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  1. Ok guys this is an E P I C reference
  2. Thanks guys i promise to make more and better content in the future!!
  3. so recently i tried to open modelbench, but nothing happend so then i opened the task manager and it said that modelbench was running but the program itself didn't show up it had been working normally before that...
  4. Nice! Your slowly but surely starting to earn the title of STUNING ANIMATIONS!!
  5. Idk, i only remember it had something to do ,with vault kids or something.
  6. Hey there... i'm back again with another rig. this time is a lamp wich you can turn on, off an even Recolor! ON OFF RECOLORED DOWNLOAD!!
  7. So i have been playing the RE2 remake, and i got inspired to make a Tyrant like illager, so... This happend! ENJOY!! lMAGES Download! No need to credit if used, but do feel free to send me your creations!
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