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  1. I did it with your mom last night

    1. The Tan James

      The Tan James

      And I with your dad

    2. Ethaniel
    3. Zyn


      Oh.. then whats my home address? And if she went to your house, whats your address? Huh? Tell me. You wont. TELL ME YOUR ADDRESS COME ON IM WAITING ARE YOU SCARED??? TELL ME YOUR ADDRESS NOW IF YOU DID IT WITH MY MOM THEN TELL ME YOUR LOCATION NOW. (its just a joke)

  2. **** you, I'm climbing this forum look at me go!
  3. Thinkin' 'bout my truck

    1. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      thinkin bout my tree 

    2. LacaMenDRY


      Thinkin bout my Blender skills.

  4. Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

  5. Don't you just hate it when you suddenly die from brain aneurysm 

    1. Zyn



    2. insanehelix7076


      A weak vessel in the brain overflooded with blood causing a threat to your life

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Hey, don't joke. That happened to me once.

  6. Batman

    1. Zyn


      Baadtmamnvb 😭

  7. HeYoNia


    Fight like hell!
  8. I wonder how, I wonder why

  9. Motivational words of the month, 

    "Twitter doesn't exist"

  10. Hey guys, I'm a weeb

  11. It's cuz you're fat, boi, and another thing, you're ugly.
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