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  1. Still working on it, want feedback

    The movements are for the most part too slow.
  2. R.I.P. Net Neutrality 

  3. My Character Rig

    these rigs are legitimately amazing
  4. Customizable Sheep Rig

    These rigs are amazing.
  5. Diamond tesla rig!

    In the words of the wise... No pic'ths, no click'ths
  6. Range Rover

    That looks like it took a while
  7. Toostrr's Santa Hat

  8. Action Clip Rig

    Looks pretty good
  9. [4k] Nostalgia

    The shadows kinda make it look like Steve's body is twisting
  10. Customizable Steve Rig

    You legit use black magic in your rigs
  11. Hair/Hat and shoe Rig

    You might want to include pictures. Just saying. (Trust me, YOU WANT THEM)
  12. Add It On Collab 2

    I'll go after Patrick
  13. Campfire Intro (WIP)

    looks good
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