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    i edit your rigs in modelbench

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    i edit your rigs in modelbench
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  1. i hardly ever come here anymore. what did i miss while i was gone?

  2. man

    what happened to me?

  3. Is it just me or are some of the rifles from the new update missing? Or am I truly THAT blind?
  4. so here's the bow and my rig along with it

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Is That Lara Croft?

    2. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      no?? its my own character. i just decided to make a bow and make a new outfit. i literally hadnt seen anything related to tomb raider in months.

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Owh okay.


  5. Made a new bow model for myself and decided to make a quick render using my new character rig and the bow. There's a lot that's bad about it, but CC is greatly appreciated. (Will post photos of the bow and character rig later if I'm not lazy)
  6. decided to make yet ANOTHER rig for myself 
    i dont know why i keep making rigs for my character. i guess im just never satisfied with how each rig looks.
    (it could really use some texturing and shading, but do remember, i suck at mine imator AND doing texturing for models, so dont expect me to do anything super fancy in the future. just expect bland and plain stuff like this)
    anyway here's a bad render and pose i made to show it off. CC is greatly appreciated.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WyattRubberDuck06


      I really like the clean and simple look

    3. soniccraft
    4. soniccraft


      say this out loud:             Alpha kenny body      

  7. made a new model based off the character you play as in Sky: Children of Light and a render to go with it the render is missing some stuff like more grass and not such stiff posing with the model, but oh well. too lazy to fix rn. i'll do it when im feeling up to it. anyway hope you like the render.
  8. hope you all enjoy this half assed render i made. 
    its more of a vent render imo since i made it when in was feeling down because of some personal family stuff.gfhghfghfgfhgfhfbvc.png

    anyway thats all i have for now. hope you all have a good day/night.

  9. made a new character rig and decided to make a few test renders with it.
    anyway i might release it publicly but idk

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      If only they had fingers

    3. BonkJobBot


      That looks like those guys from a roblox game.Bad business


    4. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      @BonkJobBot Because I made the rig to look exactly like it! I've been playing it and I really enjoy it so I thought why not make the model they use in modelbench.

  10. does anybody got like 3D grass? i need it for a render.

    1. 9redwoods


      Takes about two minutes to make in modelbench.

    2. Asnail88
  11. did yall know i died?
    did you guys not get the funeral invite?

  12. once again, got bored and made another cursed gun.
    its not the same rifle but it was as close as i could get it.
    as always, the credit is The ModelBench Armory.

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