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  1. Kwazedilla


    probably just camera distortion or smth
  2. I really hate the resolution but it's what I was given to edit. anyways mfw
  3. i like how 90% of this conversation is basically a discussion on whether or not bones can rot/decay also rot and decay mean basically the same thing idk y u guys are arguing about this
  4. perfectly balanced, as all things should be
  5. perhaps, now that i think about it i should have positioned the distortion camera behind the black hole surface instead of parented to the main camera
  6. instead of pasting the link directly, go to "Embed Codes" and paste the "Image URL" link in the forums. that will cause the image to appear, as shown above ^ overally it's pretty alright. your composition's adequate but there's nothing really special to talk about. perhaps experiment with vignette or a few other effects to try and make your wallpaper cooler
  7. hozq did not directly help with this project, but he created a black hole effect earlier and i built off on his work - create surface - create mirror camera, parented to main camera - create surface with a certain texture to make the first surface appear to be a circle; set render order on this surface to be lower than the first surface so the first surface is alpha'd - set texture of first surface to mirror camera - add distortion to mirror camera - change distance/fov from mirror camera to surface to make it look proper you can try and experiment with different methods, i personally made the first surface slightly transparent and made the mirror camera slightly black and rotated by one degree. it will be hard to make a wallpaper though since the mirror camera will feed into itself and amplify everything that you create when you render the scene
  8. you might want to try and figure out how to make a wallpaper look good without using any visual effects. try study some composition to see methods on how to position your props and camera to a satisfying degree. once you get that down, then you can figure out how to use effects to make your wallpaper look even better as for actual advice, your subject (the character, i'm assuming) is far away from the camera, and other objects such as the leaves distract from the subject. try place the camera close to the character and/or use distortion/chromatic abberation to blur the leaves so that they are not drawing attention away from your character
  9. ikr, this is something that i'm actually proud of
  10. thanks Hozq for figuring out how to make the black hole effect in the first place and 9redwoods for additional advice on how to proceed Lossless:
  11. more illumination can be easily done by changing the color of my spot light (currently a gray-ish light blue.) rim lights, i assume is the terminology for point/spot lights that cause the bleed light effect on objects?
  12. thought i already had adequate illumination on the space ship (via a spot light aimed at the top right of the ship); should i have made it brighter? or should i have illuminated the entire spaceship?
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