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  1. I'm not gonna to be active on the forum for a month, so if you have anything to ask me, dm me on discord!


  2. Rawami

    Random animu drawings

    This is very nice!
  3. Rawami


    It's Fray's rig
  4. Rawami


    Hello everyone I didn't made any wallpaper for a long time so... This is more a meme than a wallpaper but it's very nice imo. Wallpaper : The biggest part was the editing because only the posing was made in MI. Constructive criticisms are always appreaciated.
  5. Very nice! But the text is too fast imo.
  6. Rawami

    Lens Flare Request

    Ok thanks for the tip!
  7. Hello, in a lot of wallpapers I put lens flare but I have difficulties to find some, I know there is some lens flares rigs but I need a .png image for editing. A lens flare would be appreciated.
  8. The ip isn't working, but I would like to see what is this project, my IGN is Rawami
  9. I am back from the deads!

    I wasn't here for a while because of a stupid malware 😕


    Aaaand I have 102 notifications -_-

    1. DragonPixel
    2. Rawami


      now I have 103 lol

    3. MojangYang


      That’s good. Right?

      some people think it’s annoying to have notifications but I like reading them one by one.

  10. There is one made bye @Milix_Dr3AM[FR] :
  11. Looks good for a beginner, continue like!
  12. Me: *See your new pfp* Who is this guy?


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Some dude i think is called Franklin i found in a gta trailer thing.

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