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  1. Someone start a drama, I want a popcorn.





    no one? then ill start one I hate Mine Imator



    (Whoaaa drama alert)

    1. Awesome Emerald

      Awesome Emerald

      I hate minecraft......?



  2. Shits went too off topic lmao, Good rig and the attention to detail is epic you get an upvote for me, It may be everywhere but hey it actually has quality, so what's there to hate?
  3. Your resolution is too small, Mine Imator can't fit.
  4. "You took her away" -Ati They took her away, now he's alone seeking vengeance. This was a project I've thought about weeks ago, What If REALITY Was Inverted? What if James wasn't the victim? What if Ati was the protagonist, What if He's the good guy? All those thoughts lead up to this trailer I've made (fan trailer not an official you nuts) It's not complete as It's about half? or idk I plan to make a part 2 if I had the time.
  5. Sorry for the late r/wooosh but there you go, To be honest I was only joking around If I was actually being serious I would say shits like "Sharp killed Cynic's channels in terms of tutorials"
  6. I wanted to quote necroposting nerds for because you know it Necroposting but that would count as Mini modding

  7. I've come to Foil your plans





    hah kill me

    1. MojangYang


      That explains why my new project is progressing so slowly

    2. HeYoNia
  8. Look, you never mentioned an Album you only mentioned an image, you never mentioned any 3 images, again no 3 images were mentioned so therefore we never knew anything about your "album"
  9. Why are you acting like they're the idiots for not knowing it on your album? you never specified anything, you only said you'd update it. I recently woke up and this is how I start my day, losing brain cells.
  10. Deaf terrorists couldn't even hear the loud panting
  11. There are no women on the internet I conclude that this is a feminine man
  12. Hunger bar drops your health to half a heart from what I know. Ontopic: They eat her spaghet now she mad lad
  13. Algebra sucks, Just found out that some Persian boi created it



    I wanna eat his spaghet but he's already dead

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