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  1. What? the sun's brightness has little to no effect to global warming, It's the greenhouse effect. Also This doesn't make any sense, there are no visible light sources from the back apart from the sky which shouldn't even be casting any bright lights at all since the sun isn't there.
  2. You are all snowflakes, reacting to this message proves my point.

  3. Are those some kinda new species of squids?
  4. HeYoNia

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Whoa, I thought they were facial hair.
  5. Shifting the blame, that's something an impostor would do.
  6. Dear god, If I was Ian I would've dug myself a hole and hid there for the rest of my life, I salute you sir for destroying this man's self-esteem.
  7. I don't know if I should applaud or question your Intelligence.
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