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  1. Project Town - Be in my animation! [Skin Request]

    forum name: suicunicide skin: type: steve
  2. Even Better Steve

    the story
  3. Even Better Steve

  4. You know It had to do it to 'em

    no bloom, that's all edited it.
  5. You know It had to do it to 'em

    it is, just a background and a few hue and saturation changes and duplicate layers
  6. I just made a new rig, so might as well make a render with it. Unedited: And with a few touches Edited:
  7. Is this good enough for a character?

    i can't see the rig.
  8. Batman Rig V1

    where his mouth
  9. Casual racing style

    the lighting makes it look like a toy
  10. MY OC

  11. Luigi-Tron

    idrc about you
  12. Luigi-Tron

    piranhas don't just ravage, they take pieces at a time and they all get a piece where's his moustache
  13. How do I fix these shadows?

    is the sunlight settings on very big?
  14. How do I fix these shadows?

    change the sunlight range lower
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