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  1. I only built the front of the house.
  2. I'm finally back, my pc had a lot of problems but now it's fixed, yaay I guess? Whaaaaaaaat?!!??
  3. ziyadkhalq

    50 Subscribers

    You removed the video
  4. Yep, a big mistake indeed...
  5. Wow, I just discovered that you can change the site's theme.

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    2. ziyadkhalq


      @Ghatos Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, then you'll find a theme button, there's only two themes, the Mine-imator (default) and the 4.4 Default, I think they're gonna add more, but meh, who knows.

    3. Ghatos


      wait a second... did you edited your comment? I remember that you said " Wow, I just discovered that you can change the site's name."

      Or maybe it's just my brain being broken again, I dunno

    4. ziyadkhalq


      Nope, I didn't edit the comment, that means your brain is actually broken

  6. Isn't that from the Nun Massacre, cuz I remember pooping my pants when I played that game
  7. Just like what @Cubic Ralsei said, I didn't like the wallpaper, it's empty and boring, the lighting is not good, and for the love of God, can you please stop asking for upvotes, maybe if you made something that's actually good, then you'll get upvotes, Oh and stop calling people noobs, it's just stupid and childish.
  8. ziyadkhalq

    FunGuys rig

    Okay, i'm CHILL
  9. ziyadkhalq

    FunGuys rig

    Isn't that a Roblox face?
  10. ziyadkhalq

    Weapon pack V3

    Download link in the description of the video.
  11. ziyadkhalq

    my drawing

    Oh that's really good..!
  12. Yea I know, lol, I tried to fix it but I just made it worst!
  13. Made in 1 Day, and drawn with a mouse... Programs used : Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop.
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