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  1. 7aNDQ2r.jpg

    Snek does a look

  2. Anyone Remember This?

    Oh yeah, that thing from Pocket Edition
  3. Since today was Day of the Dead, I decided to quickly make a little wallpaper. I'm not really proud of it to be honest, especially since I rushed this. Still, I hope you think it's ok.
  4. Uncharted Part 2 (Wallpaper)

    A continuation of the first Uncharted wallpaper I made. Hope it's ok. The story involves me, @NietyFox, and @Pigeon_ are out treasure hunting again, but this time they are accompanied by @TheSociallyAwkwardTurtle instead of Emaniplex. They are out hunting for the sunken treasure of the USS SKIBBZ (I know, I know, it sounds wierd.) Long story short, the gang somehow ends up on a boat and are being shot at by @EthanForeverAlone and @Enchantek, who snuck aboard and caught us off guard. Pigeon, though, managed to ambush Ethan and Enchantek by swinging down from a rope and shooting at them with a submachine gun. This is the first wallpaper of many I'm gonna make, hopefully. I'll probably have one out by tomorrow Sawed-off shotgun is from ÜberKiller's armory and TheSociallyAkwardTurtle's pistol is from Pigeon's weapon armory
  5. Hey, I might do that Wallpavember thing that's on the forums. Just a heads up

  6. A rig of @TheSociallyAwkwardTurtle I made cuz I had nothing else to do. Thoughts?


  7. Can you do a cool flip
  8. My Undertale Pack v1.0

    Actually this isn't that bad. Although it does look a bit off, with the detailed hands and heads along with the blocky arms Still, it's pretty good.
  9. My immediate first thoughts upon starting up TF2 after the Jungle Inferno update:



    Pyros everywhere  

    1. EnderSculptor



      P Y R O S  E V E R Y W H E R E

    2. -StickyMations-


      I'm installing TF2 right now :DD

  10. Ask the Artist

    What is your favorite video game?
  11. Dancing Clipy

    Short thing I did for @CaptainClipy. It's not really much, I know
  12. This is kinda like what I did with the last of us, except with commentary. Also Happy Halloween
  13. Ask Me Whatever

  14. ...why




    1. Enchantek


      Honestly, Sony's been tumbling down a hill.

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