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  1. ziyadkhalq

    Worst day of my life

    I'm really sorry for your loss..
  2. I really liked this video, the animation is pretty smooth, the lighting's okay, and it actually made me laugh, nice job!
  3. ziyadkhalq

    Little Girl Rig

    You should post a picture of the rig using Imgur so we know what we're downloading...
  4. ziyadkhalq

    Green Landscape

  5. Are you serious? Oh my god, everybody knows thats not real....
  6. ziyadkhalq

    Pyro Art

    Thank you!
  7. ziyadkhalq

    Pyro Art

    We reached a quarter of a million subscribers, 250 000 subscribers and still counting...
  8. ziyadkhalq

    Pyro Art

    Most of you probably expected the Pyro from TF2, well guess what... It isn't.. This is the first drawing I ever made in a PC, so please give me some feedback. Hope you liked it..
  9. ziyadkhalq

    [MI 1.2.1+]Dragon Breath [TRIPLE RIGS]

    I thought it was a rig for the Dragon Breath from Spider-Man, but other than that, it's still a really good rig.
  10. ziyadkhalq


    Maybe work on the posing and the lighting, it's still pretty good from a beginner...
  11. ziyadkhalq

    [2K] [Cinematic] Campfire

    Wow, that's actually pretty good for a new member, btw welcome to the forums!
  12. ziyadkhalq

    Paranormal activity

    Happy Halloween!
  13. ziyadkhalq

    Claw Rig

    No pics no clicks...
  14. ziyadkhalq

    Thunderstorm horror story

    Sorry again for the really bad quality. Enjoy!
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