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  1. I've merged Công Phạm's recent topics to prevent spam, if anyone is wondering what all this is. Great videos, just don't spam topics with them!
  2. The speech bubbles are a huge improvement, and they look pretty clean!
  3. A face rig that lets you close the mouth properly? Blasphemy!
  4. Okay, I'm going to lock this. Clearly the conversation steered away from the actual wallpapers and can't be brought back around any time soon. Remember to keep it civil, and thanks for using the Report button.
  5. While it didn't need to get hostile, Mineshaft has a fair point. What he's saying is that it's hard to get people interested in the future of your series if you don't explain/show why they should be interested. Star Wars gets you interested in the rest of the movie because you're put right into the action. You may not know who anyone is, or why they're fighting, but there's immediately clear good guys and bad guys and a fight to be interested in. The Matrix gets you interested in the rest of the movie because Neo is sent some ominous messages through how computer that call him to action. No explanation is needed as to who this is or what it's all for, of course, but there's already a hook for us to get caught on. This strip, by contrast, doesn't immediately give us something to follow. We only know this character isn't supposed to be in this place because you had to explain when someone got confused. It isn't immediately evident what they're even screaming at. It's not a bad idea for a comic series of course, and you've got characters. I really think the problem could be solved simply by having a page instead of a 3-panel strip, or just a few more panels, enough to at least explain that they've clearly been taken from their normal atmosphere and get us invested in the characters themselves. That's just my take. Be nice to each other please, none of you are truly wrong.
  6. This is my step ladder

    1. NotChris


      I never knew my real ladder

    2. WAZZL3


      Mine was in prison for like 9 1/2 years

    3. BaconSandwich


      Speaking of, I've already finished recreating the inside of The so I can animate parts of that video (it seems easy enough, not much walking if we're just focusing on the joke parts) but honestly I probably won't ever get around to the animating part, but if I do then that's a thing I guess

  7. It's November! And you know what that means, it means I was way too late to post the survey. But that's okay, because we're all friends here. Right? Anyway, this survey is much more cleaned up and organized than the older ones and I feel good about the questions. There were 58 responses, 11 more than last time and the most we've ever gotten! This should be interesting! Section 1: The Basics Section 2: Discovery and Purpose Section 3: Outside Interaction Section 4: Mindset Section 5: Miscellaneous Questions Section 6: Ratings Section 7: Final Thoughts Megathread
  8. My career is finished, I'm ruined. I have no excuse for my actions, but I will say that Ethan is one of the most genuine and warm-hearted people I've had the pleasure of hanging with. To this day he's one of the most welcoming and comforting people I've met online and he's made me feel more secure because of it.

    I will now create a 40-minute YouTube video expressing my woes and shedding light on MY side of the story.

    1. MojangYang


      what's wrong, exactly? 

    2. HeYoNia


      @Ethaniel Look mate, I'm proud of ya.


    3. Frost*


      I'm not sure what happened, but I'll stay tuned.

  9. Survey is now closed, got more responses than expected so I kept it open a bit longer. Results topic will come out tomorrow probably.

    1. Ghatos


      Nice, can't wait to see the results! 😄 

    2. Frost*


      Ayy can't wait

    3. YoshiHunter


      I can't wait to see! Keep us posted!

  10. Slightly convoluted, but to switch cameras you need to make them "visible" in the keyframe options. So the camera you don't want to use anymore you switch Visible to off, and at the same time switch the new camera to Visible. And I don't mean visible as in clicking the eye icon in the timeline, I mean at the very bottom of the sidebar when you have the camera selected. I would give a screenshot if I was on my computer right now.
  11. Last call for survey participants, I'll be closing it tonight or tomorrow.


    1. TwoToRule


      Is it still open? I mean, it says it is, but it's been a few days since you said you'd close it.

    2. Rollo


      I thought replies would slow down but there's still been a steady stream. I guess I'll keep it open for a few more days and make another announcement.

  12. I like how this has more content per topic than other comics. Some that I see are just a single page. One thing I'd like to say though is instead of using "door opening/closing sounds" you could get creative and use things like "schwoop" or "shvvvvt". Idk, what you use technically works but it could definitely be a little more creative or comic book-y if you'd like. Good stuff though, I like the comics.
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