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  1. YoshiHunter

    1.9+ Combat

    The 1.9 Combat was great for PvP imo. It's a darn shame some popular servers support older versions up to 1.8 due to how controversial it was.
  2. YoshiHunter

    What's the point of Modelbench...

    Why did it flop for you?
  3. Nominations #1: @mbanders: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTXIujD8jjf2xrqSDd7irQ/ (He has made some very funny animations over the past few months, all of which got a laugh out of me) #2: @-StickyMations-: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosbgoNhK9b1urHEjRaZo9A/ (His animation, Steve has a Gun, is very hilarious and well done. He even provides help and advice to folks on the forums if needed)
  4. 1.13 pre2 reverted the bark block textures, fixed pistons blocking light, as well as slime blocks diffusing light. I'm now excited for 1.13 now as I was a couple weeks back.

    1. mbanders


      Yay, Mojang does listen to us. Now I hope they listen to me when I say they should use 'Ocean Man' as the song for the 1.13 YouTube trailer.

  5. It's already been a day and I can already tell that the wait for Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be a painful one for me. What is not helping it is that freaking awesome main theme:

    I think its time to dust off the old GameCube controller.

    1. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      It's really disapointng that Wii U is missing out :(

      Zweilous SSB move ideas:

      Grapple - Crunch

      Special - Double Hit

      Side Special - Dragon Tail

      Up Special - Hyper Voice

      Down Special - Tackle

  6. YoshiHunter

    Sorry... GM is cancelled...

    Should've been a status update.
  7. The new Smash Bros looks amazing! I know what I'm going to ask for Christmas.

    1. Rollo




    2. MikTRF


      Insert inkling gurgles

  8. YoshiHunter

    Idea: Collab projects

    Isn't possible due to the limitations of Mi's engine.
  9. YoshiHunter

    Carry on the story {Game}

  10. Today is the day Net Neutrality officialy dies, in the US. But we can still save it. Contact your local senator or other politician to save the souls who want a free and open internet!

    1. MYSELF3200


      Oh damn, I thought that whole thing just dwindled out.

    2. hiendiep55
  11. YoshiHunter

    Carry on the story {Game}

  12. The fact that a new user accuses you of hate posting, when in reality you try to help them by giving constructive criticism, is appalling. I know this is the internet, and I should expect this sort of thing, but I still get surprised at being sidelined about this.

    1. -StickyMations-


      As a long time member, I'm not surprised at all. It happens all the goddamn time and at the end of the day you get used to it. 

      It think it's also worth mentioning that most people who are like this end up growing out of being a jerk, eventually. 

    2. BOOMmaker


      I would like to comment though, that oftentimes y'all don't word things in the most diplomatic way when giving constructive criticism, and you let things go crazy when the new users don't like what you say... Things would go much better if y'all said your piece and then just let it be, instead of trying to argue with the new users or defend yourself when they respond poorly. :)

  13. YoshiHunter

    The First ever animation i made

    That was very good for being your first one.
  14. YoshiHunter

    Jake's AMA

    Java or Bedrock?
  15. YoshiHunter

    Update you want in Minecraft

    I want an update that would add more redstone stuff, optimize it even more, and the rendering engine getting an upgrade to a newer version of OpenGl.
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