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  1. If you pull stuff like this, your reputation is going to be literally nothing. If you had just left the original image up and let people give you constructive criticism, you would have at least learned ways to make your wallpapers better. But, by editing this to be just a grass texture, no one gains anything.
  2. All of the zombies seem to be in the same pose. Also, the zombie that the girl is fighting should be about to swing the ax down, since she looks like she's getting ready to block something.
  3. Try this: https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=pagvhfilhcawhqhtac
  4. I'm just there, hiding in the shadows.
  5. From my limited knowledge of FAD, this wallpaper seems to be showing Supah as the person who murdered the kids in the games. I won't downvote since you're a new member, but I will offer a bit of criticism: Place a plane with a fog texture in between Supah and the other people. It will add more depth. I suggest using an actual knife texture instead of a scaled-down iron sword. Not only will it look better, but it will be more easily recognized as a knife. You can either download a schematic file for the background or build your own. You can also add furniture and props, such as a table or, in an industrial room like this one seems to be, metal shelves. It will be even better if you put in small items, like a screwdriver. The posing isn't the worst, but it could definitely use some work. It's good to make sure every thing is bent, and the legs are spread out more. Personally, I would pose Supah like this: This stance makes him seem more aggressive. Also, you could try making Supah look big and the other people small (without actually scaling them). That way, you would be able to convey more of what the kids are seeing and why they're scared. Lastly, work on the lighting more. For a wallpaper like this, try not to use too much color. Also, I would go into the camera settings and lower the saturation a bit. That's about all I have to say. If you don't know how to do some of the things I suggested, then you can watch some tutorials people made. I suggest either AnxiousCynic or Sharpwind.
  6. What's your favorite number of the alphabet? Also, my Minecraft username is Twotorule
  7. Do you have a spare ticket to Cedar Point? And a plane ticket?
  8. "But where am I?" Good animation though.
  9. Most of the time I spent making this was creating the background.
  10. MCSM Season 2: Episode 6 is looking great
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