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  1. This work is fun. and i'm pround of it
  2. #NLC3 Neonlight collab 3 is ongoing event! only 3 parts left [ 8 , 9 , 10 ]


  3. #NLC3 is still alive


  4. Hi Hagus. i just see you new profile picture.

    i just want to tell you "i love it"

    1. Hagus



  5. i made a comparison for New Bloom

  6. i think so. "The boss" who cyber bulling me is age 20 now. but he has no maturity
  7. This is real story He still spamming my Direct massage 5 AM today I agreed. I'll improve that
  8. This is sarcastic render form a situation i got yesterday. (Serious story) Yesterday. i'm talking to an other animator to put on a credit on his team's project and then his "Boss" start to intimidate me in facebook's direct massage and threaten me about giving a credits. he download my family photo and show it to me. he also said "You are a little kid" "You are envy me" "you're Trash" so. i decide to make this wallpaper so i tell this to my family. my parents told me to calm down. They also said "immature doesn't measure by ages"
  9. Your oc is really Handsome
  10. No please. Thank you for presenting!
  11. "This cold concrete.... will set me free.SET ME FREE!"Arrested Youth - VANS (It's Different Remix) [Link] Alright. Long time no see you guys! i've tried the new update of Mine-imator. So i make this
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