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  1. Happy new year guys!!

  2. Wow, so someone has noticed my disappearance from the forums . I'm grateful
  3. Thought I'd make something unique for once. As always, the video is made entirely in Mine-imator.
  4. Idk what to say, Wanted to make a christmas themed wallpaper but somehow ended up making this, Enjoy. (Also, I wanted to make something with my two new OCs) As always, made entirely in Mine-imator.
  5. Not surprised. I myself tried it on my cousin and immediately recieved a big ol smack to the face
  6. Haha, thanks. Also, good luck on your fight animation And the clipping problem is a bug in SFR V6. Hope it gets fixed in V7.
  7. After two weeks of hard work, I finally finished it. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, my second attempt. At creating a fight animation : Music : Eckle - The Impulsive State 90% Mine-Imator, 10% Hitfilm Express. Information about the animation : And that's all for today, I'll see guys on the next upload. Peace
  8. I'm not the greatest voice actor out there, neither do I have a great voice. But, if you want help animating then I can help.
  9. You......deserve to be sent to an arena against "Gold Experience Requiem" for messing with my emotions!!
  10. You remember the look he gave Narancia when he said he'll come with them to protect Trish? Even my mother never gave me that look
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