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  • Interests -Stanley Kubrick
    -Wes Anderson
    -Social Justice Politics
    -Female wage gap doesn't exist
    -Wait what
    -TreeTop has the best fruit snacks don't @ me
    -Of course animation
    -Starting to get into web development
    -Mystery novels. The good ones, not Nancy Drew
    -Would like to make a mystery-styled animation sometime
    -I never get anything done
    -As of writing this I've been "working" on my first full-length animation for multiple months
    -The characters I create are the most important people in my life and I only wish I could bring them to existence in a way that does them justice
    -I give tips despite being seasoned in animating myself
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  1. Rollo

    Furniture Pack (5 things)

    The couch seems pretty simplified, but I like them all nonetheless. I like the style you chose, it fits with Mine-imator.
  2. Rollo

    Humbordre's Animation

    i made this in like an hour with plotagon as a joke because plotagon is awful fair warning, this has some naughty words in it (nothing too bad, but it does have some swearies ) yeah mine-imator is 1000 times better than plotagon, but it was fun to make because i didn't have to try very hard to make something as good as plotagon can get am i right guys ayy.
  3. i've decided to switch to plotagon for animations from now on and i am leaving the forums bye

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    2. MikTRF
    3. EthanForeverAlone


      I mean just because you dont use Mine-Imator doesnt mean you have to leave but whatever I guess.

    4. Rollo


      @EthanForeverAlone But that was half the joke...

  4. Rollo


    I doubt anyone went through the effort of putting a license on their Minecraft map. Go for it. If you edit it as well it should be even better (that's not the same case for videos or songs though).
  5. It's not gay if they have a female Minecraft skin.
  6. I just went on a trip for 4 days and I only have 7 notifications, thank you for that.

    1. YoshiHunter
    2. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      I usually just follow areas on the forum so that when I see all the notifications I get, it provides the illusion that I have friends who care about me, now the voices in my head only make fun of me for being a complete failure in life. Progress.

  7. Rollo

    Movie Poster Thing

    "Flawless movie with no flaws" Also is the best.
  8. I tried to make it look more like the style Modelbench was going for with a more modern and more clean design. I also took some colors from Modelbench. I obviously could've done a little better with this but I think I got my point across. I think the header might be due for a remake as well, but that's my opinion. I feel like the colors on the Announcements box sort of make up for the loss of fun textures on the background, but I want to get your input on that. If I had been using Paint.NET I could've made it look better but I'm currently away from home. Obviously I don't expect this to be added or anything, this was just something fun I cooked up because I wondered what the forums would look like in the style of Modelbench. EDIT: Oop, just realized I accidentally edited the search box along with the grass blocks. That was supposed to stay the same shade as it is now. Another EDIT: I've been told the yellow and red colors kind of ruin it, which I definitely see. Again, I didn't pour my heart and soul into this or anything, it's just a really quick mock-up I made for fun and I'd love to get more feedback.
  9. im testing a fancy

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    2. Rollo


      mr stark i dont feel so good

    3. mbanders


      i feel fruity today

    4. Chaukeke


      R A I N B O W yes, that's the joke.

  10. Rollo

    water guardian W.I.P. 1

    Just right-click the image on Deviantart, then click Copy Image Address (or something similar if you're on a different browser). Just paste that in when making a topic, like so. The model itself doesn't look too bad, my only problem is with the stretched textures. I would recommend making your own textures, or finding some other workaround that doesn't make it look stretched. All that said, the stretched textures are at least tolerable and the modelling is okay. Keep at it!
  11. In case you missed it:


  12. Rollo

    My First WallPaper

    I would also recommend upgrading your Mine-imator to remove the watermark at
  13. Entrants (in order of appearance (these are in the credits as well of course)) @jailrush @MachineGunInc @mbanders @Slime @YoshiHunter @fuzzehead06 @EnderSculptor @Fenrir_Yukimaru @Pigeon_ @Subaru @Chaukeke @Jadturentale @Netherall Brimstone @Adesi @Fray @Swift @Chirp Thank you to everyone who participated!
  14. if i dont screw up the render like i did last night the freefall collab should release tomorrow

    hopefully it also won't take 3 hours to render.

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