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  1. CadyDxX


    Hey do someone knows who make car rigs?
  2. CadyDxX

    Back and Hi

    @MojangYang Well now i only need Aiden and Ellegaard
  3. CadyDxX

    Back and Hi

    Hello, i'm back and i wondered, if someone still has mcsm rigs? Would be very thankfull, need it to my animation.
  4. CadyDxX


    Hi, umm, i really hoped on someone has or know someone else has a Ellegaard rig from mcsm , would be really thankful!!
  5. @Ian_The_One & @MojangYang I really want Olivia, Axel, maybe Ellegaard!!! And Fred i really want....
  6. @Ian_The_One But i want Fred, Olivia and Axel so badly much...it hurts
  7. Hi, i'm still looking for some mcsm rigs, i'm working on an Animation but i still looking for a little more mcsm Rigs, i know someone who has but she will not give them away...tears is here....sorry you all.
  8. I have also tryed looking For, Axel and Olivia rigs but can't find some what's i can download...
  9. Can you make a Minecraft Story Mode Rig? Looking Like Xara, Just With Fox Tail And Fox Ears, and a face where can move, eyes, mouth. Just wonder
  10. Hello, i hope someone reply's. Can someone make a rig of my oc or make a Fox rig? Have a nice evening/day
  11. CadyDxX

    mcsm Xara

    Hello, i just wondering, do someone have a Xara and Radar rig? or can someone please make Xara rig.
  12. @Ian_The_One Mine is Camilla x Romeo#7378 Can you send me a Message, cause idk how
  13. @Ian_The_One Do you have Discord? I could send it there
  14. Since i'm new and idk how to show it...
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