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  1. by reading the log its obvious it didnt crash when he opened the program. it seems he moved a keyframe when it stopped.
  2. Ian_The_One


    calling him names doesn't make you better than him.
  3. pixel consistency is just nonexistent to you isn't it?
  4. you can edit the topic, there should be an edit button right next to the quote button.
  5. you misspelled reality in the title of this topic.
  6. David or some of the mods could get into some serious trouble because of this. Might i add.
  7. pixel consistency is nonexistent here just like the funny part.
  8. why is it blurry and 3d? its a map its made out of paper.
  9. thing is why would you import .obj files into MI? the whole point of MI is that its simple, if you want to mess with .obj files and such use blender. there is no point of importing high poly models into a Minecraft animation software, also you can use .json files if you want do import some "high poly" models. Nimi has already enough stuff to do as one developer alone.
  10. it is possible its just extremely hard to implement it in a 2d engine with proper uv mapping.
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