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    ~ Creepers - they're cute and get far too much undeserved hate and abuse.
    Add on the fact they've been made the most exploitable mob in the entire game, and that they don't even explode on purpose but instead due to nervousness which they cannot control (according to Dinnerbone himself), I can't help but feel bad for them. I mean, no-one else does...
    I also actually personally relate to their nervousness in a way.

    ~ Making renders - hopefully more often than once every few months

    ~ Being nice - because tbh this place is filled with toxicity nowadays and I just want to have a good time pls

    ~ The Far Lands - they're awesome and you cannot deny it
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  1. Welcome to the forums! I'd recommend looking through this before making a suggestion:
  2. Or else what? No need to be unnecessarily demanding, it comes off as rude. Good suggestion though.
  3. Happy forum birthday, @TopicLocker3000


    1. Draco63
    2. insanehelix7076


      Ok so i guess topic locker was added 2 months before my arguing arrival

  4. ...I knew I'd forgotten to mention something. Guess that's what happens when you write stuff in a hurry at 3 AM Fixed the post. Sorry about that!
  5. Continuing from the mini Modelbench icons I made nearly a year ago, I decided to do the same with the first iteration of the new MI logo; recreating it in the styles of Cookie Clicker's achievement/upgrade icons! Was debating whether or not to post this since the Mine-imator icon this is based on no longer exists, but I figured, why not? Took me even longer to get these looking alright lol
  6. It is the exact same texture. I just decided to stylise it a little so only certain parts of the model are bright, instead of the entire thing being bright like it is in-game. The render uses dim lighting to showcase this. Personally I think it looks better this way, but if you prefer its in-game appearance you can easily select the main part and set its brightness to 75-100%.
  7. How does a two-dimensional Crafting Table represent "animation"? Sorry, but in my opinion, Voxy's icons fit their purposes much better.
  8. I wonder what that sign says...
  9. I took the texture from the latest snapshot (21w03a), which added the Glow Squid to the game.
  10. The Glow Squid, now in Mine-imator! Smooth bends on each tentacle for that real tentacle-y feel! The Bend slider on the Body part can be used to bend all of the tentacles at the same time. A simplified version which uses MI's default bends instead is also separately available for download if desired. DOWNLOAD Simple Version If used, credit is appreciated!
  11. lol, all the people who said Glow Squids were going to be useless will be really eating their words right now.


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    2. Draco63
    3. Yoshifan33


      The other mob contest that the Phantom won. They never added the others... :[

    4. Draco63


      oh, yes. I mean, at least then they actually had new ideas. This year they were just reusing mobs from Earth and Dungeons. What a waste.

  12. You basically installed Mine-imator in a location the program couldn't write to, likely due to insufficient folder permissions. I assume it worked fine when you installed it somewhere else?
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