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  1. MINE-IMATOR DYNAMIC SWORD SWIPE EFFECT PACK by RandyElevenX made using item sheets has 3 miHoYo-styled swipes and 4 anime-styled swipes Youtube showcase : Download : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/731865356544508008/831415282064424960/swipefx.zip
  2. how did u render using reshade the last time i tried it effects didnt show up on the rendered image
  3. i actually animated the minecraft guy manually by hand p a i n and yeah i missed hu tao banner smh
  4. man this is sick cant wait (also im making fake rtx rn lmao) it would be more epic if the camera shake is fixed too(i mean it shakes the rotation instead of position) and fog alpha glitch for transparent textures
  5. i like the smooth flow of the movements and lighting also good maybe try to make the shadows sharper? your style, your choice. overall is very good, excelent work :3
  6. What's in "RTX On" side? - More accurate bleed light - Lens dirt - Some anamorphic bloom? - Bokeh highights (these things can actually be done without RTX lol | also the rtx side is kinda overedited) Also I wish the alpha fog glitch is fixed and also some specular map i guess? (idk if gamemaker studio can run that or not)
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