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  1. looking at my old posts makes me want to commit die

    1. JjCinemas


      Oh trust me, it's better to have something to look back on then like 10 posts that say "delete me"

    2. Frost*
  2. i do like what you're going for. the dutch angle and the ender dragon looming behind your character does feel quite dramatic. however, your FoV is, in my opinion, applied incorrectly. I'd think your character is the main focus of this wallpaper but having him blurred makes me confused on whether i should focus on the character or the dragon. instead, i would have the character within FoV range, the dragon slightly out of FoV range, and the clouds completely blurred by FoV (since that is unnecessary and having it in focus clutters the wallpaper a little). try playing with the range, depth, and blur size settings to achieve this effect. you could also try increase the amount of particles in your particle spawner, and perhaps increase the brightness so that combined with the glow it looks like fire. i do understand if your computer isn't powerful enough to handle it though
  3. not bad, scenery is pretty detailed; lighting and posing are all right while you do obey the rule of thirds, i do feel (personal opinion) that you should instead have steve take up an entire third of the screen, from the top to the bottom. that way more attention is drawn to steve and the scene feels more dramatic. while we're at it you can also play with the dutch angle or increase the FoV to heighten the tension. if you really want to go all-out, edit the phantoms in post to add speed lines or a blur effect to make it seem like they're swooping in for the kill perhaps your fringe is a little too strong, but i do like the effect anyways so personal preference
  4. in the future you can right click/command click/two-finger tap the imgur image, open the image in a new tab, then paste the image URL directly into the mine-imator text editor i think you want your attacking guy as the main focus of the wallpaper, so i would probably illuminate him better and place him in alignment with the rule of thirds so that the effect is more pleasing to the eye. right now, your ghosts are really bright and distracting from the subject (attacking guy) so i would put them farther away from attacking guy. your wallpaper also suffers from the scene being too dark, which makes the beheaded people less visible. you can change this by changing the night color under the background tab. finally, perhaps you could vary your poses a little, since both of the beheaded guys look a bit too similar.
  5. i mean if you saw a dope blue enderman you'd probably not care about entrances to a cave and instead check the enderman out
  6. your scene is really dark, and it makes it quite hard to see what's going on. you can fix this by changing the night lighting in the background tab, or (not recommended) brightening the image in post. i get that you want the HUD to match the game, but i do feel that the higher definition textures clashes with the 16-bit minecraft textures. your personal preference though
  7. nice teleportation effect you can try to make the jump more realistic by looking at references (here's a good one i found) reason why your jump isn't as realistic is because all the body parts move at the same time, which isn't exactly how normal humans jump. you can see in the example that the man throws his weight in his arms when he jumps, so the arms move forwards first, followed by the body and at last the legs which trail behind. this applies to all forms of human movement; the head usually is the first to move when a human does an action, then the body, then the limbs (of course there's exceptions, such as in jumping.) if you need any help in animating natural motion, just search up references on youtube
  8. not bad for your second post. you avoided a common mistake that new animators make, which is making a dark scene too dark so that you can't see anything. the scene is covered in a melancholy blue but the orange torch and lanterns give a bit of satisfying contrast to the scene. placement of props such as the stone slabs, buttons, and characters are also pretty good. for some stylish effects, you could try to add a vignette, experiment with the depth of field, or decrease the saturation in the image to give the scene an even more gloomy or mysterious vibe (all three can be found under camera settings; try to experiment to see what looks great)
  9. when you give advice on a bunch of wallpapers but end up pushing your own wallpaper down

    Image result for a small price to pay for salvation

  10. probably my mistake for setting the sun's rotation to be almost perpendicular to the building's front face. probably should have rotated it a little in the clockwise direction but ah well
  11. i am liking those movements, they're very fluid and lifelike ssao is a bit strong i think, try set it to a dark grey instead of black or decrease the radius? not sure, i think it's just a limitation of mine-imator slight nitpick but i think you should have done the zoom in mine-imator i don't think camera shake is too bad, after all it could have been recorded by someone with shaky hands
  12. i do like where you're going with this, but your contrast and saturation are way too high. the contrast is obscuring details in quite a few places and is turning everything black, while the saturation is making the colors so vibrant that they're starting to clash with each other. when playing with color correction, remember that subtlety is key and you only need a few percentage of each to get a good-looking result. since i don't think you have scenery to get rid of the flatlands, you can try to increase the fog size/distance to hide the flatness. although that may obscure your ghost in the background so experiment with it
  13. pretty cool! i do love the detail put into the rigs (although you didn't make them so i won't dwell on them too much) and the effects. those glows do look delicious i don't agree with the above commenters about camera angle since i think master chief does look very cool in that pose, but i do think the camera is too close to him, and it draws attention away from his enemies. try experimenting with the camera's position and the placement of the enemies to create an effect that still makes master chief look cool but increases the prominence of the enemies. i do think the energy pulse from master chief's gun is a bit distracting since it's roundish and sticks out a bit. i think you could keep it rounded but perhaps edit the pulse in post to have the borders more fuzzy, so that it looks more like a strong charge of energy other than that pretty dank
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