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  • Interests -Stanley Kubrick
    -Wes Anderson
    -Social Justice Politics
    -Female wage gap doesn't exist
    -Wait what
    -TreeTop has the best fruit snacks don't @ me
    -Of course animation
    -Starting to get into web development
    -Mystery novels. The good ones, not Nancy Drew
    -Would like to make a mystery-styled animation sometime
    -I never get anything done
    -As of writing this I've been "working" on my first full-length animation for multiple months
    -The characters I create are the most important people in my life and I only wish I could bring them to existence in a way that does them justice
    -I give tips despite being seasoned in animating myself
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  1. the forums

    they survived

    and @derpydinosaur64 is our savior

    1. EnderSculptor


      wowee that's wizard


      also where the hell did you find the phrase 'wowee that's wizard' anyway?

    2. MYSELF3200



      it is the word of magic passed down through many generations

  2. Rollo

    Trash Can Model

    oh hey now i dont have to build my house anymore
  3. Rollo

    How to get better at getting REP

    Colonel Muffin
  4. Rollo

    dark room with torch

    Ay dis looks aight.
  5. That link you shared was just the YouTube link again. Good entry bud.
  6. Rollo

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    If I remember correctly they added a checkbox in the settings to turn off pinch, but it can break other things. I don't know if that has anything to do with sharp bending though.
  7. Rollo

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    I don't believe my eyes.
  8. @CaptainClipy @KaryuGraphics
  9. Rollo

    No models available

    I would try backing up all your projects somewhere and reinstalling the program, making sure you have enough space in the drive you install it in, and that you install it correctly.
  10. No, you are not mine and AnılCagatay's friend. AnılCagatay is the man. AnılCagatay, how did you close the program when it crashed? If you closed it by using anything but the X in the corner (for example, the Task Manager), it will tell you this the next time you open it. It doesn't mean anything went wrong, just that you didn't close the program the way you expected. However, this has also happened to me if I right-clicked it on the taskbar and selected Close Program. So it would really help if you gave context as to what you did the last time you closed it. And if you haven't lost any progress or save files, it's nothing to worry about. Nothing should be broken and you should still be able to use the program like normal. EDIT: Oh, and can you run the program like normal now? If you dismiss the error you should be able to use the program like normal like I said before.
  11. Rollo

    Horse's back leg bend point

    Oh shoot the image links were on the same line i thought there was only one lol
  12. Rollo

    Horse's back leg bend point

    I don't see any problem, nor do I see a horse at all. You don't have any model selected, you have to import it.
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