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  1. With Luigi's Mansion 3 coming out in a couple weeks I wanted to revisit Dark Moon's multiplayer. Yeah, uh, it's dead.

  2. It’s official, the next Star Wars trailer comes out this Monday!

  3. 2 Days left for YoshiHunter Collection entries!

    Those who have been given a 2 week extension ( @Frost*) You guys have until November 3rd!

  4. I feel I should address the whole debacle with that Revenge reanimated thing. I made one of my worst mistakes by being rude in initially defending it. At the time, I didn’t watch it in its entirety and I assumed the downvotes were coming from those who disliked the fact it was based on a dead meme. After hearing all the chaos that happened behind the scenes and actually watching it, I can safely say I made a massive mistake, and I apologize to everyone for sounding and being rude in what I said. I feel like those who came out the theater watching The Phantom Menace for the first time. You initially defend something, and later on you fully realize what you watched was absolute garbage.

    Due to the whole debacle I’ll be pulling out of Hozq’s Gem Collab. Hopefully he can redeem himself with this collab, but with the revenge collab, I honestly have my doubts.

    If you’ve read through this in its entirety, I simply thank you! You all have a good evening!

    1. Nimi
    2. XanderTheV


      The debacle has nothing to do with the gem collab. don't resign from there. Keep going.

      It wasn't really a major debacle, your opinion may be half-baked, but it's not like it's going to cause hidrax-class/willynzhu class drama.

      You lost the argumentation, yes... people argued with you back there, but they don't hate you because of that, you just lost the argumentation.

      At least you've acknowledged of your mistakes, so everything should be fine.

  5. I felt at the time people were downvoting it because it was a dead meme. I'm not saying putting effort into something doesn't always turn out a good product. There was some definite laziness, but I appreciate the effort done by the finished clips. You made good points in the rest of what you said, which is why I will not upvote or downvote it. That was not what I said sir. See the above response.
  6. I love the fact that a few arrogant people are downvoting tons of hard work here. It's pretty despicable.
  7. There are 6 days left to submit an entry for The YoshiHunter Collection! If you are already involved as of now you may qualify for a 2 week extension. Just send me a message explaining why you would need it.

    Those I still need entries from these people: @..., @Gfamleit

  8. I've spent the last couple days off and on looking for a modpack to use, since the one I made late last year is starting to crumble apart.

    I thought about using FTB Ultimate Revelations, but while that is a great pack in it's own right, it's not really what I was looking for. I was gonna settle with the Yognau(gh)t Pack, and in terms of performace, it's playable. However, it sucks my memory like a vampire.

    I think I am gonna go make myself another pack, since I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

  9. Nice to finally see some rbx love here. The render is great!
  10. Based on a news story I read, John Boyega's agent may have leaked when the next Star Wars trailer comes out. It claims it'll release on this upcoming Monday Night Football.

    I'm particularly skeptical about it.

  11. Onto a bit of YoshiHunter Collection info. For the last part of the opening, were the logo is shown and lists those involved, I wanted to use a metal song of sorts, mainly to pay homage to The Lazer Collection.

    I'm kinda stuck on what to use, I have leaned towards using this: 

    Or this: 

    But I'm just not so sure on what to use here. Does anyone have any suggestions of a cool metal song (that is public domain or creative commons licenced) that would go great with an intro?

    As for the credits, I have that figured out. I plan on using this song: 


    1. Frost*


      I like the first one the best :D

  12. There are 10 DAYS left to submit entries for The YoshiHunter Collection

    1. OzFalcon


      Have you recieved mine via Discord DMs? 🤠

    2. YoshiHunter


      I got it. I had on my hard drive since the day after you sent it.

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