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  1. SB7989

    He's Real!

    I am content with this. Thank you. ?
  2. SB7989

    Woagh what an update from me

    Wow gee golly whiz I guess I exist here again for the time being. So while I've been gone, I've been doing more art and now I guess I've gone long enough without posting some of my art on here! Here comes the dump squadala Well I think that's a good enough art dump for now. Maybe I'll post another one in the next blue moon lol Anyways, the dump I just sent is just the tip of the iceberg, tbh. If you guys want to check out more of my doodles and stuff I'm mostly active on my DA page (SB7989-Art) and slightly less so on my Instagram page (@7989doodles). Aight, well I'm outie. Catch you guys later whoosh
  3. SB7989

    [4K] The Bus

    you're a disgrace
  4. Rip Snortin Time was a great ytp
  5. SB7989

    Baldi Rig

    You left out his best features ?
  6. SB7989

    The day of Independence

    Yeah basically what Eman said. I can hardly see what's going on half the time due to that lens flare
  7. SB7989


    god Ethan you look like a maniac
  8. SB7989

    I made animation :-).

    Those giant creatures are terrifying.
  9. SB7989


    Will is beautiful. Also of course you added the obligatory Sketch in the background x d
  10. SB7989

    Poses Wow

    aaaaaaaaaAA I can't get over how awesome all these poses turned out! Hella props!
  11. SB7989

    Choose your fighter

    I pick Frossa. Enforce justice at all costs.
  12. SB7989

    Project Town - Be in my animation! [Skin Request]

    Might as well. Forum Name: SB7989 Skin: Type: Steve
  13. SB7989

    Choose your fighter

    Aaaaaaa it's absolutely fantastic! I can't stop looking at all of them! also good choice
  14. SB7989

    Ask the Artist

    It'll be worth it when you do.
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