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    ~ Creepers - they're cute and get far too much undeserved hate.

    ~ Making renders - hopefully more often than once every few months...

    ~ Being nice - because toxicity is too common here and I just want to have a good time pls

    ~ The Far Lands - they're awesome.
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  1. i'm pretty sure you'll be an elder by the time creeper pack 100 comes out

    1. __Mine__


      I'm going to continue making these until either I run out of ideas, or the majority of people vote that they're sick of themĀ and want me to stop.

      Whichever comes first. Which tbh will almost definitely be the latter.

  2. Agreed with Draco63, I don't think stop-motion is the correct type of animation to use for this sort of thing. It just looks like someone playing a FPS game with a potato PC.
  3. Is there any chance you could provide a screenshot so we can see what's wrong? Also, Thankfully you don't need to put up with them.
  4. I can't really make out the edge glow. Or almost anything, for that matter. It's just... black.
  5. That glow is definitely not healthy.
  6. And yet again, you're giving yourself too little time to make it. You're rushing yourself for literally no reason whatsoever, ignoring everyone's advice to pace yourself. Also, this is on-topic. I'm trying to help you. Stop ignoring the advice and actually take it into consideration, instead of immediately disregarding it as "off-topic".
  7. That hat (helmet?) is gigantic... it's like twice the size of her head. Also, the editing you applied to the Dolphins is a bit weird and looks half-done. It looks as if you just went into MS Paint and simply drew over their sides to make them one colour, but didn't bother finishing it. Finding all of the "secrets" was fun though.
  8. You need to make a new Part first. Name it "Head", parent it to the "Body" Part and position it so it's directly on top of the body. Then you put a Cube into this new Part (with the UV of the head). Make sure the pivot offsets are also correct. It's a bit difficult to understand, but you'll get the hang of it with enough practice!
  9. I very much preferred Zombie Pigmen, tbh... it's sad that they're being completely replaced. Nice render, it fits the Minecraft style pretty well.
  10. I think what Cubic means is that the colour of the Volumetric Rays don't match the colour of the actual light being cast, making them look a bit unrealistic.
  11. Idk why I made these but here we go Inspired by (and based on) the achievement/upgrade icons from Cookie Clicker. Took me a while to get these looking alright. ...and yes, Cursed Creepers Pack #4 is still in development. ;u;
  12. That's because you try to rush every single render you make despite everyone telling you to slow down. You don't have to rush your renders for the sake of being active. Voxy even told you this. You really should actually consider the advice.
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