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  1. Due to financial reasons I will be passing away

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      Like holy crap

  2. How's it goin?

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      Good. I just passed you in rep lmao. (Please don't take that offensively)

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      Nah it's fine, not active much on here anymore anyway. Congrats though!

  3. In case you haven't seen it yet


  4. So yeah, theres this movie coming out called The Lighthouse that Im really excited for, so I recreated the trailer with me and @CaptainClipy I spent a whole 3 on this, hope you like it
  5. So my discord account randomly got disabled without any explanation.


  6. Based on a scene from the Netflix show Ozark Characters belong to @Ethanial Music is by @OzFalcon Gun rig was made by @crustyjpeg
  7. Makin another Vigor model, this time I designed it myself

    Called Pit Viper, it basically allows you to utilize acid against enemies.



    I had also made a Vigor bottle called Sas-a-fras, based off of @willingsas as a joke. Doesnt do much besides giving you reality altering powers and turning your hair pink





  8. In case you missed it yesterday 



  9. Recreation of the scene where you first acquire the Possession Vigor
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      @MachineGunInc @Nimi can I make a model out of it?

    4. MachineGunInc
  10. I love BioShock Infinite. Its basically one of my favorite games of all time, and one of my favorite parts of the game are the Vigors. There are eight to be exact; Possession (Allows you to possess enemies), Devil's Kiss (Lets you throw fire grenades), Murder of Crows (Summons a murder of crows), Bucking Bronco (Levitates enemies), Shock Jockey (Electrocutes stuff), Charge (Self explanatory), Undertow (Pushes away or grabs enemies), and Return to Sender (Lets you block bullets and throw them back). One day I decided on a whim to make the Undertow vigor bottle. Then I decided to might as well make another bottle. And then it quickly escalated to me making all of the bottles. Anyways, hope you all like these, and let me know if there are any problems with them Possession: Devil's Kiss: Murder of Crows: Bucking Bronco: Shock Jockey: Charge: Undertow: Return to Sender: And as a bonus Salts (basically replenishes your Vigors): Also thank you very much to @Emaniplex for giving me advice, especially with the Shock Jockey bottle Seriously it took me forever to figure out how to make the bottle voxelized
  11. 🤔


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      what...is it

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      @Anatoli The Undertow vigor bottle from Bioshock Infinite 

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      well alright then


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