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  1. HeYoNia

    Forum Dark theme?

    Idk is it even possible to implement this option because the light theme burns my eyes... (Exaggeration) Of course this could be a toggle-able option but what I'm asking is, Is it possible.
  2. HeYoNia

    Need a team for my animation

    -Who are you -How can we trust you -Who are you? -Why here
  3. Rip 2018

    Most of the forum legends are gone and we're barely getting any members

    1. KingGXD


      I agree with you there are too many people are gone like gozze
    2. Hagus


      We just gotta make our own legends I guess. Someone will step up and become one eventually.

  4. HeYoNia

    Its This Time Of This Year Eh?: Blender

  5. Holy shit you're no dead?!

  6. Glad to see that kewl pose by pose technique
  7. how old areu 

    1. DepsinArtifacts


      It says my birthday in the bout tab under my profile pic

    2. HeYoNia
  8. Intros are cringe they're Irrelevant.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      Intros are useful because the video can finish loading before any real content shows up.

    3. Davi12345


      so is this intro are okay?


    4. Rollo


      @Davi12345 Definitely on my good side. As long as it's not unnecessarily long and doesn't have obnoxious dubstep, you're safe in my book.

  9. HeYoNia


    -It's bad -No effort used -Irrelevant -Too long -Waste of time -Cringe -Extended intro my ass It's pure shit -All the keyframes were from mbanders so I doubt you touched the timeline at all. Thanks for wasting my precious 20 seconds
  10. HeYoNia

    "Why Do we Exist?"

    So It's been a while since I've posted an animation in here (jesus christ it's been like 5 months) so I kinda liked experimentin' in Mine-Imator and made a shitty stickman animation
  11. HeYoNia

    Christmas Cheer [Wallpaper]

    Texture Pack's 64x64 but santa looks 8x8 See the difference?
  12. HeYoNia

    Creeper=YAH YEET

    The fire isn't bright y
  13. Happy Valentine's day losers!

    1. GamingQuick


      but it's not February...

    2. HeYoNia


      It is now 

  14. HeYoNia

    The Forum Wars Begins

    @Nimi Has girl voice NIMI IS A GIRL CONFIRMED?! btw put me in der next tiem
  15. HeYoNia


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