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    ~ Making renders with my characters - hopefully more often than once every few months.

    ~ Being friendly when giving criticism - because being an arsehole doesn't help anyone.

    ~ Creepers - they're short, weak and get bullied all the time for something they cannot control, which are all things I relate to on a personal level, especially so during my time in school...

    ~ Messing around with the Far Lands - they create the best terrain.

    ~ Actually having enough motivation to get an animation done - because that's a rarity.

    ...I know, I'm just a pathetic freak who likes a mob literally everyone else hates.
    Go ahead, point and laugh.
    For being such an embarrassment, I deserve it...
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  1. I like how the $0.50 render looks higher-quality than the $7.50 one.
  2. I can barely see two mobs in the background, but can hardly make out what they're supposed to be... a Stray and a Creeper? Is that intended? I can't tell, because they're almost completely invisible and I'm not sure whether or not I'm supposed to be seeing them in the scene. Also, although he could've been a lot less harsh about it, CanadianLunaPogi sort-of has a point. There's a bit too much empty space in the render. Raising the distance of the fog could make more of the background scenery visible so that it isn't just a flat dark-blue. Not to mention it would also make it more apparent as to whether or not we should be able to see those two mobs in the background, too.
  3. No offense, but that sounds like an excuse you just thought up right now to justify the problem. You need to make your light sources apparent to the viewer, otherwise they just don't make sense. For example, the Torch in the background isn't giving off any light, and there's a random patch of light on the wall to the right of it?
  4. Don't take it personally, it's just the rules.
  5. Voted. Honestly, I have no idea what Ian's problem is.
  6. You're an amazing renderer. Comparable to the skill of Hozq, even.
  7. I'd definitely say this is one of your better renders. There's still some improvement that could be made to the saturation and lighting, but at least this isn't "MY EYES"-level brightness like all your other renders are. You're definitely improving. Keep it up!
  8. That may be so, but then what's the point of this forum section?
  9. I like how this poll both started and ended before I could get the chance to vote.
  10. Uh huh, sure... not believing that for a second. This is at least 100x better than anything I could ever make...
  11. Youtube is literally going into self-destruct mode.
  12. This topic's going to end up on "Popular Creations" all because of a pointless argument. You should consider the fact that perhaps people are upvoting because the renders are actually good, instead of just being for "sympathy-upvotes"? The hostility here is honestly completely uncalled for, in my opinion...
  13. So what I'm getting from this conversation is that you're apparently not allowed to make anything when you're depressed. Guess I can't make anything either, then.
  14. The most triggering thing about this is the fact you used your Wooden Sword to break the Crafting Table.
  15. This is incredible! I rate a 7.8 out of 10; an amazing render, but there's too much water.
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