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  1. Have fun watching how bad my PvP is.
  2. Twotorule

    200 Subscribers

    Good job!
  3. Twotorule

    YT banner

    The only things I have a problem with are the pupils, which should be smaller, and the mouth on the right. The mouth needs some adjusting, since that smile looks to big for just teeth to be showing.
  4. Twotorule

    Another Minds Eye

    Use High Quality rendering. Also, the wallpaper is dark, so add more light. (Preferably where it would make sense to have light, i.e. a torch.)
  5. Twotorule


    Not even I could make a wallpaper this good
  6. Oh look, I've figured out how this thing works.



    1. Ghatos


      Wait this is not edited?


    2. Twotorule


      Nope. It's night desaturation.

  7. Twotorule

    Sewer Gators News Article

    This is absolutely hilarious
  8. Twotorule


    Oh. F. I'm going to leave it the way it is. I think the trees in the background make the map look more complete the way I have it set.
  9. Twotorule


    I turned the fade size down just a bit, since I wanted the building in the back to still be in focus. I replaced the skybox and brightened the camera.
  10. Twotorule


    This good?
  11. Twotorule


    So basically, I wanted to make a wallpaper with a warmer lighting mood. This is the result. Updated Version: Original:
  12. Twotorule

    My first wallpaper

    For a first wallpaper, this isn't that bad. Although, there are some things to not. If you want to get rid of the Mine-Imator watermark, there should be a yellow star in top-right corner of the screen. If you click it, you can get a link to upgrade Mine-Imator, which is free. Once you do that, you should be able to remove the watermark. The lighting needs some work. If you're trying to go for a horror themed wallpaper, try making it a dark area, and add in some whiter lights. Posing needs work. I'd suggest using more bends, more so on the real person. You should still use bends on the animatronics, but try making it look more stiff. Make sure you only use one resource pack, so the texture styles are consistent. For example, the chairs look different than the wool in the background. One last note: try to steer away from this fandom. People on this website tend to not like it. I hope this will help you improve!
  13. Twotorule

    Team members needed.

    I would join, but I'm already involved in a project. Anyways, I hope it goes well!
  14. Twotorule

    toyota car

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