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  1. Well, my whole 5 minute animation project is corrupted now, i'm never animating again.

    1. Nimi


      Is it possible for you to zip the entire project folder, upload it to a service such as Google Drive/Mediafire, and message me the download link? Perhaps I can look into this. Can possibly try to recover the project, but I think that ultimately depends on how much you interacted with the project after any oddities started.

    2. SocialMediaAnimations


      Try using a backup, that should help.

    3. ziyadkhalq


      I already tried using backups, but they all have the same issue for some reason

  2. I'm animating a video that took me almost a year to make, i finished it and i wanted to import a schematic, but for some reason it crashed, i tried relaunching MI but now all my keyframes are gone, as shown here in the spoiler : I've tried opening the backup files, but they are all the same, all of them have missing human parts Here's the log file : I tried my best to fix it but I couldn't find the solution, in mu opinion, this doesn't look like it can be fixed I've lost SO many projects in the past, and if i lose this one too, i'm actually gonna lose it
  3. why does this look like it was made with mine-imator 0.1 ? Shadows are non-existing, and there's basically no lighting .
  4. I posted this yesterday but no one saw it, so I reposted it, I really really need help.
  5. So I was working on an animation, and I had to make a rig, so I created a new project (Ctrl+N / maybe that's useful somehow), made the rig, saved it, and when I wanted to go back to the animation project with (Ctrl+O), the thumbnail had the missing content texture (pink and black), when I click on it, it shows this, and the project folder was completely empty, no backup, no nothing, and there was no crash log at all, it just disappeared. Good thing the project was new, and only had like 10 secs of animation, so it's not like I wasted hours of work, this bug really needs to get fixed, beca
  6. People included in this wallpaper: (from left to right) Happy new year !!
  7. Yea, I already know that but I want to include some people from this forum
  8. Okey, so basically, I need 6 skins for a New year's wallpaper i'm making... That's it.
  9. This Wallpaper is based on a web television series created by the Duffer Brothers and released on Netflix, Stranger Things. Credits: Thanks to @Ghatos for the Low detail vehicles rig pack. Hope you like it.
  10. I broke my elbow, I had surgery, I can't work on my animation, and i'm still not done with my Halloween video, what am I supposed to dooooo???

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ziyadkhalq


      I thought about that, but the problem is that they need to get paid, and I don't have any money.

    3. Ghatos


      you don't have a friend that can do that for free?

    4. ziyadkhalq


      Nope, I don't have any close friend that uses MI

  11. I think Ziyadkhalq should get his own wallp- ..... Oh ...
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