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  1. Dude said 1.3 may be his last project, pretty sad tbh but that's how life works. though he probably wont quit until another dev takes his job.
  2. This is like playing minecraft but you're high as hell.
  3. This is pretty dank though I personally thought the S_Shake settings (if you used S_shake at least) were a bit too strong on the b roll clips but (0:45) but other than that this is pretty cool!
  4. nobody gonna mention the fact that this may be Nimi's last project until he leaves?
  5. 1.That's the worst comparison I've seen, absolutely made no sense. 2. Can you please provide any proof as to why this is clickbait? "SMAA and MSAA produces the exact same results but they're different" also this is statement is a joke but the above isn't.
  6. Aight boys good news and bad news, good news I'm getting a new gaming laptop, bad news my 9 year old laptop (thats filled with a shit ton of files needed for work) just committed suicide on me last night.

    1. KrisFirebolt
    2. wafflecakes


      Rip i thought you were talking about a kid taking your old one for a second

  7. Thats an anti-climatic and a very bad method, maybe the skin you downloaded has a virus.
  8. "Yes" -Your dad So yes, I err. yes thats all I can say. God, I gotta rethink about my life. also @Dannyboi aka hongkong man voiced this.
  9. You're 23 years late, this guy already graduated college.
  10. Herobrine exists in mine-imator, and I'll show you how soon enough without any means of importing anything.

    1. wafflecakes


      Oh crap tell me

  11. Inaccurate, Sword guy would've been yeeted to mars.
  12. I've always seen people struggle with their performance regarding Mine-Imator, thus I've created this video. This is clearly Intended as a joke but I do Intend on making actual FPS guides In the future.
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