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  1. Rip Snortin Time was a great ytp
  2. SB7989

    Baldi Rig

    You left out his best features
  3. SB7989

    The day of Independence

    Yeah basically what Eman said. I can hardly see what's going on half the time due to that lens flare
  4. SB7989


    god Ethan you look like a maniac
  5. SB7989

    I made animation :-).

    Those giant creatures are terrifying.
  6. SB7989


    Will is beautiful. Also of course you added the obligatory Sketch in the background x d
  7. SB7989

    Poses Wow

    aaaaaaaaaAA I can't get over how awesome all these poses turned out! Hella props!
  8. SB7989

    Choose your fighter

    I pick Frossa. Enforce justice at all costs.
  9. SB7989

    Project Town - Be in my animation! [Skin Request]

    Might as well. Forum Name: SB7989 Skin: Type: Steve
  10. SB7989

    Choose your fighter

    Aaaaaaa it's absolutely fantastic! I can't stop looking at all of them! also good choice
  11. SB7989

    Ask the Artist

    It'll be worth it when you do.
  12. SB7989

    Ask the Artist

  13. SB7989

    Advanced Springtrap rig

  14. 3 Music Track Previews

    So I've been toying around with Auxy again and I've got three new "previews" of some tracks that I'm working on.


    Feedback would be highly appreciated!

    1. OzFalcon


      Never Region, while it sounds good, it feels like too much is going on and there's no real point to focus on.

      Burnout is better, though the bass I feel needs a bit of tweaking, maybe remove the last bar/last 2 bars on it. Also there isn't much proper structure with this one.

      Lastly, Andromeda's Battlespace. That bass kind of retro thing is awesome, though maybe it should be longer where it goes to the next lower note that sounds good. Now highly appreciate me for my decent feedback, dammit!


      Okay so the bass thing in Andromeda's Battlespace starts in G and goes to a lower E flat, right? Well maybe add 2 extra bars where the bass then goes down to a lower C... and then the last bar for that would be a D!

    2. Chirp


      I sense Pacific Rim

    3. SB7989


      @OzFalcon Tysm for your insight! I actually didn't expect much constructive feedback, so this is a pleasant surprise!

      I'll keep this stuff in mind and try to tweak the tracks a bit more!


      (Oh also the last two bars in Burnout were just a part of an incomplete section of the track I have yet to finish :sweat:)

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