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  1. Rollo

    Pony Sharp Rig

    To be fair, @tutibrave posted a WIP image of it around a week before posting it, and most of it is made using freely available rigs on the forums. Also, if your rig is private @thisguy Emerald, did all the people in this video also steal your rig? If I'm understanding the situation correctly, you posted the original as a meme image without publishing the rig, and then it took off and multiple people recreated it? Or you allowed the people in this video to use your rig? No matter what the case is, we can't have a post removed because of the idea that inspired it. He didn't steal anything of yours, he created the entire thing himself. You even said it yourself: This rig doesn't belong to you, and you're aware of that. I'm not going to remove a post unless it's genuinely stolen content, and I have no reason to believe it is. I don't know of any of the background to this however, and I'm filling in the gaps myself, so I'm open if you want to elaborate.
  2. The thickness is intentional and I wanted it to be comically square And I figured the real deal didn't have enough texture to bother with it but I guess I could have done more
  3. Working hard or hardly working? Haha! So anyway I'm gonna need those animations on my desk by the end of the day, alright? Oh, and Rollo's got a new character and model pack in the conference room you can pick up on your way to my office. The guys at the water cooler tell me it includes 10 different skins, each with 3 different colored variants based on the game Sub Rosa! Oh, and get this: It also comes with 8 business-related models! A suitcase, a floppy disk, a stack of money, a bendy dollar bill, a clipboard with a detachable bendy piece of paper, a pen, a pencil, and a state of the art wireless cell phone! Everything you need to conduct deals and business! Check this out, the suitcase hinges bend when you open the lid! And you can easily recolor the floppy disk to whatever color you want! Alright I gotta go, I need to finish that wallpaper if I want that raise! Tell the wife I said hi, alright? You can also download a pack of Minecraft-usable skins if you want. Also includes the rigged skins and .pdn files. The female characters use a modified version of RedAnimator's female template. It's been so long I doubt he cares but if he does, and he's reading this, he should tell me!
  4. Every one of your projects is already a .miproject file that you can find by navigating to the folder you have Mine-imator installed in, then Projects. You're going to have to copy the entire project folder though, since it includes all the custom assets you added that are required for the project to work.
  5. Nimi's recent animation inspired me to finally make something of my own. Buy Titanfall 2.
  6. Yes! If you click on the workbench in the top left, one of the buttons is for importing scenery and it allows you to choose a Minecraft world to import.
  7. Merry Christmas, tomorrow will be my 5 year anniversary on the forums :)

  8. Are there still people on the forums willing to join collabs? Or... willing to make animations at all?

    I have a huge urge to host another collab but I won't bother trying if I get like 3 entrants, or 10 entrants but only 3 entries 👀

    1. crustyjpeg


      I'd be super happy to join a collab as long as it's remotely interesting, which I have no doubt it will be.
      It'd be great to have something to focus on for a little while since my current main project's been taking forever and I've been a little burned out on it.

    2. LacaMenDRY


      What Collaboration? 

    3. YoshiHunter


      I wouldn't mind joining one, as long as it has an interesting topic that grabs me.

  9. Rollo

    I still exist

    Did he just empty a mag and then put a brand new empty mag back in
  10. Rollo

    Helmet II

    Still can't get over the fact the moon bumps into the tower of helmets
  11. Sometimes I think I'd prefer the simplicity of the old clouds but this looks great
  12. Yes, you can absolutely upload it here. Half the rigs posted here use Minecraft textures or variations of them. If Microsoft cared about copyright in that regard they would have shut down custom Blender and C4D rigs years ago, along with Mine-imator itself.
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