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  1. why the lighting in the thumbnail be looking so good while the actual lighting be looking not so good?
  2. Not gonna lie, I like the RTX Off version better
  3. Woods, might I ask how dafuq you gonna use that enchantingly table?
  4. Next time, I'm making a Piccaso drawing .
  5. No! Please spare him sire. He's only a child . (Well he is younger than both of us soooooooooo...)
  6. Well, my two fellow compadres. You both have been blessed with birthdays on the same day. As I once worked with both of you, I hereby wish both of you, a very happy birthday @Hagus and @Floofy! Is kinda rushed, but it's the best I can do with the limited time I get these days.
  7. Shot, what does "When are you most available" mean? Also you're not actually thinking of paying people are you??
  8. This is the best I can do during my exams. So, cut me some slack guys Yes, the animation is pretty rushed. But as I said, not much I can do. The song is Blood//Water by grandson if you're wondering.
  9. How de heck did you do that???
  10. A very situational and non-detailed tutorial. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere I guess Do let me know if I've wasted your time or if you've actually learned something! Here's the circle texture : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18zEw8_entsflFz9Kdk4E-3wxTREEfECr/view?usp=drivesdk (Also, the music is "Jazz in Paris" BTW)
  11. Just how can a tutorial be educative, enlightening, simple, short and funny at the same. damn. time!! Btw, anyone still call "Keep on Chuking" by "Kiepocu" anymore?
  12. It's genuinely very good until your eyes turn to the teeth.....
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