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  1. working on a small dance that can be used as keyframes


  2. not sure whether i should release this Garbage Model or not


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NietyFox


      too much effort 😩

    3. Salaudo


      He needs more beard on the bottom

    4. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      That reminded me, I made the king a few years ago, long before modelbench came out, and it was a pain to make the coat, but I made it work. I don't know why I never released it :think:


  3. making a model no one asked for within this community


  4. steve does a sick roll (i'm not making a whole topic for this)


    1. iZestyLIVE


      I thought that said "Rick roll"



  5. question, where's the mag for the sniper (unless he's about to beat him to death with a sniper)
  6. progress


    1. CaptainClipy


      I love the style tremendously

  7. doing a dumb little animation

    mostly based on instantaneous animation and might add a little bit of fighting in there


  8. hi, i'm back again anyways, still messing around with mine-imator, just did a little test with movements also here's a little gif for a different angle, just to show more of the movements on the left character it's nothing too big, and slightly bit of an eyesore also credits to @Ethanial for the better rain particles, you're a champ :^)
  9. still tryna figure out the new mi updates and stuff since i haven't existed for nearly a year or two

    but within the midst of that, i figured out how to do some really bad flames with glow

    kinda looks neat, kinda doesn't

    blur added, makes it feel more like it's flames, can't really see the cube shapes from it either



    without any blur, opposite to earlier



    thought it was just something neat

    (also this might be a hint to a little upload sometime soon, i have 0 idea because it looks Bad)

    1. Dannyboi


      Nice to see you back, Niety. :thumbsup:

  10. based off of mirrors edge of course nothing too big of an animation
  11. how you manage to make such great rigs is beyond me really do keep up the great work though, incredibly amazing stuff
  12. it's nothing too big really, just wanted to try out the new blur stuff 'n' crap also the process of trying to get a high quality gif was probably one of the most pathetic parts of this, so i'm just gonna post the video instead (loop it so that it looks okay) here's the dumb gif that took me 85 years to get right, but still came out like absolute garbage: covered by the blur, but thanks @Ghatos for his excellent car rigs
  13. this took me nearly a day just to finish?? and it's not even that long this just focuses purely on movement and nothing more (yes it's overedited too so whoops !!) credits to @crustyjpeg for the blessed gun models
  14. so i've barely existed for nearly a year 'n' stuff

    i randomly had once decided to come back to this website and hurrah i remember mine-imator

    so during my time of absence i've decided just messing around with it and well, did some lil' tests that are in no way worthy of an entire thread but just a little status

    i don't know how links work again so if i mess up entirely, f
    they are absolutely nothing special but i'm just going to leave them here





    also goodbye for another year


    1. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      See you again in 2020.

    2. HeYoNia


      See you in 2099

  15. hey look i'm actually alive, only to never come back again so i heard that mine-imator got some new features, decided to check it out myself and try to whip up something in the midst of it pretty crappy beware, absolutely bland as well camping pack rig is by @BloxTheRigger eman's rig is, well, @Emaniplex's
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