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  1. guess who's bday it is?

    its mine.

    i am now sweet 16.

    anyway thats all. have a good day everyone.

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    2. Ian_The_One


      who are you again?

    3. insanehelix7076


      The person with no interests and calls himself just philip in mine-imator

    4. __Mine__


      Also the person who edits your rigs in Modelbench and has refused to tell us his Discord username as it changes almost every day.

  2. I just found a massive flaw in the rig, and I'm not sure how long it will take to fix it. For now, I will have to take the download link down until it is fixed. Thanks for understanding.
  3. how do i move the camera? because i have no idea how to, and it doesnt say how in the controls.
  4. so i didnt know it was also hagus's birthday, and i dont have time to make a second render. soooooo take this render of @Floofy sorry hagus. (forgive me for making him look more sad than he was supposed to in the render. that wasnt my intention.) (and of course, cc is greatly appreciated. any bit helps, even if i get whiny about it.)
  5. Of course! As it says, this is a V.1, so adjustments will be made the next time I work on it! Thank you for this information. I will write it down for a later date!
  6. Hello there! (General Kenobi.) This is my very own human rig I've been working on for the past few months, changing the textures a lot, changing the model, and sometimes just not satisfied with the model itself. But after a long time of working on it, I finally came up with a design I like! This is my Personal Human Rig V.1! It has: Bendable wrists and ankles. 3D Textures such as hair, legs, arms, and body. Scale friendly. (I think) Here's a render using the rig and some of my friends skins! Here's a photo of the template skin! (Yes I know it looks messy, but once you put a skin on it, it won't be. I promise!) And next, the download. (Deleted until issue is fixed) I hope you enjoy this rig! (If used, please credit me. It's not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice. Please contact me if you encounter any issues, bugs, or have a problem with making a skin for it. I will gladly help you make one!) Have a good day!
  7. good news

    im gonna be releasing my own rig ive been working on for the past few months. 

    all i need to do is:
    fix the wrists
    add 3d hair option
    add 3d leg texture option
    fix messy skin texture
    add easy to use skin template

  8. ok i lied i have two renders but i wanna post this one now and the other one in the upcoming days. this render is based on something that happened in a server i played on with friends. (its a long story) also, it uses my remastered human rig. anyway cc is greatly appreciated k thnx
  9. i remade my personal character rig

  10. posting a render in 6 days

    hope yall are excited

  11. dude teach me how to make that kind of hair i need to know
  12. can anyone explain to me why i cant load my 1.16.1 world into mine imator without it crashing? im trying to reach a certain town i made and it crashes every time i go near it.

    1. insanehelix7076


      are you in a previous version behind 1.2.7? if you are not then i dont know what i can say

  13. i mean what the hell as in ive got nightmares now lmao i dont mean that in a bad way. i would never say bad things about other peoples projects without reason. this is pretty good so far broski. keep it up.
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