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  1. Cyprès

    Violin Rig

    simple but beautiful and useful great work
  2. when you're inactive for 5 month


    time for reading ^^

  3. Cyprès


    the lighting is pretty well made, but the scenery would maybe need some work anyway, great work +1
  4. well, well, well. i can understand you could have some problems with mine imator. but it doesn't excuse this lack of work poses needs work : unrealistic the lanscape needs work : streched texture, flatlands the lightning needs work : too bright to induce fear conclusion, not that bad, but needs work +1 for encouragement, because i know you can do better
  5. well, some tips to improve : -work on posing -maybe use rigs -work on lightning -work on editing -avoid to post fad if you didn't worked alot on your creation(we don't really like fad on these forums :/, even more if it's not well made )
  6. i know but... it looks like there is a problem
  7. where is the picture gone ? D:
  8. the bloom is ok ^^ +1 also to upload an image with imgur click on get share link copy BBCode link paste on you topic then you have 2 choices : • let it like this then submit (the image will appear when you'll submit the topic) • remove the img /img and the [ ] and press enter (the image will appear instantly on your draft (before you posted the topic))
  9. oww imgur is dying m8s :/


    1. Ethaniel


      The whole internet seems to be down


  10. i know, but it's a month full of studies too so it'll probably be hard to find time maybe during the week end it would be ok, but i don't know if it will suffice so i'm not sure to have enough time to finish it but i'll try
  11. well, guess i probably won't have lot of time to do it, but i'll try [EDIT] it wont be possible for this one :/ i have lots of exam during this month and i have to prepare it :/ hope i'll be able to participate to the next one ^^
  12. hmm maybe you should make the eyes on the sides of the head anyway, not that bad
  13. well, too late for me :/ maybe next time
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