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  1. i really like how the lighting turned out on this one
  2. compositionally not bad, i especially like the lighting and the blue light diffusing through the clouds and the undersides of the castle only real complain is the way the leather armor is colored; it seems like you are using mix color to change the color of the armor, but you set the mix value too high which ended up making the armor look like red or blue blobs. try use blend color next time; that will change the armor color without messing up the features too much.
  3. i was trying to go for this surreal acid trip look but didn't really know how to go about it... (cranks up abberation to 100)
  4. either create two items, one paired to the bent half and one paired to the other half or use modelbench to try and model the sleeves i'd recommend forgoing the sleeves entirely, though, and simply add detail to the jacket on top of the skin itself
  5. i see what you're trying to do with the fog, but currently the fog is too thick and stops too suddenly, creating a strange effect where the background is saturated with purple fog a good way to use fog is to make it more gradual and smoother, and this can be done by increasing the fog distance but also increasing fog size (so that the fog blends smoother) if you have problems with adjusting height fog due to it not being smooth as you lower it, simply move all the items in the project upward. that will allow you to increase fog height without flooding the project with fog or making the fog look weird due to a lack of smoothness
  6. 10/10 voice acting movements are acceptable; nothing fancy but nothing glaringly wrong. keep on practicing making your movements more fluid lighting is also a bit boring and doesn't really fit the scene; perhaps you could make the lighting a little more orange? to highlight the intensity of the fight i did like the way you positioned your camera though, that's good
  7. if you were planning on remaking the wallpaper, i'd say you can use a lot of effects within MI to achieve a better effect. you could turn the contrast way up to imitate the low quality of old cameras, and perhaps add a paper texture to further enhance the "old" effect." but yeah, posing could definitely use work and the way you are trying to convey your feelings/emotions is not very effective. follow frost's advice above
  8. somehow got five of my posts on the showcase how the heck

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