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  1. so when will your copycat move end?

  2. i like how you mixed the plastic lighting of promo art and normal wallpaper. (nice rig too).
  3. ohh yeah theres that thing @Keep on Chucking made
  4. dont get me wrong you tried you got a good result. but i dont like it, manily because of the shines that arent unblurred and unstreched with perspective.
  5. i read holocaust for some reason. nice wallpaper tho.
  6. no humans 0/10. better put in more effort next time.
  7. Ian_The_One

    need Skins

  8. need some texture but otherwise its pretty good.
  9. i see i see. its hypocrisy on my end. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/49503-minewallpaper/reputation/&type=forums_topic_post&
  10. spamming topics much? should have waited a bit
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