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  1. My first Microgame for @TecnoGamerJW's WarioWare MC Collab 2. Enjoy Rigs by, Flintlock Pistol by @Anatoli Shotgun by @AgentSlime Revolver by @SKIBBZ Created with Mine-Imator Edited with Hitfilm Express 2018
  2. JB Animations

    Valentine's Pain

    Valentine's long gone, But ain't nobody gonna stop me from uploading this anyway! As always, Made with Mine-Imator Edited with Hitfilm Express 2018 Thumbnail made with Paint.net
  3. JB Animations

    The Slave Fish (DarkSouls Parody)

    That's just downright amazing ! I seriously don't have anything to say
  4. JB Animations

    Offroad -Realism WIP-

    Your realism "Thingys" really blow my mind
  5. JB Animations


    Please reply to me if anyone out here who started a serious argument with their "significant other" on Valentines day ?
  6. JB Animations

    Mexican Standoff

    I mean....Better than last time I guess.
  7. JB Animations


    Yup, happens to meh all de time
  8. JB Animations

    500 reputation banner

    Uh, why ain't I here ?
  9. JB Animations

    Monster Invade [FHD 1080p Cinematic]

    Damn, That's actually the best wallpaper I've seen in a few weeks. Awesome Job !
  10. JB Animations

    Superbowl (Jack and Tug)

    Off-topic : What's a superbowl Haggy ? On-topic : The lighting still needs work and I think the fox on the right side is wearing a scarf around his neck which means the mouth isn't supposed to show. But I can say you've improved, looking at the poses and facial expressions.
  11. JB Animations

    Ethan & Ethan

    Oh c'mon on now ! please don't start a forum war again. We've already had one a few months ago
  12. JB Animations

    WarioWare MC Collab 2

  13. JB Animations

    Elemental Kingdoms

    Wait so mine's ok ?
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