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  1. Recently,My friend showed me an actual Minecraft Manga. I'm Serious.

    This is it...


    I don't know how but it's real.I've read it and I can say it has potential.

    1. TwoToRule


      Can't wait for the Anime adaptation

    2. Gfamleit


      and the movie adaption

    3. TwoToRule


      Actually, I just remembered this:

      The Minecraft Anime

  2. 4xybe8s.png

    Fight scenes needed effects,These might be good enough? What do you think?

  3. The First thing I think of after seeing that neck... Yes,I think I do.....
  4. So after playing minecraft dungeons for quite some time now,I realized that ravager wasn't in the game (Yet). Is there a reason for this by any chance?

    1. MojangYang


      Because the game design was rushed

  5. Wow,how long has it been since I posted my last set of pages here?

    I haven't worked on my comics "Nightmarish Nature" or "Undead Definition" ever since I started doing Webtoons,Never thought I spend more time on it than my other comics.


  6. Hey,uh,Did anyone else have a problem with the modelbench? Because for some reason when I tried to load a model I made form the modelbench,It crashed my Mine-imator....

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      try putting a name on the model if you didn't do it 

      a model with no name probably crashes mi

  7. I Like the clothes shop scene here


    BackPack rig by Batman4014

  8. Minecraft Dungeon's combat really surprised me since most mob and the hero never bend there limbs

  9. KkkJJGC.png

    Someone had to do it

    1. 9redwoods


      You should probably try and stay away from using plain cubes in your rigs. Modelbench would be great to texture and model something like this. I feel like the claw doesn't fit in with Minecraft. Maybe going for a more simplistic approach while it still resembles a claw?

    2. ShotUAnimations


      The claw shape is fine imo but still try to make it compatible with minecrafts style(could use half  pixels and quater pixels for the claw)

  10. Yesterday my account turns 2 years old,darn I missed it.....

  11. So I downloaded a The Mine-imator Dungeon Rig Pack by ShinyGHASTTear

    and tested scene I wanna do between Redstone Monstrodity and The Triple Ember

    (One of My older rigs)


    Wanted to do something like a Turf War 

    Link to the Dungeon Pack here

  12. WHALE,I tried....


  13. Page 6-10 Rig Masters BonkJobBot(Me)[Facial,Canned foods,Zombies,Apple] BloxTheRigger [Barricade(Shelf),Soda,red chair,shelf,Popcorn,Radio] Mike[couch,bed(Dismantled),Pillow] Nimi [Pocky] Batman4014 [Backpack,Table] Magicmaan775 [Smg] castedshadow98 [Shotgun] Shikurin [Western Revolver] Welp,even though the first 5 pages didn't get too much attention,I will try to keep this comic alive.Also sorry for the slow updates on these comics,my new comic "My Apparent Roommate.." on Webtoons is keeping me abit busy so sorry again if these pages aren't coming out too frequent.I'm not too pround of this set due to the doubt of poor writing,I wanted to try a bit of bonding in this sence,not sure if i did okay. Page 1-5 [Your feedback and support is Appreciated! Thanks]
  14. Page 21-25 Rig Master BonkJobBot (Me) [Facial,horns,staff] Achroma MC [Potion] Oof,I think I lack story writing here.Also Damm it's been awhile since the last set of pages huh? Sorry,the reason for lack of Updates of this comic was due to laziness and my new Webtoons comic titled "My Apparent Roommate" You can look it up.Anyways I hope you enjoyed this set of pages Page 1-5 Page 6-10 Page 11-15 Page 16-20 [Your feedback and Support is Appreciated! Thanks!]
  15. Tried drawing Rovina,can't say if it looks bad...


    Oh boy,how edgy is this?

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