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  1. Twotorule

    YoshiHunter's AMA

    How are you able to type if your body is made up of "all ears?'
  2. I see a certain handsome face on that.
  3. Twotorule

    A car model on request

    1995 Ford Ranger (Red):
  4. Twotorule

    Wolf Life opening Scene Test Animation!

    Please. Just no. I've only made one video with "___ Life" in the title, and that was a joke. It wasn't actually a "___ Life" animation. Also, stop begging for likes.
  5. Twotorule

    My Test Rig

    Oh wait I just noticed it had a molecular sized white pupil in its eye. XD BUUUUUT, if you want to improve it, I'd say you should make the pupil larger. Also, add some ears like the original. I don't think the original had eyebrows either.
  6. Twotorule

    minecraft mannequin challenge animation

    This is basically eight minutes of slow camera movements and badly posed characters. Also, stop posting so much. You're clogging the recent topics.
  7. heh, just realized how close my icon is to yours lol. sorry dude.

    1. Twotorule


      It's okay.

      My icon is actually an emoji I made for a discord server.

    2. CRafter27
  8. You joined on the fifth of January, only have eight posts, and you don't have a link to your YouTube channel so people can see your animations. I had to go find your channel just to see what the animations were like. Here's the link: (This is not a nomination)
  9. Twotorule

    my world (minecraft animation) trailer 1

    The editing is nice.
  10. Twotorule

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    It feels like I'm stuffing candy in my eyes. In a good way.
  11. Learning to animate well and not be misleading is productive, unlike this.
  12. Nomination #1: Madbox Animations Nomination #2: MicroPon3YT Animations
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