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  1. Yeah, the sword bending looks rather odd, like it's made of rubber.
  2. Imagine getting upvotes from reposting someone else's hard work.
  3. Use the Center button to centre-align your text instead of using a load of spaces. Rather odd choice of lighting to showcase the model. Is the blade meant to be white, or is it coloured? I agree with RoboCreep11 in that I wouldn't consider this model to be "advanced". However, it's simple yet effective, which is nice.
  4. Just noticed you used a bunch of spaces to centre-align your text instead of using the Align Centre button... Your character has different lighting than the rest of the scene surrounding him, making it look like you slapped him onto a premade background. Additionally, the scene's ground looks rather odd too. Something tells me you scaled up the scene and forgot to remove MI's ground? Also, is that Nether Gold Ore misaligned with the Nylium around it? Just some nitpicks, I guess. The background lighting looks great, though.
  5. That face when Pack 6 is WIP, oh my


    Yup, finally getting round to making the next set!


    Disclaimer: Admittedly, and this may or may not come as a surprise, but the Dispenser and Dropper Creepers will end up looking extremely similar to each other and the Furnace Creeper due to having identical block textures. Just thought I'd get that out there.

    ...although let's face it, you likely voted to see the Observer Creeper. ;)

  6. You should slow down a little with the topic posting, this is your third post in the past hour and a half.
  7. Mixeling (or Mixels) is the term used for when multiple different pixel resolutions are present in a model, either on the texture itself or caused by the scaling of parts. Subtle amounts of Mixeling can help add detail to a model; however, the more Mixeling a model has, the bigger the risk of said model looking out-of-place when used with other models in a scene. Due to this, Mixeling is typically considered undesirable by most people.
  8. Sadly this was intentional and there are no plans to re-add Zombie Pigmen. However, you can still just import a Steve with the Zombie Pigman's texture, which is essentially the exact same thing.
  9. Just saying, you can remove the watermark by upgrading to the Full version of Mine-imator. It's free, the donation is optional.
  10. Personally I wouldn't say "it can do 120fps" is a valid trade-off for the nearly three years' worth of updates and features you're missing out on. Have you tried the latest MI? It can basically do everything MICB did, but better (Bloom, for just one example). Additionally, I'd recommend looking into Modelbench to make models much more efficient and user-friendly, without having hundreds of keyframe elements flooding MI's timeline. Up to you though, this is just my opinion.
  11. Mine-imator already has a built-in Film Grain effect. Also, try to avoid perfectly-centred eyes in facial expressions, as it looks like the first and third people are just blankly staring ahead at nothing.
  12. Genuinely wondering, why are you still using Community Build?
  13. In celebration of the Creepers' birthday, I decided to make a wallpaper-ready render of my Chest Creepers! ...yeah, I ended up making this very quickly due to lack of ideas. I would've made a render of Dave instead, but I couldn't come up with any other ideas in time and I suck at making things to a fixed deadline ;~; Links to these guys and the rest of my Cursed Creepers can be found down below on my signature. Enjoy! :}
  14. Just one more pose test; VoxelCreep balancing on one foot.


    ...Okay, I probably ought to make something proper instead of making these for no reason ;~;

  15. The scene feels a bit claustrophobic, like I'm supposed to be seeing more but can't. The lighting is really good though, not sure what you don't like about it.
  16. Personally, I'd say those outlines and gradients are far too harsh to be Promo Art. Also, Promo Art doesn't use dark outlines at all. That gradient outlining is more a Minecraft Earth thing than Minecraft, I think. Just my opinion...
  17. I think the camera is focusing on the wrong thing in this scene. It should be focused on the girl, not on the barely-visible sword. Perhaps the sword should also be made more noticable? Also somewhat minor, but the girl's mouth seems a bit too wide.
  18. Same here, except I've often found that replacing the texture with itself doesn't even work either. I end up having to move the texture to a different location, then replacing the texture with that. But then once the model is saved, it doesn't even create a copy of the texture at the same location as the .mimodel file, so when I import the model into MI, it ends up having no texture. Annoying, to say the least... >:{
  19. Perhaps because you literally just tried to troll us? Last I heard, people don't take kindly to that.
  20. Surely you realise; saying "no pics, no clicks" when 3 other people have already said the same thing is neither necessary nor helpful. @ZeropuqAnimation, here is a guide showing how to add images to your post:
  21. What's with the needlessly large amount of line breaks? Also, don't ask for upvotes.
  22. The thing is, it could be fixed, but doing so would break basically every single face rig that exists and severely restrict the capabilities of face rigs in the future. In my opinion that trade-off is absolutely not worth it.
  23. A bit cocky (and rather insulting) to call everyone else's renders "subpar", if I'm honest.
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