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  1. Josh The Stupad

    Antagonist Jazzy as Sportacus

    I like how I know that but I put it in anyways because it's annoying.
  2. Josh The Stupad

    Wasting Time

    Hey, Dinoboi... Oh yeah, btw, nice free content.
  3. Josh The Stupad

    The Agency - Episode 4

    Thanks, but I've reached my limit for giving upvotes. Thanks for your opinion though, I'll keep that in mind for Episode 5!
  4. Josh The Stupad

    Agent Gray vs Ben [Main Ending]

    lolz i gotta make the alt serious mgb ending or else im dead.
  5. I hate DeltaDino. amirite

  6. Josh The Stupad

    Donut [Madbox Animations]

    tbh, idk
  7. Josh The Stupad

    my talking angela

    Why do I want to get a hammer and spin around while holding it and then smashing my monitors after watching this? Jokes aside, this is completely horrible. I agree with how many people say that this horrible animation is quantity over quality 100%.
  8. Josh The Stupad

    Agent Gray vs Ben [Main Ending]

    I've never made an MGB before, so I got bored and asked for one of my friends, @DeltaDino&DeltaAndrew, mostly Dino, to give me his Ben character rig so I can make him battle Agent Gray, even though it's extremely easy for Ben to win. I just want to show you guys what it would be like if Agent Gray was some weird MGB character. Do not ask me for Agent Gray, because he wasn't designed for MGBs. Click on this Spoiler for some secret crap... only if you watched the entire video...
  9. Josh The Stupad

    The Agency Images - Agent Gray vs Demi

    Oh, ok. I understand now! Thanks!
  10. Josh The Stupad

    The Agency Images - Agent Gray vs Demi

    The thing being fired though is a laser and on my lasers, they do have lights, but other than that, thanks for the feedback!
  11. Josh The Stupad

    Donut [Madbox Animations]

  12. I've recently uploaded Episode 4... So, I got bored after losing my motivation of writing the script of Episode 5, so I guess I just made this wallpaper. It took me around 2 hours to make this. Let me know what you think!
  13. Josh The Stupad

    Ben vs Maple [MGB 2]

    Can't believe how weirdly long this is. But eh, nice animation.
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