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    Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it.
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    -Stanley Kubrick
    -Wes Anderson
    -Social Justice Politics
    -Female wage gap doesn't exist
    -Wait what
    -TreeTop has the best fruit snacks don't @ me
    -Of course animation
    -Starting to get into web development
    -Mystery novels. The good ones, not Nancy Drew
    -Would like to make a mystery-styled animation sometime
    -I never get anything done
    -As of writing this I've been "working" on my first full-length animation for multiple months
    -The characters I create are the most important people in my life and I only wish I could bring them to existence in a way that does them justice
    -I give tips despite being seasoned in animating myself
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  1. Hey, in case you didn't know, @-StickyMations- and I own a Discord that is open to all.


    1. KaryuGraphics


      hm i wonder why i cant join 😄

  2. I agree, Minecraft could definitely use a lot more options when it comes to lighting. Number 1 especially interests me.
  3. For the most part, it is the same questions, I just removed some pointless ones and added a few better ones. It's also much easier to actually read through, and much more tidy. Hopefully I get even more responses now that people know about it.
  4. Try turning "texture filtering" on and off again.
  5. You take the moon

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shayzis
    3. Rollo


      @Shayzis You're supposed to take everything that seems like fun

    4. Shayzis


      Oooooooooooooooh... Then I'll take the fun.

  6. Nimi said he tried that, but it just didn't work the way he wanted to and probably wouldn't ever work. From what I understand, just some finickiness and lag that was out of their hands. Don't quote me on that though, it's possible I'm wrong.
  7. I removed the one-word questions for the Spring one, they turned out to be harder to answer than I thought and didn't really give anything useful back. I replaced them with easier to answer and more productive questions.
  8. Hello! The Mine-imator Forums Survey is a biannual volunteer survey that aims to learn a little more about the users of the forums and get their opinions out there. It's completely anonymous, so we don't take IP addresses, it doesn't ask anything that lets us identify you, and it doesn't ask any genuinely personal questions. It's all about your experience on the forums, not who you are as a person. We used SurveyHero for the first survey but due to limitations that made the survey taking experience slightly obnoxious, we've switched to Google Forms. The first Mine-imator Forums Survey was conducted July 1st, 2018, with approval of former moderator, Emunator, and it was more successful than I anticipated. So, I decided to set a biannual schedule for bringing the forums together and learning more about each other. This thread is just to have a central place to find the information from specific surveys over time. As such, it'll be updated with each new survey. Schedule: Spring survey is April 2nd, and the Fall survey is September 30th. Completed Surveys July 2018 This post is kind of useless right now, but it won't be after the Spring survey. Just making this in preparation for future surveys.
  9. Side note: Kinda pisses me off when brand new users get downvoted to oblivion when they post a Fortnite dance move or something, or even just a lower-quality animation. You're well within your right to downvote things you dislike, but sometimes it's just "Jesus, that's a little unnecessary." What's wrong with doing what you like to do to make something you also like? They're kids goddammit. I'm not saying you should upvote it, or like it at all, but I don't think it's very helpful to downvote and leave. That makes them feel like they're doing something wrong, which they're not.

    Or when someone new comes in and says "Hey, I'm having this issue with the program where I can't see the editing arrows anymore," and people reply "Dude, it's not a problem with the program, it's a problem with you," or "Seriously? It's not that hard to fix my man," without actually answering the question. Come on, that's just stupid. What good does that actually do? Just answer his damn question or don't reply at all, he's posting for an answer to his question. We were all in their shoes at one point, and even if you weren't, there's absolutely no reason to insult them for not being fully acquainted with the program. And like before, you're trying to make them feel like they're doing something bad or that they're at fault for something, which they're not.

    Like, what's the point in saying anything if it's not helpful? And I know that sounds really dumb but seriously. I'm not saying everything you say should be kind, just that why do anything if it doesn't help you or anyone else? It's just dumb to do useless things. And it's kinda shitty to make people think they're doing something harmful for something as stupid as a Minecraft version of a Fortnite dance. It's a huge blow to your self-esteem and turns a lot of people away from animating at all. And that really sucks.

    Idk, kind of a lazy and indirect two cents

    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      No matter how hard I try... I can't escape conversations that sound like the ones I see on facebook.... twenty... four... seven...

    2. Hagus


      Literally this is the same thing that ticks me off as well. This is why the community is bad now. No one can deal with new members anymore.

  10. Wish I was given an Xbox as a kid, I missed out on a lot of Halo

    1. YoshiHunter


      Thank god for the pc release of the mcc. I hope it turns out good.

      Heck, the most I've experience Halo was through the pc ports of Halo 1 and 2, and of course Eldewrito.

  11. liberals dumb, relate to forum because there are dumb people

    man longest status update yet stay tuned for another insightful political take

    1. xXsentienXx


      i think i have the longest status update XD

    2. Foxtrot0806


      @xXsentienXx nah dawg. Rollo owns that title lmao.

  12. Don't worry dude, if SKIBBZ isn't proud of you, I am.
  13. I don't play GTA but this looka nice
  14. So I made a 3 hour and 43 minute meme video involving a huge compilation of Mine-imator related stuff, but I had it so every time there was a cut in the footage it would layer this on top of the next 3 minutes. The only problem is, Men Without Hats have a very persistent legal team and my video is completely blocked from all countries (even unlisted), after 2 days of editing, 18 hours of rendering it, and 6 hours of uploading to YouTube. Maybe I'll upload it to Vimeo or something but my disappointment is immeasurable.

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      use a midi cover

    2. Rollo


      @ThatGuyBrian I actually just might do that if Vimeo slaps me too

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