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  1. JB Animations

    The One Eyed Owl (4K Cinematic)

    Fit's nice but, I was thinking more like How's the wallpaper though ?
  2. JB Animations

    The One Eyed Owl (4K Cinematic)

    Umm..Hello boys and girls, Been a while since I've made a Fighting Animation So, I wanted to get back to it and test how far have my skills come. The first thing that came to mind was, How would I get people hyped bout this ? Naturally the solution would be a teaser but, Who's got time for those am I right ? Instead what I did was, I rendered a scene and edited the living hell out of that, This was the result (Say hello to Daniel everyone ! AKA my new OC) Softwares used : Mine-Imator Paint.net Also the Unedited version if you like : Thanks to, @TecnoGamerJW for his lovely skin and @SKIBBZ for the sweet Revolver rig Any sort of constructive criticism is appreciated, Just don't go all out
  3. JB Animations

    [COMPLETED] WarioWare MC Collab

    This was just I love how you did the introduction though the ending was kinda awkward. Still, Awesome job !
  4. JB Animations

    Cold Joys [4K cinematic]

    Where the heck did you get that Christmas tree ? I need to know !? Help me....Help....Me....****** !! Ontopic :
  5. JB Animations

    Forum Battle

    .......Wot ? where am I ?
  6. JB Animations

    Welcome to Limit break challenge

    You mean SharpWind's Oblivion rig ?
  7. JB Animations

    Welcome to Limit break challenge

    I HAVE FANS ! I'm animating the challenge as we speak right now. I'll make sure it's the best one I've ever made
  8. JB Animations

    Suggestions for mine imator

    Not gonna lie, a physics engine would pretty nice in Mine-Imator
  9. JB Animations

    Able to see objects through other objects

    Just alpha the cube down.for a short amount of time.
  10. JB Animations

    Welcome to Limit break challenge

    Off topic : Who are you? How do you know me ? Am I really famous enough that people I don't know keeps asking me for challenges? Ontopic : Challenge accepted !
  11. JB Animations

    Triple Ember Rig.(Basically a Three-Headed Fire Dragon)

    It's pretty cool actually. Really mixes with blocky esthetic that Minecraft has.
  12. JB Animations

    "Sunset Forest"

    It's not as bad as you said it would be. I actually really dig it
  13. JB Animations

    Pixelated Profile Picture Template

    Simple, elegant and easy to use. Just the way I like it
  14. JB Animations

    MCS #1 - Unstoppable Love

    The reason for that was, I rendered the first 25-30 seconds of the animation before adding the eyes, then accidentally deleted my whole project. I didn't have the mentality to animate the whole thing again since I was rushing to finish it. So I animated the rest of the animation and joined the two renders in the editing software. Please do forgive me for that
  15. JB Animations

    MCS #1 - Unstoppable Love

    Animations is hard, and making Full-Scale animations in a small amount of time is a challenge Since I can't make bigger animations regularly to support my channel, I decided to animate Shorts in that time. Here's the first iteration of that : As always, Animated with Mine-Imator Edited with Hitfilm Express 2018 Thumbnail made with Paint.net
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