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  1. In case you missed it


  2. So there's this show that I like called Ozark, that I decides to combine with @Ethaniel's Crime Watch. For context, each intro has four symbols that foreshadow the events of each episode. Each symbol also forms the letters Z-A-R-K inside of the letter O, this forming O-Z-A-R-K I actually made these a while ago, but since the latest season is around the corner, figured I might as well post these here. The music in the second video was done by the wonderful @OzFalcon ...I really like this show
  3. Oh hey we're back.

    Here's an image I'm proud of


  4. Due to financial reasons I will be passing away

    1. Frost


      Fastest likes 2019

      Like holy crap

  5. How's it goin?

    1. Frost


      Good. I just passed you in rep lmao. (Please don't take that offensively)

    2. MachineGunInc


      Nah it's fine, not active much on here anymore anyway. Congrats though!

  6. In case you haven't seen it yet


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