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  1. There are just a few Mine-imator Forums users who I feel really genuinely contribute to the community, who put work into everything they do and actually provide top tier stuff. Absolute alphas, @YoGames Studios is one of them.

  2. @MineMozo suggested on the official Discord a kind of loading screen tip system. I said "Yep, what a concept!" and decided to whip something up to see what it might look like. I'm just showing 15 examples here, I don't think it would switch between them so fast. I think it could be a nice feature, just not sure how many tips we could actually put.
  3. Me when someone thinks the quality of a user's work has anything to do with the amount of respect they deserve


    1. Slime


      If i wanted to i could name a few people but i won't so that i don't start drama.

  4. Hey! I got tired of seeing flatland grass in test animations, so I decided to make some simple patterns for people to use instead, in the form of a resource pack. All you need to do is import the zip file in the ground texture selector and pick one of the options. I noticed the one with high-res textures made my Mine-imator crash, so there's a regular version and a low-spec version with lower-res textures. I recommend trying the complete version on a blank project, and switching to the low-spec if it doesn't work out. Here's a gif showcasing just a few of my favorites of the basic textures (these ones aren't affected by the low-spec version of course). Click here for a higher res version of the gif There are around 50 variants in total, including higher-res ones. And of course, some Source dev textures: Complete Download Low-Spec Download https://i.imgur.com/wrBRhV5.png
  5. It's kinda funny how fad had a bigger impact on a Minecraft animation forum than Minecraft Story Mode in the long run

  6. I remember the first mod ever made for Mine-imator was one that let you change all those images. It would be nice to have in the base program.
  7. Rollo

    Boobs Rig

    So sexy and hot!!!!
  8. Never thought I'd see my old lightsaber rig in a real wallpaper It's also interesting how you modified it to make the outside light glow and only render the glow, I never would have thought of that. Really great job
  9. Dude no way happy birthday

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Happy birthday you too



      Visible regret

  10. I don't understand why people downvote Mine-imator suggestions. Is it really that appalling?

    1. Ethanial


      How dare you suggest a feature.

    2. KaryuGraphics


      Mine-Imator for Andriod plz

  11. I know what he means, I just thought the enter button paused it like you said. That's how it works in Vegas, just confused em
  12. Does the enter key do anything different? I thought it did what you're looking for.
  13. While that's a perfect thing to aim for, there is a point where 90% of the wallpaper is full of stuff you can't see and the camera angle implies it's important. For example, Steve is blurry but the city is clear due to DOF, which tells our eyes to look at the city first, which is a bit too dark to see anyway. I like the scenery you chose though. It is possible to make a gloomy scene while still having texture and visibility to your lighting though. I would recommend trying to emulate a bit of moonlight to cast on everything. It doesn't have to be bright, just needs to illuminate important corners enough for us to at least recognize at first glance what the wallpaper is about. It would also help to try out other camera effects in the future, like color correction and vignettes to get a more gloomy and stylized look without sacrificing boringness. Steve's pose could also be a little more interesting. First time using Mine-imator though? I mean come on, this is fantastic for a beginner. The more I zoomed in on the wallpaper the more detail I found that I'm guessing most people didn't find at first glance. The skybox is a great choice, the scenery looks awesome, and the torch lighting is alright. I actually liked scrolling through the city, zoomed in, more than looking at Steve, who you say is the main subject of the wallpaper. Just a thought in that regard. All in all though, this is great and you're already on the right path. Just practice a bunch and you'll definitely see natural improvement really soon I'm guessing.
  14. Feels really good that I've played Minecraft for 7 of the 10 years of its existence. Love ya man.

    1. Ghatos


      Same for me!

      I remember seeing a minecraft screenshot of someone holding a torch and I thought it was a cigarette XD

    2. Hagus


      Honestly, I have only owned Minecraft for like a year. We didn’t have anything to play it on.

    3. iZestyLIVE


      Only OG's can like this status

      Been playing about 7-8 years

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