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  1. OH SNAP I FORGOT TO GIVE CREDIT! Modified version of SoundDotZip's face rig
  2. always a time and a place for seemingly poor techniques
  3. why harry potter should have carried a 1911:


    1. insanehelix7076


      I dont think you can carry a cop

  4. dangit, i'm engaging in this debauchery again i have literally maid more models in the past 48 hours than i have in my entire life just for this dumb stuff
  5. having been here since almost the very beginning, it's amazing to see mine-imator progress from a simple program for making tf2 animations to this powerful application beloved by many. godspeed, nimi & crew
  6. From The Expanse Wiki: Corvette-Class Frigate build by _Star_Phoenix_ Mars and star textures from solarsystemscope.com
  7. the issue with render depth is that it messes up a multitude of effects such as lighting, ssao, glow, depth of field, etc. a non-alpha rig is certainly more difficult to use and has its disadvantages (the skin has to be one color iirc), but has the advantage of allowing all of these effects to work
  8. a pesonal skin of Friday Night Funkin' featuring friends and enemies from a server we used to play also this is a wallpaper because i only ever rendered still images credit:
  9. i'm definitely liking this color pallet
  10. ofc, i'm not ready to use 600+ surfaces in one model yet
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