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    -Wait what
    -TreeTop has the best fruit snacks don't @ me
    -Of course animation
    -Starting to get into web development
    -Mystery novels. The good ones, not Nancy Drew
    -Would like to make a mystery-styled animation sometime
    -I never get anything done
    -As of writing this I've been "working" on my first full-length animation for multiple months
    -The characters I create are the most important people in my life and I only wish I could bring them to existence in a way that does them justice
    -I give tips despite being seasoned in animating myself
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  1. ANABggU.jpg

    Damn. Thanks guys, this legitimately means a lot. I've been best of week, month, and now year?? I doubt I'll get All Time any time ever, so thanks guys, I've accomplished everything.

    1. Hagus


      Congrats mate

  2. Rollo

    Download Skin | Doesn't Work

    This is a known issue that is, like jakubg1 says, impossible to fix. It was due to a change in the way Minecraft stores nicknames, which updated and broke almost every website/software accessing player skins. However, there are websites such as and that do work, and you can just download a file and import it into Mine-imator like you would any other skin.
  3. Damn, didn't realize @Emunator was leaving so suddenly. Godspeed, my friend! Best of luck out there.

  4. I was kidding, since it's a common criticism yet TheTanJames is pretty much exempt from it.
  5. Rollo

    Slime In The Rain

    That rain looks very good!
  6. Yo there's some dumb Hytale forum and if I get 20 people to use this link and sign up I get a special rank so can y'all help a guy out? Kinda stupid but I'm actually curious if I can do it.

    I would recommend using a throw-away email or something if you don't care about it, just really wanna see if I can get a useless rank on a dumb website.

    1. Fray


      Sure thing buddy


      once I’m on my computer 

    2. Chaukeke


      How does that work? I just register?

    3. Rollo


      @Chaukekeit's over now idc anymore lol

  7. Rollo

    SKIBBZ face rig most recent

    You may also want to check out older versions though because I actually like some of their styles better. However, if you just want to jump right into it, V6 up there is the latest.
  8. Typhoonithon is so bad he's good. This fella is just slightly meh. Actual advice: Keep practicing! While it may not look the best right now, you're on the right track. As you get more experience you'll see it naturally getting better. So just keep at it! And I wouldn't remove this topic just because it'll inevitably get downvoted. Let them come, because for as many downvotes you may get, there'll also be some helpful criticism. And it's also just better to leave what you make out there because you'll feel better about yourself in the long run.
  9. my son

    1. Ghatos
    2. Rollo


      @Ghatos my poor boy is being cyberbullied

    3. TheJeweledWolf
  10. Rollo

    Forum updating live

    Maybe y'all should just move roleplays to Discord servers instead and advertise them in the Roleplaying forum. It gives you more customization and also fixes your problem.
  11. Rollo

    Auto-gen worlds.

    ^^^^ However, Minecraft can do that! Just load up a Minecraft world and import from it and you get the same deal.
  12. Rollo

    Transparency glitch?

    In the graphics settings of the transparent object, either change the render depth to something higher than what is behind it. Or, change the render depth of the objects behind it to something lower.
  13. 2400 new year new you baby

    1. EnderSculptor


      it is now 2007

      her'es to a happy 2007

  14. It's possible, and could be done if they wanted to, but David and Nimi don't find it worth it to put all that work into a Minecraft animation program when David already plans to make a whole different animation program in C++ of a much more serious nature. Nimi could do it, but again, it'd be a lot of work for a program that works fine as is. It's not that it's impossible, it's that it's unnecessary.
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