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  1. My Official Character(OC)

    not bad but it's edgy..
  2. sword rig?

  3. From the sky [Collab]

    remake it if you want to but do it fast..
  4. Final Boss

    editing is good but the posing could have been better
  5. Cuphead Rig [Coming Soon]

    It Minecraft dude...
  6. Cuphead Rig [Coming Soon]

    Its pretty good for a beginner, but why @TheIanPlays88 downvoted his topic, i mean he just started but Why??
  7. Wallpaper - Taking Inventory

    Lighting needs more work.
  8. Dishonored in Minecraft

    Finally another animation. Hope you Like it
  9. Dungeon - Chained | 4K Wallpaper

    ohh nice, but next time you should put a gore warning or something, because lots of people dont like violence.
  10. My first set of art stuff

    when i look at his eyes it gives me the chills
  11. The Poppy

    oohhh thats great.. but i think there is something wrong with the shadows of the barrel
  12. F.N.A.F 3 [wallpaper]

    do something original, just avoid posting bendy and F.NAF content because they are hated on this forum
  13. Forgotten [WP]

    thank you.. Aaaaand i didnt use bloom from MICB its just Photoshop, but sorry...
  14. Forgotten [WP]

    A wallpaper... Programs used: Photoshop C5 Mine-imator 1.0.6 i had a bad time searching for "spider png" Hope you like it
  15. F.N.A.F 3 [wallpaper]

    no. just no!! not F.NAF
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