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  1. oh i have 800 rep now.


    1. MojangYang


      Oh cool, guess I ruined it.

      Don't thank me.

    2. Yugibear Creations
  2. the mcsm syle mouth looks really weird.
  3. i cant even tell what the heck is going on cause of the blur.
  4. the amount of mixeling made me physically recoil.
  5. Why would you add toes to a minecraft rig?
  6. GMS is not a weak engine, MI is just spaghetti code. Also GMS does support opengl.
  7. lmao its a really sloppy thing i put together cause shot was using hozq's download button.
  8. just report the topic, it makes it easier for the mods to see it.
  9. Dude ffs lets just end it here now.
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