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  1. It's genuinely very good until your eyes turn to the teeth.....
  2. Just a typical thank you message, nothing special whatsoever (Pwese forgive my editing skills, there's only so much my potato laptop can handle)
  3. This....THIS single image and this single rig has more effort put into it than I put in all of my animations.......I feel ashamed
  4. You and @Jnick have officially broken the laws of Mine-imator!....................now tell me how you did it?
  5. You are a genius
  6. Makes me want to find someone to discuss with about my feelings......cause to be honest, I'm having a LOT of em (Dude, you gotta tell me how you made those flying birds in the background)
  7. A bit too stylistic for my taste, but Hatsune Miku is pretty stylistic soooooooo......good job +1. Is it MIne-imator though?
  8. Her smile is making me veeeeeeery uncomfortable, like she can see inside my mind
  9. That's......THAT'S.......exactly like the donut BlenderGuru made But in all serious, may your journey be much easier than mine when I first started Blender (I had and still have a pretty trashy laptop )
  10. I don't actually have an impatient fanbase, I have an impatient "Family" base.
  11. In this episode of "You know what", I give you an insight in my mind..... awesome (I know this is poorly animated but this was made in two days and I haven't been able to animate for 3 months)
  12. @NimiBut you will be able to get past the technical restrictions Gamemaker has for volumetric light rays in the future right?right?????
  13. It's all great and grand @Nimi, but can you optimise the software a bit more in the next update?? Mine-imator runs completely fine on my laptop but Modelbench just runs at 15 fps the whole time
  14. Happy new year guys!!

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