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  1. I love fad and heres a nightmare version of myself

    No. In my opinion, the games are majorly screwed up.
  2. a618ssisl2xas1u6g.jpg

    He liked you so much he followed you twice.

  3. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

    REEEEEEEEEEE By the way, you're okay with the thing in the signature, right?
  4. Early Morning//4K

    I think the editing is pretty good, but if you bent the character, it would be more interesting. Also, move it more towards the center. Right now it doesn't seem like the main focus of it.
  5. Truth Of R E A L I T Y

    Welp, I'm not really surprised. But hey, at least I'm not renaming it and saying it's completely different. I'm kind of meaning it to be as a side part of that series. (I'm also going to put in a disclaimer that it isn't canon) This isn't going to be a series or anything, just kind of a stand alone video.
  6. First Person Rig!

    Maybe you should move the hotbar up against the camera and resize it to fit so the hotbar doesn't go through objects
  7. Truth Of R E A L I T Y

    So yeah... I'm basically planning to make an animation of me in the R E A L I T Y series. I kind of have a teaser image to post. (It's my first time trying light rays in Photoshop) I will just have the poll to see what people think. I'm still most likely going to make it. Image:
  8. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    You better believe I'm in.
  9. Fox And Dog

    Welp, that typo was amazing. And yes, I know the fox doesn't fit, but I didn't want to go and download the wolf rig that fits more. And the only fox rig I could find was from SKIBBZ.
  10. Fox And Dog

    So I just randomly made this.
  11. She sleep

    It's a good thing that she sleeps, or else Mob B would come and kill her.
  12. Photography Stuff

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