain point, no matter what side you are on. I recognize that. I honestly don't know if the fraud is real or not. However, I really hope that so many people would vote for someone who should probably be in a nursing home rather than the White House.

    4. __Mine__


      The thing is, a good amount of people likely voted Biden not because they wanted him in, but because they wanted Trump out.

  8. This is currently not possible in Mine-Imator, although it has been suggested before. I'd suggest making the gun Steve's holding invisible when you want him to let go, while also making a gun in the same spot that isn't parented visible. (Reversing this process can be used for grabbing things)
  9. yeah I'd vote for Biden


  10. Same Java, with cape

  11. I'm losing faith in the userbase of this website

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    2. Voxy
    3. Ethaniel


      You're late to the party.

    4. TwoToRule


      It's kind of been a continuous process, really. One cannot truly say when it began.

  12. idk, white has been pretty sus the whole time. I think I saw them vent on security, but I clicked off to fast to be sure.
  13. TwoToRule

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I am not asking for new textures. What I'm saying is that you should make new textures for your own benefit, because you might decide you like them when you see them visualized. I personally don't care about the textures, as I don't really have a problem with them, but you should really try something before saying you prefer what you already have. You don't even have something to compare it to, so how do you know it couldn't be better? There's a difference between good and amazing. Once again, you have completely missed the point I was trying to make. It seems to me that whenever someone says something you think you disagree with, you immediately make up your own meaning of the words they say and then criticize them on that fake meaning. Now, I've been trying to stay somewhat neutral, but I honestly can't even seem to do that without you jumping the gun. I don't even think you're trying to hear people out, no matter what they say. And what you do say you have taken into consideration are things that you already wanted to change. For example, the bending. You said, and I quote, "I've actually fixed the bending elbows, because they were disturbing me as well, someone in my Discord server showed me how to get around the issues i've had." That's not you taking constructive criticism. That's you fixing a problem that you were having with the help of someone else. I better hope that isn't one of the "two things you have adjusted because of feedback you've gotten here" (In roughly your words), because it doesn't count. Edit: That is one of the things you have "taken into account," as well as fixing a bug. Again, that isn't taking feedback. That's fixing a problem you knew you had from the beginning.
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