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  1. I'm considering about making a model and catch up with like 90% of the events I missed.
    That includes collabs, too. I think I should make a compilation of "The Collabs that I was supposed to be in but never was"

  2. The word for this is "stale", it just doesn't have that fresh tone to it anymore.
  3. Mmmm... Tasty. Needs barbecue sauce tho
  4. TAA would be better... but I'm not sure if it can be programmed in GM2
  5. It's possible for a man's hair to grow long. Plus, he is of a different, non-human race so his hair is naturally red and very long. Heck, he even looks very similar to his mentor. Here are a few examples of long hair in real life and medias: Raditz from Dragon Ball Z and a model Though, to be honest, when he was during development, I was planning to go for a "Nordic" look on Samson which did involve giving him a beard. To add a bit more history: He was 100% human before and had short, brown hair, but since things took a sudden turn, I decided that "Hey! Since he will be half-human and half-Wolferican, that must mean he will have an interesting story as well!".
  6. An official and hopefully, final iteration of Samson "Omega Andromeda" Avali. I think I spent a bit too much time designing the clothes. It's just a white jacket on top of a light battle uniform. Tried to stay as close as possible to a futuristic feel for this one. He has 2 names, named by different cultures: human (Samson Avali) and Wolferican (Omega Andromeda). Gender: Male Race: Half-human, half-Wolferican Age: 24 NOTE: This is an original creation and property of © Prism Productions 2019-2020, you are allowed to take inspiration from my creations, but please refrain from stealing/plagiarizing/copying or action will be taken! The skin is available on Planet Minecraft. EXTRA: One of my friends, @Axetrax#6984 drew him as an anthro, but the artist mistook him for a female. Still turned out awesome
  7. There are albinos (organisms born with completely no pigmentation) that have red-ish eyes because that's where their blood flows and there are no pigments to mask the color so it's normal. In other words: I've been r/woooshed
  8. •Attempts to be like the "big bois" •Monster school. •Fortnite dances. •Obnoxious music. •Asking to sub with over exaggerated hype. •You're that guy that stole my "Ultimatium" tag during my cringy days? No thanks, sir.
  9. Adobe programs are RAM eaters, not even my 16 GB can handle it! HITFILM EXPRESS ^^^ It's free with optional payment options.
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