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    USA (when's the next presidential election?)
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    Favorite Video Games: (In no particular order)

    1. Super Mario World
    2. Splatoon 2
    3. Minecraft (Java Edition)
    4. Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)
    5. Star Wars: Jedi Knight 3
    6. Mario Kart Wii
    7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    8. A Hat in Time
    9. Super Mario Galaxy
    10. Super Mario Odyssey
    11. Roblox (Yep, the game with the now infamous oof. Seriously, why didn't it become a meme back in 2006?)
    12. Halo PC
    13. Halo 2 PC
    14. ElDewrito (Halo Online)
    15. Skyrim

    Favorite Shows (also in no particular order):
    1. SMG4
    2. Spongebob Squarepants (Seasons 1-3, maybe 4)
    3. RWBY
    4. Red Vs. Blue (Seasons 1-5) (Seasons 6-8 killed it for me)
    5. Bee and PuppyCat (Freaking Hilarious! Watch it when you get the chance!)
    6. Bravest Warriors (Seasons 1-2) (3 was ok, I only watched the first few minutes of Season 4 before clicking off)
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  1. The bees was a pretty big surprise, but a very welcome one for sure
  2. I'm sorry, but WHAT! You're giving into these terrorist demands!
  3. For some baffling reason the esrb rerated A Hat in Time from E10+ to T. It is very confusing, and their explanation for the T rating is pure bull crap.

  4. Well, the Super Duper Graphics Pack is dead. I smelt that coming from a mile away.

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    2. iZestyLIVE


      @YoshiHunterΒ I got a resource pack with shaders if you want it? (Discord: Zesty#0496)


    3. iZestyLIVE


      ^^ Working shaders

    4. YoshiHunter


      @iZestyLIVEΒ I wouldn't mind seeing what you got. (I hope it runs well on my pc)

      and to clarify to everyone, I wasn't making this status update to cry out in disappointment, as I wasn't really hyped for it, as cool as it looked. I was just expressing me being completely unsurprisedΒ to what transpired. (it's still a darn shame thought)

  5. Let the first day of school commence

  6. That was meant to be a joke, my apologizes
  7. Hmm I might test this out sometime in the future
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