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  1. JB Animations

    Mine-imator Civil War [4K Cinematic]

    uhh you changed that name like last month ...... examines the wallpaper.....aaaahhhh
  2. JB Animations

    Alan Walker - Darkside (Ryan Enzed Remix)|Wallpaper

    Hmmm.....here's a thing. Make the bubble sync with the beats and change the background to something dark and futuristic
  3. JB Animations

    Mine-imator Civil War [4K Cinematic]

    Everyone's fighting while Im like "Hmm.... DA PHOTOBOMB SQUAD !! (Anyways thanks for having me Pootsy35 )
  4. JB Animations

    A Busy Day in the Streets [2K]

    Nerdinq ! What have they done to you !?
  5. JB Animations

    Skin Request for Wallpaper [CLOSED]

    I maybe the late est of the bunch but here's my rig http://www.mediafire.com/file/9nbdovh4fl8c2br/Ashen.rar/file please do let me know if Im in Also i wanna be on side B
  6. JB Animations

    NinjaDino's Anvil Collab Entry 2.0

    You sure bout that ?
  7. JB Animations

    NinjaDino's Anvil Collab Entry 2.0

    Hmm....... maybe I could fix that.....Nah I'm too lazy and have better things to do and more stuff to animated so, Sorry Thanks a bunch dude ! Why tank you
  8. Hola mi amigos been a long time since i've uploaded anything sooooooo i present you with my entry to the anvil collab posted by @NinjaDino Enjoy ! I have to mention that this is my first time with an editing software so don't expect it to be so bright and crisp. Also this was made without any folders or anything like that and this is the softwares used to make this : Mine-Imator Hitfilm Express
  9. JB Animations

    Horse Mounting TeSt

    You animate alot better than me. Take my upvote !
  10. JB Animations

    Undertale Intro - Minecraft Animation

    Hmmm........ I like it ! Correction I love it !!
  11. JB Animations

    The Lever Collab!

    Ooh Ooh Me me I wanna join !!
  12. JB Animations

    Boxing Glove Request

    Sure Illl try
  13. JB Animations

    He's Coming For You (4K)

    Don't you think this is"Random"?
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