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  1. Josh The Stupad

    Apocalypes test

    You should add some light to the torch that is front of the bed because it looks dark. The blinking looks like it takes a bit too long and you could use more transitions because it kinda looks like you're only using one right now.
  2. Josh The Stupad

    Some Random Comparison Video for my Introduction to Madbox

    Thanks! If I didn't even join Madbox I feel like I wouldn't care much about animation and I'd still be as terrible.
  3. Josh The Stupad

    Some Random Comparison Video for my Introduction to Madbox

    Uhhh idk why i added that
  4. So in 2017, I made an introduction video for Madbox. Later in 2018, about a year later, I found the old project and decided to recreate it and see how much I've improved... Anyways, please tell me what you think! (Ignore those stupid wallpapers in the recreation. Those were added in randomly.)
  5. Josh The Stupad

    Redid Pistol!

    Do you mean me posting a link to one of the episodes in the post?
  6. Josh The Stupad

    Redid Pistol!

  7. Josh The Stupad

    Drunkeez JTStick Sword Test

    I made some character that kind of looks like me and goes by my Discord name. He has his own sword that he calls the "JTStick." I finally finished the sword two days ago and made a test with the sword. RIP DeltaDino
  8. Josh The Stupad

    Redid Pistol!

    I posted it to Wallpapers and Art because I didn't want to give out my weapons. The only time I let people use my models are if they're a friend that I can trust them with or if members of Madbox want to use it in a project.
  9. Josh The Stupad

    Redid Pistol!

    My series, The Agency was made in Jun 24, 2017. So far, I've only gotten 4 episodes out and I have stopped working on it for now. But today I got bored and decided to recreate the weapon that all agents have. Old Weapon New (Tinted blue for the protagonist of the series and is normally colored gray.)
  10. lel i go on ifunny that meajsnz im kewl

  11. Josh The Stupad

    Scar-L Rig

    I've been looking around for any rigs of the Scar-L for Mine-Imator and couldn't find any. So I basically spent the past three hours creating this rig which was inspired both by the Unturned Heartbreaker and the real life Scar-L. I might release it for those who might ask, but I'm still thinking about it. Click here for images! Click here for the photos I've used as a reference!
  12. Josh The Stupad

    Antagonist Jazzy as Sportacus

    I like how I know that but I put it in anyways because it's annoying.
  13. Josh The Stupad

    Wasting Time

    Hey, Dinoboi... Oh yeah, btw, nice free content.
  14. Josh The Stupad

    The Agency - Episode 4

    Thanks, but I've reached my limit for giving upvotes. Thanks for your opinion though, I'll keep that in mind for Episode 5!
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