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  1. Suicunicide

    Baldi's RIg

    needs lips to push it over the edge of accurate
  2. Suicunicide

    Skins Needed for Community Project
  3. Suicunicide

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    I can't save, it always crashes when it autosaves too.
  4. Suicunicide

    Knight Sword Model

    gore or lewd
  5. Suicunicide

    The Wolf RIG! [Wallpaper]

  6. Suicunicide

    The Devil's Train

    Got the idea from a song. Unedited: Edited:
  7. why does everyone's head seem smaller than normal
  8. Suicunicide

    SHFR V.1

    My official facial rig. Not really gonna go into detail, its a facial rig. That's all I'll say. You can figure out the rest. download: V.1 (2).zip
  9. Suicunicide

    Headphone Rig

    Made by me It's just cubes. It's colorable Download:
  10. Suicunicide

    Ask Me Anything

    why did you make this
  11. Suicunicide

    Drifting Through Space

    I had a idea to make a space render, so I did. Unedited: Edited:
  12. Suicunicide

    Cat ='w'=

  13. Suicunicide

    The Wolf RIG! [Wallpaper]

    they are the wolves from zootopia
  14. Suicunicide

    My newest topic

    it's just skins
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