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  1. Man this update is gonna be huge on a technical and graphical level! I can't wait to test it out!
  2. Hello everyone! I have returned with another Cassandra Cain render. This one was an interesting challenge. After having my last renders take place at night, either in clear skies, or most likely in a thunderstorm, I decided to have this one take place during a sunrise. It's still a little wet out there since this render takes place a few hours after my last one. Render: My Previous Render (for context): Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  3. Man I've been going in and out of activity on here. Anyways, happy (extremely) late New Year! What I have here is yet another Batgirl thing, but this time I decided to use the Cassandra Cain iteration of the character (aka the best one imho). Render: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  4. This time I thought it would be fun to do an animation loop of Batgirl. It may not be a perfect loop, but it does the job nonetheless. Animation: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  5. XiJvC0K.png



    I think something broke...

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      My stuff don't appear on the showcase anymore.

      ? Mmm, S U S

    3. Zyn


      sus imator

    4. insanehelix7076


      Rotami sus, rotom is the imposter >:0

  6. I posted a wallpaper yesterday morning! If you haven't seen it yet: 


  7. My third Batgirl render! This time I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit and have her fight crime. Onto the render: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  8. I made some adjustments to my Batgirl model. I added in the SFR V.6 face rig. In addition, I lengthened the hair, added some on the front, and fixed the bending for it.

    If anyone has any suggestions for further tweaks feel free to share!


    1. insanehelix7076


      Not gonna lie but the bottom jaw looks like a very bright unshaved steve

  9. Hello again! The warm reception I got from my last wallpaper, "A Gotham Knight", inspired me to make another Batgirl render, so here we are! Render: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  10. I posted something pretty cool yesterday. If any of you missed it: 


  11. Well well, it's my first time posting here in a while. I hope everyone here has been doing pretty good! Any who, onto the render: My main inspiration for this was the recently revealed redesign of Batgirl for the current run of Nightwing and the upcoming Fear State event in DC Comics. While I don't really keep up with the comics themselves, I really liked the design so much I had to do a (hopefully) awesome render of it! Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated! (I could use it for this one, since this is one of, if not my most ambitious render.
  12. Ok, that flame war was something...
    The fact that people freaked out over redwoods stating a perfectly valid opinion is just incredible. Do I agree with his opinion? No, but I'm not gonna shove him into a corner for something as trivial as that.

  13. Man, who would've thought that something as trivial as this would spark a flame war.
  14. My Minecraft username is visible on the bottom left hand corner. Nice work on the animation btw!
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