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  1. It's really good! Sorry I can't add more reactions today so take this :
  2. Rawami

    Terraria golden stuff

    Hi everyone, I made a Terraria golden stuff pack ! Here some pics : Includes : - Key - Hand clock - Turnable Clockwise - Golden axe - Golden pickaxe - Golden broadsword - Golden shortsword - Golden hammer - Golden magic wand Download it here Special thanks to @Bronze Terraria rig pack :
  3. Rawami

    200 Subscribers

    Your head is really expressive. Btw gg for 200 subs.
  4. Rawami

    Terraria Rig Pack

    Yes, sorry I'm not english .
  5. Rawami

    Terraria Rig Pack

    I think it could be better if you can move the pupills.
  6. I have no wallpaper ideas... Pleas help me

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rawami


      Lol I did it :




      Laptop rig by @Zelin


    3. Bronze


      good job the space is proud of you

    4. 9redwoods


      I suffer from a lack of wallpaper ideas myself. I cannot afford to tell you my ideas.

  7. Rawami

    A List of my old Animations

    You need two mouths for do this.
  8. Rawami

    How to Animate TALKING

    0:14 Sharp Wind become mad .
  9. Rawami

    A List of my old Animations

    At 1:47 best backflip I never seen ! At 2:19 please stop consumate illicit things . (YOU HAVE BIG EYES TOO, AHAHAHAHA) At 6:20 it's a Pivot animator animation, it's almost successful There are very realistic animation so take my upvote ^^
  10. Rawami

    A List of my old Animations

    The first animation is just incredible!!
  11. Rawami

    SL Render

    Nice rig but maybe make the wallpaper more dark?
  12. Rawami

    1.14 Mobs and stuff

    Derp fox?
  13. Rawami

    A God devourer's return

    Ok but you could just edited the old version
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