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  1. 1.2.7 > 1.3

    1. Mercury



    2. TwoToRule
  2. Big head = big brain, I like the way you think redwoods.
  3. I can see it and It's bothering me and It can make or break a wallpaper a petty thing sure but that's my opinion, now this may sound very crazy and mind blowing to you Sharpwind but take a look at @SoundsDotZip's little edit on the pupils, I'll show you a side by side comparison so you'd be able to understand it a little more easily. Sharpwind - SoundsDotZip - I'll get straight to the point, SoundDotZip's edit gives off more emotion, yours doesn't at least not as much and at the end of the day that's what you want when you're making a wallpaper with a human as Its own subject, and It's also not nit-picking. You're a cool guy but you honestly get over defensive at times and refuse to take any type of criticism. Again, this is only my opinion I know if I don't state this some tough guy will misunderstand this and take it as an offense and go ballistic on my existence.
  4. HeYoNia

    The Cave

    Looks good, only have issues with specular lighting, looks like Steve got too excited and decided to spray his armor with Flitz metal polisher! order yours today for only $39.99 on the nearest store near you, don't believe me? take a look at this revolver's before and after! Oh damn, looks like Steve made the right choice of choosing Flitz metal polisher! (though again, steve sprayed a tad bit too much) Get yours today!
  5. Private minecraft, is what PM stands for.
  6. Chad fights out of frame enemy with stick and glowing pngs.
  7. You're hilarious, you should pursue comedy.
  8. She'll release it when you're able to get her name right.
  9. Wearing seatbelts is important children, if you ever get hit by a malicious chicken driving a white van then seatbelts can and will save you from being crippled.
  10. 2 days late but, happy birthday gender switching maniac.


    I didn't realize I was older than you.

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    2. HeYoNia


      @Anatoli You haven't read your name then.

    3. Anatoli


      @HeYoNia Your name is literally in the mocking format lmao

    4. HeYoNia


      @Anatoli Too cool for the mocking format.

  11. Mommy, why is a girl covered in blue fur trying to seduce me? I'm only 8...
  12. False, a planet the size of earth cannot be shaped like a cube due to a thing called "gravity" a mass in space large enough to be considered a planet have and always will have a gravitational pull, this gravitational pull pulls all of the planet's matter towards its center thus creating a spherical shape.
  13. George's glasses gives me paralyzing depression.
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