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  1. surprisingly, this file is less than a megabyte! no more waiting for my wallpapers to load kek wanted to do something other than spaceships today hozq's facial and character rig
  2. Uncompressed
  3. it appears that their mix color is more of a very saturated hue along with the glow color. try to make the mix color white
  4. resident spaceship wallpaper maker here i do like what's going on here, i do enjoy that you don't have a main "focus" in your wallpaper and instead show how chaotic the space battle is. as other people have stated above, space is usually very dark so you're going to want to turn down that ambient/night color. if you can, make use of light sources (such as from a sun or from explosions) and rim lighting to highlight the silhouette of ships even if you can't see them very well if you prefer, make the laser bolts white and set their glow color to a very washed-out hue. that will make the beam look more like a lightsaber and appear a lot more powerful try to figure out how to make thruster trails. there are multiple ways of going about this; you can check my profile for examples additionally, you might need to increase your ambient occlusion. normally this isn't desirable in scenes with a close subject, but since your camera is positioned far away from the battle the effect of the AO will decrease. set it so you can see the outline of edges on the individual ships not bad
  5. currently imbibed by the sand
  6. Lossless: if someone can help me get rid of the 100% brightness glass that'd be cool k thx
  7. this guy knows what's up
  8. probably because the sun is a lot more closer to the camera than you'd think (probably need to shrink everything so the rim lighting is actually bigger) (and also place the sun further back kek)
  9. really simple render stupid clouds and it's not the earth kek
  10. naturally, breasts should be located on top of the shoulder blades on the human body
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