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    ~ Creepers - they're cute and get far too much undeserved hate and abuse.

    ~ Making renders - hopefully more often than once every few months

    ~ Being nice - because tbh this place is filled with toxicity nowadays and I just want to have a good time pls

    ~ The Far Lands - they're awesome and you cannot deny it
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  1. image.png

    Five years on the Forums! 8D

    1. MojangYang


      I'll have been a member for 4 years in 3 days. Not that I've been active for most of this time.

  2. Massive thanks to both you and @david for making such an awesome program. There's no denying Mine-imator has helped jumpstart so many people's careers with how accessible it is, whether they use it as a stepping stone to later move to Blender, or continue pushing its boundaries to create some real masterpieces. The influence Mine-imator has had on a whole generation of fans is incredible, and hopefully it'll continue for years to come! Best of luck to you and David for wherever life takes you both, and keep being awesome!
  3. Time for my yearly Creeper birthday celebratory render! (even though I'm two days late, whoops!) This time however, I've decided to try a more unique concept; making a render that is ridiculously tall in size because why not. So here you go, a ridiculously tall 768 x 8,192 render featuring a bunch of my Cursed Creepers to celebrate the Creepers' 13th birthday! Hopefully they've got a good sense of balance... (Open the image in a new tab for a better view!)
  4. Welp, I think it's safe to say that as of 1.19.1 the opinion of "Minecraft is ruined" just turned from subjective to objective.

    1. Draco63


      I've been saying that Mojang/Microsoft is destroying Minecraft for years, and I've finally been vindicated now that they've done something so horrible that the entire community hates it. I think I have the right to be at least a little bit cynical.

    2. Floofy


      I had much hope for Mojang, but this really just soured my mouth, I really hope something will happen or they at least improve the system, though I doubt they will. Best regards for the future

    3. Kaos_Kinetic


      What made it bad? Removing the Fireflies? Or something else?

  5. Made more pose tests of my Warden model while waiting for the 2.0 Pre-Release.



    I ought to make a character out of this guy lol

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Same... Just waiting and making a remake of the phantom... Weird when you just wait and do some good stuff, BTW nice model

  6. Made a semi-stylised Warden model!


    Smooth-bending body, bendable wrists, ankles, fingers and claws, rotatable ribs and feeler thingies, oh my!

    Unfortunately I'll have to wait until MI 2.0 to release it though, since there's a bug in the current version where MI crashes if this model is unloaded in any way, due to GameMaker having smol brain lmao
    That'd make this guy rather inconvenient to use right now, so I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind waiting a little longer... right? :sweat:

  7. :Cake:unknown.png:Cake:

    I'm 24 now! :D

    1. Yellowz


      Happy belated birthday! 

      ᵒˡᵈ ᵐᵃⁿ

    2. Draco63
  8. Oh hey, I'm back. It's been a while, huh?
    Hoping to get back to making stuff soon.

    And would you look at that... my forums account is 4 years old today. Nice!

  9. Damn, I can remember I was on the leaderboard for quite a while, now I'm no longer there at all... ;n;
  10. To disable shadows in rendered mode, click on the gear icon to access Settings, then in the "Render" tab, un-check the "Shadows" check-box. Alternatively, to only disable shadows in the Work Camera, click on the small lightbulb icon on the top-right of the viewport.
  11. My Minecraft account turns 10 years old today! :Cake:

    I can't believe it's been an entire decade now... time goes by so fast!

  12. Click on "Insert image from URL", paste that link then add ".png" to the end of it and your image will embed.
  13. What you're looking for isn't in the Settings. On this sidebar, click the second-last button's drop-down arrow; there you can toggle Ambient Occlusion and Lighting.
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