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  1. e8541ff58b4eef5b9d2390f301e60906.gif

    1. Frost*


      It's fun to stay at the LOW - F - P -S

    2. Ethaniel


      Blame Gyazo 

    3. Frost*


      It's fun to stay at the USE - STREAM - AB - LE

      Also, is this gonna be an actual animation?

  2. Wow, we joined the same month and year. I hope to see you active one day!

    1. SB7989


      tomate espinacas archipelago

  3. Uh oh! Ive been downvoted!

  4. Which is why Ive decided Im gonna start defending new members.
  5. There is no reason to say "Here is my cc." Just give your input on the project.
  6. This has language your parents may not want to hear. 

    AKA swearing. 

  7. You just contradicted yourself.
  8. Baby zombies burn too.
  9. I cant believe this. MojangYang is downvoting me! He's just like Ian!

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