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    ~ Making renders with my characters - hopefully more often than once every few months.

    ~ Being friendly when giving criticism - because being an arsehole doesn't help anyone.

    ~ Creepers - they're short, weak and look like that one kid in school who gets bullied on a regular basis, which are all things I relate to on a personal level.

    ~ Messing around with the Far Lands - they create the best terrain, I have screenshot evidence. You cannot prove me wrong.

    ~ Actually having enough motivation to get an animation done - because that's a rarity.

    ~ Being salty about the removal of the Customised world type - Mojang, pls

    ~ Being salty about the complete mess that is 1.14 - Mojang, we asked for a mining/caves/nether update, not a texture & crafting overhaul literally no-one asked for or wanted.

    ...I know, I'm just a freak who likes a mob literally everyone else hates.
    Go ahead, point and laugh. I deserve it...
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  1. It looks like someone tried to bury a Creeper alive but didn't quite manage to finish the job. Hmm...
  2. He fixed it because you were constantly pinging him almost every day, complaining over things no-one else has a problem with and having a tantrum when you didn't get your way. It seems all this did was play right into your little fantasy that you always get what you want. He never considered fixing it, because no-one found it a problem, because no-one uses it. Please stop talking. You aren't doing yourself any favours and you honestly sound like an entitled child who thinks the whole world revolves around them. It's blatantly clear now that it's impossible to have a normal conversation with you, since you completely ignore any suggestion offered to you to work around something that, might I repeat, no-one should be using for animations. And then you proceed to flat-out insult everyone, calling them "drones" just because they happen to agree with Voxy. In reality, we just think you're being insufferable. Just stop this already, because no-one is going to take you seriously anymore if you don't. Oh, and more thing... Downvoting this is only going to prove my point.
  3. Did you mean "hypocritical"? On-topic, nice use of Light Bleed.
  4. Great render! Thanks! ;u; That cake looks delicious... Also, you didn't have to rush the render. Give yourself as much time as you need to perfect it. A render is much better delayed than rushed!
  5. So it's the Creeper's 10-year anniversary today, and I have absolutely no render ideas whatsoever.
    You'd think I'd have something to show for it, given how much I like them, but no.

    I'm just a total embarrassment who likes Creepers to the point of being a nuisance to everyone.

    I fully deserve all the ridicule I get for liking Creepers. I'm pathetic...

    1. Jake_28


      [: can I be pathetic with you

    2. Ethanial


      Hey man, creepers are pretty cool. 

  6. While also insulting @Dr. Nexil's lighting and my Dave rig. That wasn't feedback, that was just hurtful... Why is my Dave rig and Nexil's lighting "Very bad"? Do you even have a reason, or is it just to spite 9redwoods?
  7. You have to add ".png" to the end of the URL.
  8. This is making me want to make mob-based Creepers along with the utility blocks... ...yup, definitely going to do that now lol
  9. __Mine__

    Observer Rig

    This. The shading on the triangle highly suggests that is what's extruded.
  10. This is the third Bee rig I've seen here.
  11. This is just... wow.
  12. This is just... too perfect...
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