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  1. so i've barely existed for nearly a year 'n' stuff

    i randomly had once decided to come back to this website and hurrah i remember mine-imator

    so during my time of absence i've decided just messing around with it and well, did some lil' tests that are in no way worthy of an entire thread but just a little status

    i don't know how links work again so if i mess up entirely, f
    they are absolutely nothing special but i'm just going to leave them here





    also goodbye for another year


  2. hey look i'm actually alive, only to never come back again so i heard that mine-imator got some new features, decided to check it out myself and try to whip up something in the midst of it pretty crappy beware, absolutely bland as well camping pack rig is by @BloxTheRigger eman's rig is, well, @Emaniplex's
  3. remember when i was alive


    yeah me neither

  4. NietyFox

    Art Dump

    hey, okay so both my channel and this account is like, really dead. and i deleted Mine-imator so I don't think i'll be creating anything with that in a while. alongside with that, i'm just going to put some stuff here that i've made over the last year for your guys' entertainment or whatever. ((beware of very large dump)) MagicaVoxel Renders: Pixel Art: Wallpapers: (they're pretty bad so beware) Drawings: yeah that's kind of most of the stuff i got. for now. thanks for checking out this pretty worthless topic, i'mma go become inactive for another three months.
  5. P4LWwy9.gif

    ooo what is love baby don't hurt me
    (short animation thing)

    1. Spontaneous Explosions
    2. Twelvie


      looks like Pigeon_ is trying to drive off the road but cant do it.

    3. OfficialCUYT


      not sure if the puase at the end was intetional, but i don like it
      sorry fam

  6. NietyFox

    Desk Rig

    These rigs are awesome! These are the type of things to appear in some, pixelated game of some sorts. Keep up the work!
  7. slightly bugs me, but this is really pretty overall. Edited is a little too blue for my taste, but that's just my opinion.
  8. to only know that the cake was a lie
  9. NietyFox

    Shopping Cart Rig

    very nice texturing, I'd recommend making the cart 3D though, it'd add a nice touch to the cart.
  10. NietyFox

    Photography Stuff

    This looks actually really pretty 'n' cool. Nice shots pidge. Imo, first one is really nice looking and could fit quite well as a wallpaper with some editing alongside with it
  11. not sure as if why it's doing this, but it's preventing me from rigging and it looks really unnatural. ticking off the scale tab seems to make the item much smaller than what it is. Rotation makes it stick out, for some reason. version is pre-release 3. Images and gifs: https://imgur.com/a/yCpqM https://imgur.com/a/0E1OU pretty much hope for this to be fixed, as this could be a future problem for rigs. mproj's seem to be fine. (for some)
  12. merry christmas everybody

    i'll be getting some rigs out by tomorrow or today so whatever

    1. Salaudo
    2. Zeno


      @Salaudo Clearly you haven't grown up with American commercialism.

    3. Salaudo


      ok i answered that before trick-or-treating and everyone on the streets were yelling "merry christmas" and "happy thanksgiving" so i understand the joke now :|


  13. Some voxelated fire would be neat instead of the original Minecraft texture, as Ninja Dino said, the wax would be better instead of a plain cube. So should the candle and wall post. But besides that, looks really cool.
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