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  1. JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    I know this is a late reply but, good gosh ! can't believe it's the man himself . Thanks for the kind reply (I'll fix the brightness issues in my later wallpapers )
  2. JB Animations

    Flyin' & Smilin' [Wallpaper]

    This is absolutely perfect ! but now, I'm kinda missing your dark and gloomy wallpapers
  3. JB Animations

    Audio Track thing

    I mean........it's kinda weird don't ya think ? Mine-Imator was never made for this kinda stuff
  4. JB Animations

    Dragon Pursuit [Wallpaper]

    Glad to see ya finally tried conquering your weakness. Though it does not look as good as your DC comics style wallpapers, not now at least
  5. JB Animations

    Live or Die [Wallpaper]

    My what ?
  6. JB Animations

    Live or Die [Wallpaper]

  7. JB Animations

    Mine-imator Community Project?

    I'm down. I'll make the Animations
  8. JB Animations

    Today is my birthday! [2k]

    Happy Bday !
  9. JB Animations

    Modelbench: Community Build

    God bless these souls !
  10. Justin Bieber Animations?

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      🤣🤣🤣🤣.........Actually no. My original name was Jubair and for the channel name, I picked out the "J" and "B". Hence the name "JB Animations"

  11. JB Animations

    Goku V Herobrine Preview

    The lighting and effects need polishing. The animation quality is quite good though.
  12. JB Animations

    Survival(Wallpaper Collab)

    Okay, This is outrageous ! everytime 9redwoods comments, Swift downvotes and everyone starts throwing there own opinions. I mean I don't hate opinions but I also don't like conversations going on in places they shouldn't. We can't just flood other's topics with our petty arguments, this wasn't what the topic was made for. The way that this pains me the most is, for these long arguments, topics get on the "Popular Creations" section without even having a reason to be there. I mean just look at the current most popular topic right now, the thing started with some lovely sprinkles of criticism, and then someone bashes a big tablespoon of downvotes and then everything turns to a complete mess ! I just can't stop thinking bout the old Glory days we had. Everyone was kind to each other, everyone spoke honestly about topics gave them criticism the way that they're meant to be given. Some still does these days but others are like: 1.this ain't good 2.this sucks 3.are ya blind !? kind like these but not exactly, like these. Also, people didn't downvote back then unless it was needed My point is that, can't you guys just have a cup of coffee and have a reasonable chat with each other ? can't we post our opinions elsewhere ? can't we just be reasonable enough to think about what the person is gonna think when we post criticism like this ? "Mine-Imator isn't what it was back in the day" this was the exact thing SKIBBZ told me when I messaged him about why he isn't making animations anymore (No joke). Now I know why. Also, I know that I really shouldn't bug in like this. besides, the difference between you guys reps and mine are skyhigh. But still I wanna give a solution. so here it is : JUST MAKE A FRIGGIN DISCORD GROUP AND HAVE REASONABLE CHAT, FOR GOD'S SAKE !!
  13. JB Animations

    VILLAGE (4K)

    The Dof maybe a bit too much but, I think it kinda matches with the scene so, no complains there. Overall, I'd give it a 10/10 if it weren't for the title.
  14. JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    HOLY COW ! Senpai your here ! Imma make you proud with my submission next time (Yeah, I do those too. Most of them I don't share, most of them I delete and most of them are reasons I never finish my projects at the first place)
  15. JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    Pray well and he'll save you. Pray bad and he'll break you !
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