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  1. ok sure I would like to take part in this here collaboration project
  2. I think the texture's broken because you didn't include them in the download. Try putting the rig in the same folder as the textures and convert the folder to a zip file. Then upload the zip file to Mediafire. I believe that should fix it. As for the FAD thing... whoops for me. I honestly think that the rig isn't that bad. I think that you really need to work on how you showcase it and making sure that the downloaded version of the rig works. I think that it's okay to make a wallpaper type of showcase as well as it's well lit. Just be sure to make sure that there is an image of just the rig so people can see the rig in fine detail before they decide if they want to do it.
  3. Downloaded the rig because I wanted to make some better pictures as an example of how to showcase a rig. Turns out, the textures aren't included, so the rig doesn't even work, so it's really just a glorified pink rectangle rig.
  4. Aspect ratio. Basically one's longer. On the second one you can see the edge of a tree that isn't seen on the first.
  5. I saw the trailer for the second Trolls movie when I went to the movie theater today.



    Thanos didn't come soon enough.

    1. Cubic Ralsei
    2. Slime


      I am 100% against the songs they used for the trailer. I hate it when people do covers of good songs. the covers are never as good most of the time, this movie being one of those times.

    3. Twotorule


      It's not just the songs. It's the fact that it's literally Infinity War but in a crappy, annoying movie franchise.

  6. Well, I'm in 100% now. I offer you my services, oh Great Leader Hagus.
  7. Is this a forums war or what? If it is, I'll join. If it isn't, then I have no idea what it is.
  8. If anybody finds this in their basement, it's mine.


    Or anywhere, really. No matter what, it's mine.

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