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  1. My eyes can't see more than 2 gigs of ram help

  2. "Bamboozled Coconut" -Cat Yes Programs used: Hands brain cells Sony Vegas 500
  3. Why is your name Hozq
  4. HeYoNia

    Boobs Rig

    Next gen
  5. Dude I got banned on discord for saying i'm 4 jesus christ i wanna r/wooosh discord and the guy reported me so badly

    1. Mineshaft Animation
    2. GamingQuick
    3. HeYoNia


      I just appealed providing my birth certificate which is hopefully enough

  6. Honorable mentions, I wanted to put you guys in but unfortunately there was no room
  7. dw ill put you in another vid for more than 3 minutes
  8. Hello everyone, as a celebration of me hitting 4 digits I prepared a little video that featured more than 20 users as said above. now let's stop talking and celebrate gg Featured doods: @SKIBBZ @Nimi @Dannyboi @Keep on Chucking @Swift @9redwoods @Hagus @tditdatdwt @Skjold @mbanders @Voxy @Aronanners @Ethanial (oh shit i spelt Ethanial wrong in the vid) @Ghatos @Mineshaft Animation @Jake_28 @JosSamLoh @ThatGuyBrian @GamersOnVideos @Gabe @Rollo @Animation Cow @The Tan James (Alright before you complain some of these featured dudes were only shown for like 5 seconds that's becaue idk) Honorable Mentions (YAAAY) @NietyFox @Hozq @RandomJeremy @MikTRF @Fray @MojangYang @__Mine__ @NotChris @Dr. Nexil @Davi12345 @EmberWing @KrisFirebolt @Mike @Frossa @david (hey dude) @_Blue FoxRot @Cryotivity @28stabwounds This took me well over 2 weeks to prepare and about 10 seconds to upload lol
  9. Congrats on 1,000 rep! :D

    1. Skjold



    2. Twotorule



    3. HeYoNia
  10. yo 12 more rep and I'll get onto the 4 digit club

  11. Aight Aight I'm editing a for honor video and I'm currently featuring about 23 forum members in the video hopefully I'll be done tomorrow

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    2. Dannyboi


      oh no that is not very nice

    3. Twelvie


      :) I guide others to a treasure I cannot posses 

    4. HeYoNia


      ya yeet 

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