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  1. Shane! Good old man Shane! Yes, of course.
  2. (( at least you are taking it fun)) ((Okay, here we go, the official start.)) Within the planet of PRX-394, Koira was wandering, hoping for something to happen.
  3. You fools, I am a veteran, you cannot simply joke around the realms of Roleplay. Name: KoiraAge: 25Gender: FemaleRace: HumanTribe: KoiraInventory: Koira's WandEquipment: Nothing.Clothing: Robe.
  4. Kaori are those who believe in science and technology is suitable to be used. Koira are those who believe magic and alchemy beats technology in a lot of ways. Go nuts. Name: Age: Gender: Race: Tribe: [Kaori or Koira] Inventory: Equipment: Clothing:
  5. Alright you folks, I'm still waiting for the others' creations. Speaking of this, I am now trying to make use of this old thing I found in replacement for my laptop that broke (along with other interesting stuff called roleplaying)
  6. I'm cruel to not start my Doors collab. At least my bro can now help me.

  7. Okay, so there's two contributions, one with a nornal door (I can reconsider and add that in, for his sake). There's no closing date, until somebody makes an ending. But then, Hyun's Doors have multiple endings, right? We'll see.
  8. Cool! I'll start up the intro video soon.
  9. RowanSkie

    White Door Rig

    It's just for here, for the rig. I forgot to activate my program, y'know.
  10. We could start if nobody wants to join...
  11. Hyun's Dojo started it, SFM Ponies made their own, MineDojo made it, so I'll start one too! Though, something not like MineDojo, heh. This time, we'll be using this Door. Rules: Everyone who wants to join will send a ping, if I receive it, then send a youtube video/video download of their part. Everyone who wants to join just needs a video, some nice dialogue for me why you wanted to add it, and your own watermark if you haven't added it yet. Everybody will use Steve as the character (unless you have a stick figure rig. or probably their own rig, sure!) The door must be opened on the right and closed on the left. Because that's how it's always been done, right? Heh. Take advantage! I didn't say your Mine-Imator project, I meant your video! That means you can use MI as a background, after all, then use something else! Now, I'll only accept... hmm... I dunno, enough to make 10 minutes? 5 minutes? 5 Minutes.
  12. RowanSkie

    White Door Rig

    Download the Door Rig here May I present to you... a white door. Will be, and hopefully be, used for the Doors Collab I'll host.
  13. does joining Sfm and this make better animations?

  14. Wow. You guys care. Aww. Oh, the faction? Well... sure, Resystance. Or maybe Terra Warriors ? Actually, Resystance for you.
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