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  1. Bruh (>.>) how much did your pc cost???? Bruh (>.>) how much did your pc cost???? Bruh (>.>) how much did your pc cost???? Bruh (>.>) how much did your pc cost????
  2. Can I ask a simple question, what's the deadline?
  3. I just have one suggestion, You could add a spotlight over the cat to really highlight it from the rest of the scene.
  4. I will ask one and one thing before I make a statement about this masterpiece: Is that your voice?
  5. It's good but I can't get the joke
  6. I've made an animation depicting how I feel right
  7. Please teach me your ways of editing. I have photoshop now for a days and I can confidently say that I suck at it
  8. This is what happens when SKIBBZ is too nice *sigh. Just stop
  9. Please no, I've already seen enough on Youtube!
  10. I uh....have no idea of what's going on. But still, take my upvote since you went over the painstakingly hard process of making the scenery by hand.
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