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  1. the devs have enough work alredy lets just wait ok?
  2. that is kinda possible GMS has json functions @Jake_28 tryed that once
  3. you could 1 re-model it in modelbench using the json as refrence 2 import the indvidual parts and make it a "rig"
  4. you can use blockbench to convert them into java edition json files
  5. we can import custom entity models into MI but if you mean export it to PE then yeah sure why not
  6. his first language is definetly not english give him an example
  7. i need a new reaction for this post plz mods make it happen
  8. that remembers me of a minigame i played with @9redwoods @BaconSandwich and some others
  9. love that game and that wallpaper
  10. go make a program on an engine that does not support what you are wanting to do,then make it farely great,get one of the members of your comunity complain about minor things an boss you around then come back and les see if you will act the same way
  11. and that is what is most important. btw cool render
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