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  1. JB Animations

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    Damn, Cryotivity's gonna het REKT !!
  2. JB Animations

    GraveYard Of Death (4K)

    Not sure. But, It will be over 5 minutes for sure Yes, but mine has a little bit of action added to the mix
  3. JB Animations

    GraveYard Of Death (4K)

    YAY, My new animation is Halfway done. Here's a sneak peek if your interested I know it's a bit blurry but gimme sometime and I'll surely improve. As always, Created in Mine-Imator Edited in Paint.net Yeesh, Forgot to credit the guys behind the rigs The Desert Eagle rig: Daffle_The_One Blade rig: SKIBBZ
  4. JB Animations

    Ashen (Character Creation)

    ooooooooooooooh............ Never Heard of him
  5. JB Animations

    Village [2K]

    Holy Paninis!!
  6. JB Animations

    Amnesia [A Minecraft fight Animation]

    Thanks. Also, I learned how to remove those white edges after I rendered it. So, You shouldn't notice anything weird in my later animations.
  7. JB Animations

    Ashen (Character Creation)

    Yes and no. Really now ? well great for you but for me, this is all I can come up with. Nope. Just proof of how "good" my editing skills are ..........O....M....G. The one and only Voxy here ! Umm.... Hi!!! (Also, Pardon me, Who is this "Ashens"?
  8. JB Animations

    Ashen (Character Creation)

    I have to be honest here. Im not the latest and greatest person to create a completely original character let alone naming them. But this one, is something Im very very proud of and thought is worth sharing. if your still wondering "what's the name?" Then here's a thing The name Ashen and he somewhat has a habit of yelling "READY TO ROCK YALL!!!!" Also, Created Using Mine-Imator Edited Using Paint.net
  9. JB Animations

    Amnesia [A Minecraft fight Animation]

    Well, this was my first attempt at making a fight animation but Im pretty I can do better later on. Also thanks. This is the first animation on which I spent 2 months and also the first animation I ever made .
  10. You definitely have a lot of talent.
  11. JB Animations

    Amnesia [A Minecraft fight Animation]

    Mother always said there's light in every darkside or maybe Im just over dramatic
  12. JB Animations

    The film "the Mysterious island"

    try to explain what you mean better next time ok ?
  13. JB Animations

    Amnesia [A Minecraft fight Animation]

    Sigh' Maybe
  14. I wanted to make a whole series out of this animation. But, later I found out that this is more of a reality ripoff rather than a let alone animation ( As said by the forums ) So I closed the series with this one video. After this, Ill take a moment to just redo my skin, my wallpaper etc. except my name. Because apparently, My skin looks like cazakoja as well. So enjoy. Music Used:Xenogenesis by TheFatRat Programs Used:Mine-Imator
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