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  1. ziyadkhalq

    M4A1/AR-15 Rig

    Very good.
  2. ziyadkhalq

    My new intro

    only MI
  3. ziyadkhalq

    CoLahaust | OxT - Go Cry Go

    That's EPIC!
  4. ziyadkhalq

    Parkour Dream

    I hope you like, sorry for the really bad ending, i ran out of ideas...
  5. ziyadkhalq

    AWS Sniper Rifle

    Good job.
  6. ziyadkhalq

    i fixed the minecraft update aquatic trailer

    Best trailer ever!
  7. ziyadkhalq

    Model bend fail

    Maybe the fingers are attached to the upper half of the arm or something...Idk
  8. ziyadkhalq


    Oh my god...
  9. ziyadkhalq


    What is this??
  10. ziyadkhalq

    now am alive: DBL wallpaper

    He looks scary... idk why?
  11. ziyadkhalq

    Vector Parkour

    Yes.... it's vector, that game from the app store... i know its stupid to make an animation about it, but i was out of ideas, but i hope you like it!
  12. ziyadkhalq

    Rampage Lv1 moving Wall paper

    That's the arm from prototype is it?
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