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  1. Josh The Stupad

    The Portal

    Hi there! I have been working on this project since winter break started and I barely finished it a couple of hours ago. It is for a film festival that my school district is hosting. So, please go watch it and tell me what you think!
  2. Josh The Stupad

    Madbox Bank Heist

    lol this was weak lmao
  3. Josh The Stupad

    [4K] The Bus

    Can someone actually tell me what they actually think? This is getting off-topic and I just want to know what your opinions are.
  4. Josh The Stupad

    [4K] The Bus

    I created some bus rig and decided to make a wallpaper with it in Mine-Imator 1.2.0. Tell me what you guys think! (The people in the wallpaper are my friends @Gam3rZLoung3 and one of @DeltaDino&DeltaAndrew's characters, Riyce.
  5. Josh The Stupad

    Todoroki render

    I want to take you hostage so you can do this for me. Jokes aside, this looks really nice!
  6. Josh The Stupad

    the battle between demons

    Just because it's someones first post doesn't mean I can't criticize it. I'm not trying to be mean.
  7. Josh The Stupad

    the battle between demons

    You should work on the lighting. It looks really dark. Also, add something interesting in the background.
  8. Josh The Stupad

    The McMadbox Project!

    I don't know what I'm doing here. Madbox paid me to advertise this stupid project. (Psyche, I'm in Madtrash.) Took this project a couple months. Kinda died for a while and then finished it. Be warned because there are offensive jokes.
  9. Josh The Stupad

    A Car with 4 Seats?

    I could use a car rig with 4 seats for one of my projects. If anyone could be nice enough to send a link to one created by someone else or create it themselves, that could be cool!
  10. Josh The Stupad

    Scar-L Rig

  11. Josh The Stupad

    Apocalypes test

    You should add some light to the torch that is front of the bed because it looks dark. The blinking looks like it takes a bit too long and you could use more transitions because it kinda looks like you're only using one right now.
  12. Josh The Stupad

    Some Random Comparison Video for my Introduction to Madbox

    Thanks! If I didn't even join Madbox I feel like I wouldn't care much about animation and I'd still be as terrible.
  13. So in 2017, I made an introduction video for Madbox. Later in 2018, about a year later, I found the old project and decided to recreate it and see how much I've improved... Anyways, please tell me what you think! (Ignore those stupid wallpapers in the recreation. Those were added in randomly.)
  14. Josh The Stupad

    Redid Pistol!

    Do you mean me posting a link to one of the episodes in the post?
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