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    ~ Creepers - they're cute and get far too much undeserved hate and abuse.

    ~ Making renders - hopefully more often than once every few months

    ~ Being nice - because tbh this place is filled with toxicity nowadays and I just want to have a good time pls

    ~ The Far Lands - they're awesome and you cannot deny it
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  1. :Cake:unknown.png:Cake:

    I'm 24 now! :D

    1. Yellowz


      Happy belated birthday! 

      ᵒˡᵈ ᵐᵃⁿ

    2. Draco63
  2. Oh hey, I'm back. It's been a while, huh?
    Hoping to get back to making stuff soon.

    And would you look at that... my forums account is 4 years old today. Nice!

  3. Damn, I can remember I was on the leaderboard for quite a while, now I'm no longer there at all... ;n;
  4. To disable shadows in rendered mode, click on the gear icon to access Settings, then in the "Render" tab, un-check the "Shadows" check-box. Alternatively, to only disable shadows in the Work Camera, click on the small lightbulb icon on the top-right of the viewport.
  5. My Minecraft account turns 10 years old today! :Cake:

    I can't believe it's been an entire decade now... time goes by so fast!

  6. Click on "Insert image from URL", paste that link then add ".png" to the end of it and your image will embed.
  7. What you're looking for isn't in the Settings. On this sidebar, click the second-last button's drop-down arrow; there you can toggle Ambient Occlusion and Lighting.
  8. The start of something beautiful. This render was made as part of the #DearNimi collaboration. Thank you for all you've done, Nimi. Keep on being awesome. Best of luck for wherever life takes you next! Bonus Render!
  9. That's true. But with a transparent background, he can climb anything. And he will, because he's Suction Cup Man.
  10. "Yeah, I'm climbing this forum topic. What're you gonna do about it?!" Just a little render I whipped up in roughly the amount of time it takes Suction Cup Man to climb your tower. Suction Cup Man rig made by @Shahir Zaman.
  11. Everyone else:

    Do you pose sitting Creepers
    like this...
    ...or like this?


  12. Looks nice, although I would suggest making this a custom model with Modelbench, since the squashed texture of the arms and legs is rather noticeable.
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