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  1. been playing darkwood recently felt inspired to make a wallpaper in mineimator (and probably one in magicavoxel) anyways wallpap credits to: @PigmanMovie for the environmental pack : ) also please play the game one day if you guys ever get the chance thank u
  2. i know your name is not michael but happy rolloday nonetheless


  3. ooh sick, alrighty big apprece if you did, if you don't mind, thank you :]
  4. yoo pssst, i saw a video on the modelbench armory channel for the Combine 1911 from HL:A by any chance that might release soon? thank
  5. this is actually really good, a little thing i would point out of all of this is just how bright highlights can be sometimes overall this is actually a really nice edit, not as overdone as i would see with others
  6. honestly i don't know what's going on but i just want to post a small lighting test i'm doing72qGvpd.jpgVwUrMyf.jpg




  7. kinda made a functioning model of qdeanc's Toy Assassin's Creed minecraft animation

    to say the least it took me way too long to make it work

    also images of the model because like yea







  8. hey, calm it's just a title and there's no harm being done right now, he titles it however he pleases. obviously it isn't liked by many, but it's up to him to what he wants to do in regards to the wallpaper, this is quite good :] bloom is a little high as told, and use particles for the file, or some sort of texture that abides with the small resolution that minecraft has. creeper seems to be clipping a bit into the fence, and lower the brightness just a tad bit. overall, pretty fine work :^)
  9. i truly am sorry but not really to be quite honest people's rigs who featured in this video, and who i dearly apologize to @Hozq for the really wonderful H.S.P.M model @mbanders for the wonderful rubber duck, computer, desk and office chair model
  10. somebody say the one and only trevor henderson?
  11. look at 'em doin' a run


  12. good lord what is happening :(

    1. crustyjpeg


      the forums is having it's monthly aids epidemic

    2. Phyre


      tldr? did something occur

  13. i'm not sure if this really worthy of a topic

    but here's a goofy animation of @NotChris and i



  14. so i heard minecraft bedrock came out with a character creator

    it was cute so i made my own little character, then decided to remake the whole skin and model in mineimator


    comparison images:


    the actual render:


    the original model/character:



    1. PigmanMovie


      great ideas, overpriced micro-transaction
      nice render tho

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