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  1. I did have plans to add more people, but I didn't want to over-crowd the scene. Sorry!
  2. In case anyone missed it:

    I finally posted a render after a whole year ;u;

  3. So... this is a little awkward. Turns out it's been an entire year since I last posted a render... I really need to post more often, I'm out of practice ;~; So, in a debatably-effective attempt to make it up to you guys for my lack of content... Here's a super-massive render featuring a whole bunch of people to celebrate hitting 1,000 Reputation! Everyone in the render (approximately from left to right): @Jake_28, @jakubg1, Mine, @MojangYang, @Floofy, Dave, Chest Creeper, @Dr. Nexil, @9redwoods, @Frost, @Ghatos, Piston Creeper, @TheCollieStalks, VoxelCreep, @Nimi, @SoundsDotZip, @Hozq, Smoker Creeper, Enim. Once again, thank you for all of the support. It really means a lot to me! I don't know how you all put up with me tbh ;u; Special thanks to SoundsDotZip and @Phyre for helping me render this in a super-massive resolution!
  4. Sorry if I seem harsh about this, but... this render has a few problems. The edits you've applied to this seem rather sloppy and don't make any sense at all. The lava isn't giving off any light whatsoever, despite the fact it's supposed to be the main light source. Also, everything is way too dark, especially considering how close they are to the lava. You've literally relied on editing alone to provide the lighting for the entire scene, which is not good practice and rarely works well. Lighting is a lot more than just throwing a bunch of lines and gradients together in Paint.NET and calling it a day.
  5. Congrats, you started a fad.

    1. 9redwoods


      Thank you, sir.

      I'm afraid I missed some renders while I was away.

  6. The funny thing is, it's not nit-picking at all, and I'm not sure how you can call it a "senseless detail" considering the fact it's the facial expression of the only visible character and subject of the scene. Such a detail is very noticeable if it looks odd, especially given that multiple people have pointed out this exact thing now. It's not just me, you know. This is much less "others nit-picking", but instead "you refusing to acknowledge a problem others are pointing out to you". Sorry if I'm coming across as harsh, it's not my intention... but we're trying to help you here.
  7. __Mine__

    The Cave

    Amazing lighting, wow! Some little issues I have with this though is that the lava seems to have an odd resolution in comparison with everything else. Additionally, the Creepers' pupils seem to have disappeared, and the ground they're standing on seems oddly reflective. Other than that, this looks awesome!
  8. Oh shit I didn't know if a lot of comments would make the post as popular creations

  9. Nice conversation going on here. You guys might want to take this to PMs instead of getting this topic on Popular Creations, just saying.
  10. Yeah, there's a reason why it looks bad in most, if not all scenarios. When the eyes are perfectly centred, they're not focusing on anything at all and makes the expression look derpy or "dead inside" as a result. There are no cases where this makes sense, in my opinion. Even if looking at an object straight ahead, it's just good practice to move the eyes inward a little. Doing this makes the expression look more lively, and additionally doesn't imply that you forgot to move them from their default position, like most newbies do when using rigs. Hope this helps! Just letting you know, it was me who said that, not SoundsDotZip lol
  11. __Mine__

    Bucket Rig

    That's because this rig is nearly six years old.
  12. I think the visuals are a bit overdone here, it's very hard to make out what's going on in the scene. There's a massive clash in resolutions with that magic disc thing, it's way too HD. Also, the centred eyes makes his facial expression look derpy. A good rule to follow is that the eyes should always be focusing towards something, even if it's off-screen. Good use of Light Bleed though.
  13. No, I didn't. I said there's a lot more to Mine-imator than just fighting animations.
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