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    Tutorial on how to get back into Mine-imator?
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  1. happy new year y ' a l l

    1. Mobdestoryer


      Oh yes. If we're gonna make new years a holiday why not new day? Happy 1st!

  2. ZephyrAnimations

    The Apartment Collab

    Well, I suppose to get back into things I should join a project, so I guess I'm in then!
  3. don't you hate it when you make an animation as a joke but then it turns out it actually looks really good

    1. ZephyrAnimations


      so yeah that's basically my cover photo

  4. So basically, I'm gonna try to make somewhat of a comeback by making rigs. But first, I need to get accustomed to modelbench and literally everything else.

    1. BaconSandwich


      I personally still use the item sheet method, I'm just more comfortable with it. You don't really have to use Modelbench unless you want to.

    2. Proud_AnimatorZ


      Modelbench is such a good tool, but even it has its limits.

  5. I just realized the last upload on my minecraft channel is 9 months old

  6. sometimes you just regret things you did in the past

    1. MYSELF3200


      I learn to live with my idiotic decisions.

    2. -StickyMations-


      Sometimes you regret things you could've done :c

  7. i'll try to get back into mine-imator for at least a short amount of time but then i'll go inactive again for about 2 or 3 months

  8. ew bad also I haven't posted or anything since the end of 2017


    1. Geometry_Dude


      Hey look Geometry Dash

  9. ZephyrAnimations

    An Outdoor Christmas Party

    Nice wallpaper. Would give upvote if it weren't for the reputation thing.
  10. ZephyrAnimations

    1000th post!

    oof not 1000th post What you said was true though, so I guess that's a thing.
  11. ZephyrAnimations

    basic masks (dr. joy and ms. depress)

    Sorry, but we need pictures to actually see what we're downloading. As far as I know, this could be potential Malware. Upload a picture of your rig to imgur, and get the direct link to the picture. Then, you click on the "insert other media" button in the bottom right-hand corner. Then you paste the immage there, and then you're good.
  12. Might actually come back to Mine-imator and do stuff other than just short videos now! Also the bending... aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Kinda looks weird though. Looking forward to 1.1.3!
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