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  1. Rollo


    Acog when??
  2. Ooh boy here comes another opinion.

    So I was talking with a close relative today, she's a hardcore feminist with a mug that says Male Tears. It's good to get the other side of the argument alright? So she was ranting about stuff and eventually we came to the topic of the definition of feminism and why some people don't call themselves feminists even though they believe in equal rights. Pretty surface-level stuff. She said that if you believe in equal rights you are a feminist. Of course, I disagree with that. I mean, "femin" is in the word, it implies the movement to get females to a higher standard of rights, and that's what the word was spawned off of in the first place.

    Now, this kind of continues some thoughts from the last opinionated status update I made. No one has the right to tell you what you classify as because of the nature of your opinion. If you believe in equal rights (like me) but don't believe in other aspects of feminism, the sole fact you believe in equal rights should not dictate whether or not you are a feminist unless you say it. Like, if you enjoy baked beans and like chili, no one has the right to tell you that you enjoy burritos because they have beans in them. That might be a confusing analogy but get what I'm saying? Feminism is a broad spectrum, and believing in equal rights is so broad it's not even a spectrum. People with strong opinions on either side have a tendency to associate anyone with a particular opinion with a broader concept that also likes that idea. For example, calling you a homophobe because you don't think pride month is helpful. Just hearing someone say that will trigger in some people's minds that this person hates gay people in general. Why?

    I guess it's just easiest for people to argue against the broad stereotype rather than complex individual opinions, but that makes for some misunderstandings in conversations and kind of why we disagree so much. Because a lot of the time, you're not even arguing with each other. You're arguing with the inflated, exaggerated example of whatever challenges your opinion the most. That doesn't feel like how we should be talking about political issues, especially on a larger scale. I'm going to stop calling you a liberal named John, and you'll stop calling me a conservative named Rollo. I'll call you John. Because your opinions are your own, I don't need to associate John with liberalism, because then I'm not talking to John. I'm suddenly talking to John: Liberal Edition. See what I'm getting at there?

    I dunno, I took a while to get to the point and it kind of just accentuates what I said in my last one, but hey. Talking about this stuff is fun.

    Anyway, I dunno, I think it's interesting. It's fun to get recent thoughts of mine out there, helps me learn a little too.

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    2. Rollo


      This is actually one of my shorter ones, ha.

    3. Chaukeke


      I can understand some inequalities between men and women. Women get paid less in case they become pregnant or something. I guess it makes sens but why does all every women have to be paid less ? Can't you make them sign a paper that says that when they have to leave their post, they still get paid, but less? This is an exemple, but there is currently so much things that can be changed easily but governements don't really help to the cause. I believe in Equality, but we still have to remember that women rights are quite recents, and those old people who speak for us were raised that way.
      And like every time, sorry for possible english misspelling and errors, I suck in french anyway, I can't be perfect in english!

    4. EthanForeverAlone


      Hey I know where you got that pride month thing. :)

  3. Rollo

    Potentially dangerous?

    It's because to get your program properly signed for Windows Defender to like it, and that takes a bit of effort that indie developers like David and Nimi don't have the time for. It's completely safe, don't worry. I've been using it for quite a long time and haven't noticed any issues. Plus, David and Nimi aren't the kind of lads who would put a virus in their program.
  4. Trust me, we have a surplus of fad rigs on this forum. Just a quick search for ballora will easily get you plenty of options.
  5. Welcome to my barbecue, what would you like?

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    2. Chaukeke


      Hey there, can I have a pancake with pancake sauce and pancake prinkles please? Oh and pancakes on the side too please.

    3. Rollo


      *slaps pancakes onto george foreman* that'll be a pancake with pancake sauce, pancake prinkles and a pancake coming right up

    4. Rollo


      @EnderSculptor Your two number 9s, your number 9 large, your number 6 with extra dip, your number 7, your two number 45s, one with cheese, and your large soda are ready.

      @Swift Your soup is also ready.

      @MYSELF3200 We ran out of ice so I hope it's cold enough for you but here's your water.

      The rest of you will have to wait a bit, the foreman's pretty full.

  6. Rollo

    Panic Room (4K) (Creepy)

    I wouldn't call this anywhere near disturbing or creepy, at least not enough for a warning. Looks aight.
  7. I'd say his torso and his other arm, but his torso especially.
  8. It looks like you could use more idle movements. Simple things like breathing, and gently moving certain body parts up and down between movements. It's subtle but it goes a long way.
  9. Ah, yeah. I see what you mean. The rotating dials could definitely use some numeric values for issues like that.
  10. The source code for Mine-imator is available at If you have GameMaker you can make an entire program in the same language as Mine-imator, and with the source code from the program itself, I'm certain you'd be able to make something.
  11. Rollo

    just a remake.

    lookin good, dude
  12. Rollo


    sorry bb i still luv ya
  13. Rollo


    Lazily made =/= funny
  14. Tell me something interesting.

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    2. BOOMmaker


      Before ordering super expensive tooling for making parts at the foundry where I work, they test out molds made with 3D printed sand, experimenting with different vent placements and gateway size to make sure all the areas of the part will fill in. If it works out, they then order the tooling based on the experimentation with the 3D printed molds/cores.

      There are actual furries at my college (costumes and all). Their little posters say "Furry Alliance: Expand your FURizons."

      I once met a man who believed in Norse Mythology, and he was a pretty intelligent guy. 


    3. Rollo


      Oh hey that is really interesting. My dad actually believes in Norse mythology so that makes it especially neat.

    4. Chaukeke


      We've found graffiti on walls at Pompeii. They used to mark quotes of political celebreties or advertisement for important events, and some people had fun changing the meaning a bit.

  15. Rollo


    Do you have a crash log?
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