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    ~ Making renders with my characters - hopefully more often than once every few months.

    ~ Being friendly when giving criticism - because being an arsehole doesn't help anyone.

    ~ Creepers - they're short, weak and get bullied all the time for something they cannot control, which are all things I relate to on a personal level, especially so during my time in school...

    ~ Messing around with the Far Lands - they create the best terrain.

    ~ Actually having enough motivation to get an animation done - because that's a rarity.

    ...I know, I'm just a pathetic freak who likes a mob literally everyone else hates.
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  1. Please slow down... it's implying that you're just rushing all of these and not really putting an awful lot of effort into them. Just take your time. You'll find you can make your renders much better when you give yourself more time to ensure they're the best they can be!
  2. They've been a member for nearly three years.
  3. __Mine__


    Or you could just not bring up that 3-month-old drama again for no reason... People can change. Let them.
  4. Not sure what's scarier, the human's face or the skeletons.
  5. Didn't you already post a status update with this exact same video on it?
  6. I don't, I'm just saying that's likely the reason because sadly people tend to jump at this sort of thing to downvote them. It's happened in the past, and unfortunately isn't likely to change.
  7. No need to get so defensive. They were merely stating it's outdated, which it is. There are a ton of features in the latest versions, one in particular being support for bend limits, which this model could benefit from.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day!

    For those of you like me without a Valentine this year, here's Chester to keep you company.

  9. It's because you'd posted a status update literally asking for Upvotes, which is something you should never do as it implies you're desperate.
  10. __Mine__

    3D Pack

    I don't mean to be overly critical here, but the extrusions are visibly inconsistent and misaligned.
  11. Don't do a SharpWind. This should've been a status update.
  12. I think this needs a seizure warning. I literally couldn't make out a thing over the flashing lights, inconsistent animation styles and Quake Pro FOV... I see you definitely put a lot of effort into this though.
  13. I have absolutely no idea how this helped, but I'm glad it did lol
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