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  1. he wasn't talking about newcomers to the forums you dimwit.
  2. @__Mine__ did you even read what frost had to say before downvoting it?
  3. the person who made the model didn't even say anything, just people in the comments saying red's criticism didn't matter cause "it looks fine to me" and "it looks like the in game sprite" its like it wasn't just an Opinion.
  4. just asking, when did red ever say this model was "wrong"? he just said it didn't fit with mc's style and said mc isn't a voxel game.(which it isn't)
  5. "you shouldn't criticize this because there are worst models out there" this is literally your argument.
  6. you know something can be objectively bad right? even if you find it good it looks fricking awful. can you stop deflecting criticism and acknowledge that what you are doing is wrong and it looks bad?
  7. its the pointer finger you overcooked potato.
  8. what was that about 1.16 feeling modded?

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    2. 9redwoods



      iirc it was you who started the whole thing about 1.16 :blink:

    3. Ian_The_One


      this wasn't a like why do you think 1.16 feels modded status. it was about how 1.17 is gonna feel way more modded than 1.16 in a sort of like "that wasn't so "bad" this is "worse"".

      ps: by "bad" and "worse" i don't mean more "non vanilla" content  its vanilla if its in the vanilla game is bad i was just using it as a thing to express intensity.

    4. __Mine__


      That's beside the point. There was no need to bring this up again.

      Shame people can't have their own opinions without getting attacked for having them...

  9. why would you need onion skinning in mi of all programs? plus you can see how your characters/objects were posed when you make the next keyframe.
  10. its a term used for using inconsistent pixels, mix + pixeling.
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