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    i am the bomb squad.

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    the batcave
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    being a bomb squad
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  1. Good Animator A Good Person With A Good Life Who Is This? IK! This Is Soooo Ez This Person Is Astro Animations!

    1. crustyjpeg


      Please Don't Talk Like This.


      Talk like this instead.

    2. ZOPNE


      I Am Just Sayin Real Things!

  2. i am new to this art of clickbait but I'm trying my best youtube suddenly got really hard
  3. I haven't posted any animations on here in a while... so here have one I guess I mean idk whatever That video is actually a sequel to this one, Skydiving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FolGVMZlP4 idk i mean i thought it was funny its probably not but whatever
  4. batman is the caped crusader that's literally a name for batman
  5. I didn't know all that about Reality... oh boy. Well, good luck definitely, I think you'll do beautifully.
  6. Honestly, it seems pretty good for how new you are. I'm sorry you have so much negative rep. My advice is don't post here for a while, everyone here is a complete idiot. If you want to actually get tips to improve, this is not the place. Find someone better who is kind and ask them. It's better than anything anyone here is going to give you.
  7. Hi there snoitaminA ortsA.

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