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    ~ Making renders with my characters - hopefully more often than once every few months.

    ~ Being friendly when giving criticism - because being an arsehole doesn't help anyone.

    ~ Creepers - they're short, weak and look like that one kid in school who gets bullied on a regular basis, which are all things I relate to on a personal level.

    ~ Messing around with the Far Lands - they create the best terrain, I have screenshot evidence. You cannot prove me wrong.

    ~ Actually having enough motivation to get an animation done - because that's a rarity.

    ~ Being salty about the removal of the Customised world type - Mojang, pls

    ~ Being salty about the complete mess that is 1.14 - Mojang, we asked for a mining/caves/nether update, not a texture & crafting overhaul literally no-one asked for or wanted.

    ...I know, I'm just a freak who likes a mob literally everyone else hates.
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  1. In my personal opinion, the size of the edge glow is a bit too large. The intensity of it is good though. Try experimenting with spotlights.
  2. It appears you've since edited this render to just be the Grass floor... for some reason.
  3. Congrats on 333 posts Looks great as always.
  4. Next time, put your log in a spoiler so that people don't break their finger/scroll wheel trying to reach the bottom.
  5. How are you so good at animating/rendering? ;-;
  6. You might want to calm down there, @Supreme Whovian...
  7. __Mine__

    Boobs Rig

    So hexy and sot!!!!
  8. Congrats on 1,000 rep! :D

    1. Skjold



    2. Twotorule



    3. HeYoNia
  9. You've buried your download link among a sea of self-advertisement for your Youtube Channel and website. I'd recommend putting these links in your Signature, instead of pulling attention away from the main subject of this post; your rig.
  10. In the render preview, my FPS dips down to about 4-5 in MI 1.2.4 with 1 rig loaded. In MI 1.2.2, it was 7-8 FPS with 1 rig loaded.
  11. Looks pretty good! One thing though; the shadows being cast imply the lightning is coming from the far left side, which doesn't quite line up with where the lightning is actually coming from. Other than that, and the 1.14 textures, eww, it looks good!
  12. Sadly, it seems we'll have to get the Programmer Art resource pack from the Minecraft 1.14 files, then manually import that into Mine-imator. Nimi has already said there will not be an option to switch to the old textures... However, as of 1.2.3 importing a resource pack crashes Mine-imator, so currently we're forced to use the new textures. ...which honestly sucks, as in my opinion the 1.14 textures are absolutely disgusting...
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