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  1. I just want to ask a question. what do you feel about my animation style

    1. Rollo


      It's alright! My only advice would be to keep making what you want to make, you're doing great :)

    2. Cbr 2011

      Cbr 2011

      pogr and real moment

  2. If you add .png to the end of the image links, they will embed directly on the webpage. You don't need to do this if you don't want to, though.
  3. I found Mine-imator in 2015 because I googled "Minecraft animation" and was brought to your Hunger Games video, from which I learned the name "Mine-imator". Hope you're doing well Love this animation too. The Mine-imator community has had a huge lack of true narrative animations recently, and I really really want to see more like this. Love the voice acting, the lip syncing, the character movements, everything. Really nice work
  4. Are you sure WorldEdit can't export .schematic files? Last time I checked you could with "//schematic save", but that was years and years ago. Unfortunately the only other option I can think of is MCEdit, which hasn't been updated in, again, years and years.
  5. I didn't know the Mine-imator community still made animations. Collab to end all collabs
  6. If you go into your render settings there should be an option to turn the watermark on or off. If you didn't put in the key it won't let you do that, in which case you should try to upgrade again.
  7. Right click the file in Google Drive and click "Get link". Then make sure you enable this: Although, if you just want to post an animation you can just upload it to YouTube and send it here without posting the project file.
  8. 99999 Width and 99999 Height is the problem. I would recommend changing the video size to one of the presets like HD 720p or FHD 1080p. The problem with the width and height is that the program tries to render a video that is 99999 pixels wide and 99999 pixels high, which is almost 10 billion pixels per frame and way too much for the program to handle.
  9. I like this theme :I_approve:

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Everyone Liken't that.

  10. Rollo

    Suitcase Rig

    I also have a suitcase
  11. I actually think the animation is fantastic. The part where he bounces around inside the house and the part where he revives himself as a snowman are excellent examples
  12. Boney man is the hero the Mine-imator forums need. God bless.
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