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  1. ziyadkhalq


    Oh my god...
  2. ziyadkhalq


    What is this??
  3. ziyadkhalq

    now am alive: DBL wallpaper

    He looks scary... idk why?
  4. ziyadkhalq

    Vector Parkour

    Yes.... it's vector, that game from the app store... i know its stupid to make an animation about it, but i was out of ideas, but i hope you like it!
  5. ziyadkhalq

    Rampage Lv1 moving Wall paper

    That's the arm from prototype is it?
  6. ziyadkhalq

    Just some random dance i made

    I've seen this before, but i dont know where, and btw it looks smooth af.
  7. ziyadkhalq

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

    This is amazing!!
  8. ziyadkhalq

    Thanos' Gauntlet + Another Gauntlet

    It kinda looks weird because it needs to be rotated 90°; but it still looks good..
  9. ziyadkhalq

    1st wallpaper remake

    I cant see a thing in the remake, maybe make a little bit bright..
  10. ziyadkhalq

    Aichrelda Dual Blade

    That BadAss armor looks BadAss..
  11. Oh my god.... i can't believe that VSauce is HowToBasic...




    1. Twotorule


      How To Sauce

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