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  1. @Ethaniel is a neat guy I'm just sayin' [I spent like 2 hours I could have been sleeping on this disgusting abomination lmao]
  2. SB7989

    Boobs Rig

    So sexy and hot!!!!
  3. This definitely does give off some weird,, foreshadowy vibes
  4. SB7989

    Beacon Beam

    That's pretty hot, ngl
  5. This was originally just gonna be another test to see how I could effectively warp large landscape to fit within the the camera's range. But then I got the same idea I had as last time and added the terrifying beast himself into the wallpaper. @willingsas I think this one turned out just a bit less nicely than the last one I made but I still like the end result lol
  6. I have absolutely no idea why I made this, but I felt like making a render on MI after a long period of being dead here. This is most definitely my greatest Mineimator creation to date: The legend himself, WILL. @willingsas (In all seriousness this was actually just to test out some ideas I had in mind for terrain, lighting, and other aspects. Let me know how I did!)
  7. I am content with this. Thank you. ?
  8. Wow gee golly whiz I guess I exist here again for the time being. So while I've been gone, I've been doing more art and now I guess I've gone long enough without posting some of my art on here! Here comes the dump squadala Well I think that's a good enough art dump for now. Maybe I'll post another one in the next blue moon lol Anyways, the dump I just sent is just the tip of the iceberg, tbh. If you guys want to check out more of my doodles and stuff I'm mostly active on my DA page (SB7989-Art) and slightly less so on my Instagram page (@7989doodles). Aight, well I'm outie. Catch you guys later whoosh
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