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  1. my birthday's coming up in less than 2 weeks nice

  2. Oh BOY has it been long since we last talked. I don't go onto the forums that often anymore, but I still check in to see what's happening every once in a while. This looks great! You're improved since I last saw any of your animations, which I think was like 2-3 years ago haha. How have you been?
  3. For your first wallpaper, this is pretty okay! But there are several improvements that I'd like to talk about. The posing isn't the best. It makes the character look kinda lifeless. Well, it is a skeleton, but whatever. Add more bend to the arms and body, and make the character do something other than just sitting there. The shadows don't look that great to me, especially this: I haven't used Mine-imator in a while, but find a way to make the shadows better looking, I think those are in the settings and in the rendering tab. Add some more decoration and props in the room. Stuffed animals, a desk, a lamp, a book, it helps make the wallpaper look better and a little more lively. The watermark you made in Mine-imator isn't that great, and it messes with the shadows. Instead you should export the wallpaper without the watermark first, and then add it in with something like paint.net or Gimp, maybe even Photoshop if you have that.
  4. this looks pretty nice! i tried making cars in mine-imator hella long ago but that never worked out haha. i like it!
  5. this is certainly the fortnite funny moment of the century
  6. Okay, addressing some of the people above, most of the furry fandom is not at all like what you think of when you think of one. At most maybe 5% of the fandom is, it’s just that they are VERY vocal and loud about it. Most furries don’t even like those people anyways. Being a furry myself I can say. Aaaaannyways this rig is pretty nice. It would be nice to have a tail though, and the teeth and ears aren’t the best. It’s not like I’m gonna use it, though, I barely use Mine-imator anymore haha.
  7. Hi, I don’t use Mine-imator very often anymore but from time to time i mess around with it. And no, I don’t remember who you are.
  8. is there an easier way to change your username on here now or do you still have to dm like a mod here

  9. just logged on again, anything been happening? alot of things have happened since i was gone, a major one being that i realized that im bi

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      epic cinematic mine imator updates like dirty lens, brokeh dof and more ultra cinematic stuff

  10. hi, the super smash bros ultimate video editor is the superior editor

  11. hey. i just logged onto the forums again after a couple of months. how’s it been?

    1. Mobdestoryer


      Same as always except more same

  12. happy new year y ' a l l

    1. Mobdestoryer


      Oh yes. If we're gonna make new years a holiday why not new day? Happy 1st!

  13. Well, I suppose to get back into things I should join a project, so I guess I'm in then!
  14. don't you hate it when you make an animation as a joke but then it turns out it actually looks really good

    1. ZephyrAnimations


      so yeah that's basically my cover photo

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