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  1. I seriously can't believe that this was created in Mine-Imator!
  2. Why am I being criticized for this?? Also @SkjoldI'm a what?
  3. Not gonna lie.....Your pretty sexy!
  4. There aren't many background characters here. So why don't you make me one?
  5. I was struggling with whether I'd post this in Narrative Animations or Random/Test Animations. But ultimately, I decided to post it here : The cape rig is made by the all talented @Dr. Nexil Aaaaaand that's just about it, peace
  6. Why are you ruining my nostalgia!? But still I'll refrain from giving you a downvote since these are actually quite funny.
  7. Ok, since you said that these are made purely in Mine-imator, I have one last thing that I want to know. How did you recreate the lens dirt effect on the third wallpaper?
  8. "Real OGs remember these nerds" Of course I remember these nerds!? I've been following you from the start. How could I not?
  9. Why are ya bastards so good!?
  10. First of all: WOW! Second of all: Are all of these edited or pure Mine-Imator? And last of all: How did you add these? https://imgur.com/PiLn3Gh
  11. Look, I know you're my senior and stuff. But I still have to educate you on something: Dynamic movements are supposed to be "Dynamic" Meaning that when someone is fighting, they aren't supposed to relaxed when doing it.
  12. Told ya, I haven't been able to even touch Mine-Imator for almost an entire month. But still, thanks for the cc. I'm still trying to get back to where I was. Yea I used a different fire texture.
  13. Just thought I'd try and test how good I am after almost 1 month of not using Mine-Imator. The wallpaper is completely made in Mine-imator meaning that no external softwares were used in the making. Last of all, hope you enjoy as always!
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