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  1. Lifecraft Glasses Rig [v2.0]

    Oh wow, so this is what Lifecraft was talking about? That looks keeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwl.
  2. The Agency Episode 3!

    Recently, I made the W.I.P episode but forgot there was a W.I.P section here.... Yeah... that's a bit awkward. Anyways, let's forget that work in progress episode never existed and let's check out The Agency Episode 3! (Took me a couple days of editing, mostly 10 shutdowns without cleaning out the dust, and an OS upgrade.) Click the spoiler to see the episode! Please tell me how to improve or anything like that! (Don't worry, I won't get butthurt or anything when I'm getting criticized )
  3. Earth & Moon Rig!

    kk it was oversimplified and tbh im pretty bad at rigging, but thanks for sharing your opinion about it!
  4. Rick (Rick and Morty)

    oh ok
  5. Earth & Moon Rig!

    Welp, I've tried searching for an Earth and Moon rig on Mine-Imator, but I couldn't find one. (One of them had a broken link.) Anyways, if you need an oversimplified version of the Earth & Moon, well I have come here to solve this problem! All you need to do is to credit me in the description of your animation! (Please.) Solar Eclipse Preview Download Link
  6. Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

  7. The No Motivation Collab!

    Okay, it's been a couple of days, but I guess the deadline is up. Please send your submissions.
  8. Coming soon...

    woah dat font size is too large m8. calm down
  9. Coming soon...

    The spoiler shows how I feel.
  10. Click on the spoiler for some weird conversations with 3 endings! Click on the spoiler above to know the backstory of this series! Anyways, here's the W.I.P episode!
  11. The No Motivation Collab!

    try to make it look like you have no motivation ---- UPDATE: Message me through Mine-Imator forums with your submission!
  12. Forming A Team Of Animators!

    Uh... we all know how this went XDDDD
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