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  1. I've decided Im trans-cultural and now Im part Viking. Anyone that dares tell me otherwise will get an axe to the face.

    1. Ian_The_One


      good luck with encraving another deadly object on my skull hahahahhahaa...... pls call an ambulance the deer horn really hurts

  2. im really sorry about that render and small story of my life I posted a couple of hours ago. I wasn't feeling happy, and I let my emotions out. I didn't mean to seem like an attention seeker if I was being one. just ignore that post. thanks for your time.

    1. DragonPixel


      don't say that it is good to let everything out once and awhile

  3. hey guys. life hasn't been the best these past 3 months, and I've tried to not publicly express how bad it really has been for me. the reason i'm saying this is because it's the reason I haven't posted any more comics, renders, rigs, etc. I decided to force myself to make a render since the idea I had thought up of was really cute. im sorry for talking about life, but it's just not been that great. im trying to not let it get me down. my birthday was a week ago and it made my life a bit better. anyways, sorry for talking about my life so much. here's the render. I don't know if im gonna be able to make another render after this. I just hope you guys find some cuteness or comfort from this render. have a good night/day/evening.
  4. so yesterday was my bday. that was fun I guess. im 15 now. 


  5. Thanks! I hate it! (not really)
  6. No nsfw... I'll be back
  7. Just Philip

    XTAR Revolver

    Is... I s t h a t a s u r p p r e s s o r o n a r e v o l v e r
  8. Quick question: Why the double post?
  9. weird flex, but that guy @TexasTony04 made me a rig.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TexasTony04


      can't wait to see it

    3. Ian_The_One


      weird flex but we can make gun rig

      (jk not trying to offend anyone)

    4. Frost*



  10. Just Philip


    was hoping someone could make this a rig since I suck at making gun rigs (tbh I doubt anyone will make it but oh well might as well try and see if anyone will)
  11. One more thing before I continue my comic series. Would you all prefer a comic series about a post apocalyptic world, or a CyberPunk kind of world?

  12. Quantity or quality? 

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    2. TecnoGamerJW


      full power quality.

    3. Ethanial


      @a windows boi That 3 examples of thousands of the same content. 

    4. a windows boi

      a windows boi

      i didn't say low hanging fruit was uncommon

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