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  1. ziyadkhalq


    Maybe work on the posing and the lighting, it's still pretty good from a beginner...
  2. ziyadkhalq

    [2K] [Cinematic] Campfire

    Wow, that's actually pretty good for a new member, btw welcome to the forums!
  3. ziyadkhalq

    Paranormal activity

    Happy Halloween!
  4. ziyadkhalq

    Claw Rig

    No pics no clicks...
  5. ziyadkhalq

    Thunderstorm horror story

    Sorry again for the really bad quality. Enjoy!
  6. ziyadkhalq


  7. ziyadkhalq

    Slow motion in the rain

    That's actually pretty good
  8. ziyadkhalq

    Our real faces?

    i have natural black hair too.
  9. ziyadkhalq

    How I Make My Videos

    Wow, i'm gonna make videos too!
  10. ziyadkhalq

    Android Arm

    It's pretty detailed, but you had to do 4 fingers..
  11. ziyadkhalq

    M4A1/AR-15 Rig

    Very good.
  12. ziyadkhalq

    My new intro

    only MI
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