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  1. so I updated my oc

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      well... do you have any suggestions on how to make the feet different? (and the legs... idk what kind of textures to put)

    3. 9redwoods


      Maybe create a basic metallic texture yourself, and use modelbench for the legs instead of cylinders.

      With the feet, look up robotic feet or something, idk

    4. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      for the feet, im doing the same shape, but with cubes instead of the texture I made for the feet
      and the leg thing

       I don't know how to use modelbench

      besides, what shape would the legs be if not cylinders

  2. If that still didn't work, I give up
  3. Great. I spend 5 hours on a render and the image doesn't even work.
  4. Weird... I can see it on my screen. I don't know how to help you on your end.
  5. If this STILL doesn't work, I give up on trying to show this render.
  6. I'm allowed to express my opinion however I want, silently or verbally. It doesn't matter if something is extremely good, if there isn't something that I seem to like about it, I will silently express my opinion by downvoting it so I don't cause a riot.
  7. Am I seriously not allowed to express my opinion without someone pointing it out?
  8. That's.…. horrifying.
  9. Do I be brutally honest with how it looks then the person hate me afterwards, or just lie to them so they don't hate me?
  10. so I didn't know that cussing was a bad thing here





    1. Jake_28


      only nerds don’t read rules


    2. Ghatos


      I didn'd read the rule either, but it seemed obvious to me that cursing isn't allowed here

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